Friday, 9 May 2014

Maternity Update | First Trimester Passed

12 weeks, before we went to Italy

Right now I'm in my 21st week, i.e. 20W+.  When I was planning this blog post I thought I could have it published around 14W... It just didn't happen as I wished but anyway, here we go.  This is just a brief wrap-up of my first trimester - yea I reckon I'm mid-way through my second trimester - and I am thinking I may do something like a skincare change or fashion haul later... Maybe, maybe not.

For your information, the baby we're expecting is nicknamed Roma (the city Rome) or Carrot (the fruit or plant), both words beginning with Mr. A's surname (in Chinese) and have difference meanings.  Roma because this year is the year of the horse, and Roma in Chinese is a combination of Mr. A's surname and Horse.  Carrot simply because it is Mr. A's favourite food (or vegetable) and we have these random Ikea toys dressed in green boxers on our sofa - pictured here.


Most commonly asked question is definitely regarding morning sickness, vomiting or nausea.  My answer was no.  I did have some sense of nausea with certain scents (see below), but I didn't vomit.  From some books I read that 20%-30% of women don't experience nausea during their pregnancy - let's hope this won't change in the remaining half term.  Thank God my first trimester was a very comfortable one, to me at least.

Towards the end of the first trimester, my body responded dramatically to caffeine or strong tea.  If I drink them after lunch, there is high chance I cannot fall asleep at night.  Caffeine isn't necessary for pregnancy, but I don't avoid it either.  For the sake of sleeping I'm only taking coffee in the morning, and no strong tea after tea time.  Now I am always tired enough that caffeine doesn't/can't stop me from falling asleep...

Even before pregnancy I suffer from varicose veins on my feet and legs.  Carrying the baby definitely intensified the condition.  Sometimes when I wake up the legs are fine, because the veins/vessels kind of relax through out the night.  However, there are other times I wake up and my feet, legs and thighs are covered with green prominent spider veins.  Yuck.

Last but not least, my biggest discomfort comes from back acne.  My face also broke out quite a bit (the worst since my secondary school graduation), but it is relatively easy to combat - for at least I can see them and treat them.  My back is another story.  There are numerous small breakouts on the top back, with scrubs and wash and exfoliation (Mr A helped me applied peel/toner) and pimple cream (or gel) they leave - just before they return.  The lower back is worse, one or two huge cystic acnes came, stayed and refused to be evacuated.  Not that back acne is devastating, compared to a lot of conditions one may have, but this bothers me tremendously.

Sense - Tasting

I started craving for Chinese Sour Plum Juice (made by smoked plum) since the earliest days of my pregnancy.  It has always been a drink I enjoy but not one I opt for frequently - I was more a coke, bubble tea and coffee person.  I was also made to cut down on my bubble tea consumption (the crave is smaller than pre-preg) and caffeine intake (coffee and coke included) by my family.  Technically cold drink is not that good for female - per Chinese medical concept - but I still chill my sour plum juice or orange juice or add ice to whatever I was drinking(/wanting).  Naughty Jacq.

Gradually I lost interests in seafood besides fishes, where I have usually been a huge fan of shrimps, crabs and shellfish.  I still take a bite or two once in a while, like weekly or bi-weekly, but I don't order them purposely for the time being.

Other than what is mentioned above, I don't particularly hate or love any food or beverage.  I probably crave salty savoury flavour over sweets, but that's because sweets tend to leave my mouth feeling sour pretty quickly.  Fun fact: I can brush my teeth & rinse my mouth up to four times a day because I constantly feel my mouth is sticky.

Sense - Smelling

There are scents I can totally not bear with not too long after being pregnant.  I can't stand smelling the fragrance of L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil and I had to let Mr A use the whole thing up.  This kind of smell typically doesn't upset me but for some reason I hated it.  I didn't vomit or anything but the fragrance alone can repel me from the bathroom.  Around 6w or 7w, I was so against this smell I even stopped Mr A from using it for a week or so.  Then later I felt alright for him to resume usage.

First Consultation - 8 Weeks

On 8W, Mr A accompanied me to visit a female OG at the hospital we (I?) plan to deliver baby Roma.  We didn't have much treatment or test done except for an ultrasonic scan (photo and heartbeat of the baby!).  The rest was a lot of Q&A between the ignorant us and the doctor.  In the end she referred me to do some tests at 12W, and follow-up check-up around 16W.

Weight: 59.7 kg
BP: 99 57
Pulse: 85

OSCAR & Blood Test - 12 Weeks

I did the tests before leaving for our Italian honeymoon.  Tests were done with another male OG.  Results basically said baby Carrot has low risk of Down Syndrome and my blood is A+ (not that this is new news).

Second Consultation - 18 Weeks

After 10 weeks, I went back to my OG for another consultation.  I didn't make an appointment for 16W so I had to go in late.  Nothing extraordinary happened except that she referred me to do the Anomaly Scan at around 20W or 21W.  That will be next Friday.

Weight: 59.1 kg
BP: 110 68

18 weeks

Weekly Update

How far along? 20 weeks.

Total weight gain/measurements: I don't have a scale at home, let me report back next week.

Maternity clothes: Yes.  I have Gennie's and H&M maternity tees, pants and dresses, also a lot of undergarments from various Taiwan brands.  My current favourite is a polka dot dress from H&M maternity - picture.

Stretch marks: My bump isn't that noticeable when I dress loosely, only when I wear more body-hugging clothes people seem to give a doubtful second glance at my waist.  No stretch marks yet, but I'm religiously piling on oils and balms every evening.  Thinking of doing it twice a day soon.

Sleep: Good sleep and always want more.

Best moment this week: Volunteering at a kitchen and found an adorable piece of ginger - picture.  Also, getting gel manicure and pedicure - picture.

Miss anything? Nothing in particular.

Movement: A few kicks here and there especially when I'm still and the environment is noisy.  Honestly I still wonder if those are real kicks.

Food cravings: Unhealthy street snacks, fish balls in curry sauce any time during the day, thanks.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Minibus rides.  I'm avoiding those now, and take longer bus rides or subway trips to skip the minibuses.

Gender: Will be revealed next week.

Labour signs: Nil.

Symptoms: Nothing special.

Belly button in or out? In.

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Happy or moody most of the time: 90% happy.  The corruption of the SD card which stores all pictures Mr. A and I's honeymoon definitely ruined my mood.  Yet during our recovery, Mr. A's iPhone system update basically reset his phone to factory setting.  Now, officially, all our Italian photos are gone but those in my phone.  Sad enough?  

Looking forward to: Doctor X (Japanese TV drama) this Saturday night, after our semi-annual anniversary date.  :)

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. Congratulations! That is quick!!!

  2. Wow congratulations Jacq!!! So glad to see your happy post :) happy pre-mother's day!!

  3. Congratulations! I am so happy for you!! *tears up*

    1. Thank you Ari. Don't be too emotional :D Save the joyful tears till baby Roma is born~



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