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Hit Pan #10 | Hera HD Powder Pact

Out of the ten hit pan posts I've done, powder foundation tops the chart.  This is the fifth compact foundation to be featured!  Despite owning dozens of liquid foundation, bb creams and such, my most often daily make up routine only calls for concealer and powder foundation.  The main reason is I can handle these two steps in commute at ease...

It seems a perfect timing for me to review this beaut right before my Korean trip this coming weekend.  I got this back in my 2011 visit to Seoul.  It's been three full years, and I am finally half-done with this!

(I have no idea why this image size is so small)
Name:  Hera HD Powder Pact (Moist) SPF 25/PA++
Shade: 21


This is probably discontinued and replaced by a newer version of compact.  I don't blame Hera.  It is my fault to have bought so many and go through them so slowly...

The powder is ultra finely milled and pressed in the pan firmly.  No cloud of dust puffing out when you open it and use, or no breakage even though it got tossed in my bag regularly.  It is soft on the skin and not drying.  I wouldn't necessary say it is 'moist', but it doesn't accentuate dry patches or fine lines under my eyes, all seasons, on top of anything.

My way of using this is to add coverage and setting power on top of whatever base I have on underneath.  Usually it is a base (or tinted sunscreen, or primer) and some concealer.  I also throw this in my make up bag to use as a mirror and touch up, if it is needed through-out the day.

Shade 21 is fair with neutral, slightly yellow undertone; not too pale I can't wear.  I believe there is a lighter 13 and a darker 23 shade (which is common for a lot of Korean base colours).  It has a soft-focus finish, together with the pretty nice colour match I can almost wear this year-round.  It has a rather distinct fragrance which is significant.

The packaging is neatly made in plastic, although the hinge of mine broke, probably due to age and wear, not design-fault.  There is a cover to separate the powder from the sponge/mirror, which is practical and hygienic.  The sponge itself I find soft and durable and perfect for applying the foundation.

Final Verdict

I truly enjoyed this product and I will definitely check out the newer offerings from Hera.  I give this a A-.

(sorry this is tiny as well...)
What's Next

Hera is under the Amore Pacific big family.  The current trend of base make up over in Korea is BB Cushion, which means thin liquid foundation soaked in an ink-pad type of compact.  ALL brands under Amore Pacific makes those cushion compacts.  My cousin Honor has the Hera one, which she loves; my girl G has the IOPE one and she ordered a refill; I bought an Etude House one on a whim while I was strolling around beauty stores, bad habit.

I am pondering on getting one or two which is not available in HK, so as to play with them.  Top on my list are Amore Pacific (65,000 won, the highest amongst them all!) and Primera (the lovely skin care brand I have hauled through my mum this past January).  As we can get Sulwhasoo, Laneige, Innisfree and Etude House in HK, I am gonna skip them.

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What is your go-to choice of base make up? 

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")

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