Friday, 23 May 2014

Maternity Update | It's a Boy!

Last Friday when I'm about 21 week pregnant, we went in to have the anomaly ultrasound scan (also called morphology scan).  Basically it is me sitting there for 20 minutes with belly being rolled over and over again in all directions in order to get a good glimpse of various parts of Roma.  The OG measured the lengths of leg bones, counted the number of fingers and toes, and estimated the diameter/circumference of different parts of its body.  The most exciting news?

It's a boy!

Bi-Weekly Update 

How far along?  22 weeks.

Total weight gain/measurements:  At the doctor last week I was 60.1 kg, today I weighed 130 pound with the old scale I discovered at home.

Maternity clothes:  H&M maternity chino shorts are my current favourites, they are very hard to hunt down here in HK.  I have to visit all three stores that stock Maternity (Canton Road TST, Festival Walk, and Po Lam) in order to find the navy and the beige.  I wish they have it more widely available in more sizes.  Anyway, these shorts paired with my very un-sexy Crocs slingback flats are my go to 'going-out' outfits.

Stretch marks:  None yet.  I'm piling on balms and lotions religiously every night, sometimes day also, if I take a morning shower.

Sleep:  Sundays are always the most tiring day in the week for me.  I travel a lot, talk a lot and attend to different services and meetings.  Last Monday I crashed for 14 hours of sleep after an extra energy-consuming Sunday.  Otherwise, I usually sleep for 8 hours straight at night, with one or two 1-hour long naps in the afternoon - those naps are like fainting, I can literally be sitting on the sofa reading and then black-out for an hour or so.

Best moment this week:  Had all the filters in our air-conditioners cleaned, now I can enjoy cool air house-wide.

Miss anything?  Drinking plenty of coffee and coke without feeling guilty.  I did drink a cup or so every other day but because I don't want anymore painful cramping I restrict myself...

Movement:  Plenty.  One night I was heavily kicked by the baby several times on the same spot, so I took Mr. A's hand and placed it on top.  Roma kicked him, while Mr. was still sound asleep.  The other morning Mr. told me he had a strange dream of baby kicking his hand, which I confirmed him was reality.  Baby also moved a lot during the day.  Another day, while I was placing the iPad on my belly (bad decision?), Roma protested by poking my tablet and started me.  He has some character.

Food cravings:  Nutella with banana.  :D

Anything making you queasy or sick?  Waking up and leaving the bed sometimes make me extremely dizzy, like I can't stand still kind of dizzy.

Gender:  Boy

Labour signs:  Nil

Symptoms:  Cramping, in the legs..  One morning around 6 am my right leg cramped so hard and painfully it woke me.  I couldn't fall asleep after that.  A few days ago my left leg cramped during the day also.  When I consulted my OG he said I may benefit taking extra Calcium (with Zinc and Magnesium), so I ordered one from iHerb, still pondering whether or not to start taking though - 'cause I'm taking Materna multi-vitamins and DHA and plenty of milk daily already...

Belly button in or out?  In.

Wedding rings on or off?  On.

Happy or moody most of the time:  Happy!  WeChat (an instant messaging phone app) launched the Boy A stickers by b.wing.  Mr. A is a super-fan of Boy A so every now and then we text one another extraordinarily cute and meaningless icons of Boy A.  How can one has bad mood when this happens?

Looking forward to:  Our re-visit to Seoul 31/5 to 3/6.  Probably going to have some good meals, a walk through the palace and watch the Nanta Show.  God knows how long my beauty wish list is!  (I'm asking Mr. A to ban me from buy any, or too much, but he said he will fail because I will persist...)

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Did you make a right guess?  I knew it is a boy a good few weeks ago, I just knew!

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. Congratulations! I'm 20 weeks pregnant right now. When did you feel the 'real kick' from baby?

    1. Congratulations!!!
      I'd say 19-20 week. He moves more when I'm half-lying down, I feel. ;)



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