Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Hit Pan #10 | Hera HD Powder Pact

Out of the ten hit pan posts I've done, powder foundation tops the chart.  This is the fifth compact foundation to be featured!  Despite owning dozens of liquid foundation, bb creams and such, my most often daily make up routine only calls for concealer and powder foundation.  The main reason is I can handle these two steps in commute at ease...

It seems a perfect timing for me to review this beaut right before my Korean trip this coming weekend.  I got this back in my 2011 visit to Seoul.  It's been three full years, and I am finally half-done with this!

Sunday, 25 May 2014

The Italian Beauty Haul

Although my SD card is out of order, my haul came back with me.  Most of the heavy stuff we brought back are beauty related with several pieces of clothing (mainly because Milan was unexpectedly sunny and warm), and a lot of small religious objects (including rosaries, keychains, churches and shrines postcards, you know me).

I just want to get this post published, so instead of checking prices of everything and giving long review, I'll just show and tell.  Plus, I need to get this out before I go on a short Korean trip next weekend!

Let's begin with the most exciting, KIKO MILANO!

Friday, 23 May 2014

Maternity Update | It's a Boy!

Last Friday when I'm about 21 week pregnant, we went in to have the anomaly ultrasound scan (also called morphology scan).  Basically it is me sitting there for 20 minutes with belly being rolled over and over again in all directions in order to get a good glimpse of various parts of Roma.  The OG measured the lengths of leg bones, counted the number of fingers and toes, and estimated the diameter/circumference of different parts of its body.  The most exciting news?

It's a boy!

Monday, 12 May 2014

iHerb Haul | Bath Salt Frenzy

These are two iHerb orders.  In both orders I picked up items for my family and friends as gifts, and taking that as an excuse I bought myself quite a lot of stuff.  The first picture is a rather 'sensible' one, read till the end to see the 'frenzy'.  Oh, and there's one or two pieces that is maternity related.  For a more detail story on the pregnancy, read this post.

Body - Hair - Candles

EARTH SCIENCE Deep Conditioning Masque for Hair, Olive & Avocado, 6 oz (170 g)
Perhaps because that week this brand was on special 20% off?

MANE 'N TAIL Herbal Gro Conditioner, 12 fl oz (355 ml) $4.11
MANE 'N TAIL Herbal-Gro, Natural Conditioner For Hair & Scalp,

Friday, 9 May 2014

Maternity Update | First Trimester Passed

12 weeks, before we went to Italy

Right now I'm in my 21st week, i.e. 20W+.  When I was planning this blog post I thought I could have it published around 14W... It just didn't happen as I wished but anyway, here we go.  This is just a brief wrap-up of my first trimester - yea I reckon I'm mid-way through my second trimester - and I am thinking I may do something like a skincare change or fashion haul later... Maybe, maybe not.

For your information, the baby we're expecting is nicknamed Roma (the city Rome) or Carrot (the fruit or plant), both words beginning with Mr. A's surname (in Chinese) and have difference meanings.  Roma because this year is the year of the horse, and Roma in Chinese is a combination of Mr. A's surname and Horse.  Carrot simply because it is Mr. A's favourite food (or vegetable) and we have these random Ikea toys dressed in green boxers on our sofa - pictured here.



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