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The Italian Beauty Haul

Although my SD card is out of order, my haul came back with me.  Most of the heavy stuff we brought back are beauty related with several pieces of clothing (mainly because Milan was unexpectedly sunny and warm), and a lot of small religious objects (including rosaries, keychains, churches and shrines postcards, you know me).

I just want to get this post published, so instead of checking prices of everything and giving long review, I'll just show and tell.  Plus, I need to get this out before I go on a short Korean trip next weekend!

Let's begin with the most exciting, KIKO MILANO!

This is not the first Kiko experience I have had.  My dear friends (Sam in particular) have sent me products in our care packages before.  I enjoyed most things, if not all, that they've sent, and I do keep and use them regularly.  I had no words but sheer excitement when I knew I can enter a Kiko shop (or multiple Kiko shops) first person, while I was planning this trip.

KIKO Face Skin Glow Light Effect Day Cream SPF 10
KIKO Boulevard Rock Eyes Brush 
These are the two non-colour-makeup products from the Spring collection.  The Face Skin Glow is a moisturiser with primer effect and hint of sun protection.  It helps make up stay on longer and more beautifully.  I used it a handful of times during the trip and I liked it.  Quite significantly fragranced though.  The eye brush, on the other hand, is genius.  On the shading/blending side it is half synthetic (for cream or packing-on colours), and half natural fibre (for softer application and easy blending).  The other end of the brush is a tiny synthetic liner brush tip which is great to apply shadow wet or dry as liner, or to do detail work.

KIKO Rock Attraction Blush "01 Pearly Rock" "02 Guitar Rose" "04 Pop Apricot" "05 Sound Coral"
The 02 is a cool pink, and 04 is a bright peach.  Most wearable one is definitely 05, which has been residing in my make up bag for two months now...  The texture, pigmentation and longetivity of these are as incredible as their denim 3D design.  Too bad the remaining shades won't work on my skin tone.

KIKO Glow Touch Lips & Cheeks "100 Intuition Peach" "101 Venus Pink" "102 Wave Hibiscus" "103 Heavy Honeysuckle"
I picked these up in 2 or 3 different trips and you'd better be amazed that I did not pick up any duplicate.

above: rock idol lipstick 01 04 05 below: skinny fit kajal 01 03
KIKO Rock Idol Lipstick "01" "04" "05"
KIKO Skinny Fit Kajal "01" "03"
Three little twist-ups added to my ever-growing lip crayon stash, and two soft wooden type eyeliner pencil.  The nude will be great for water line and blue I figure can be rocked in the Summer...

KIKO Color Fever Eyeshadow Fever "100" "101"
These palettes are just beautiful.  With the sleek black square cases and wearable complimentary shades, they will never go out of style.  Colours lean on the shimmery side though, may not be for everyone.

KIKO Water Eyeshadow "208 Light Gold" "219 Flamingo Pink" 
On every single day I will prefer these than MAC extra dimension.  After my spring-cleaning (thanks to Honor's help and cruel advice along the way), I now keep 4 Kiko Water, 2 MAC extra dimension and 5 Pupa Diamond... To me these eye shadow are all in the same family in terms of texture and country of origin.

KIKO Colour Sphere Eye Shadow "03" "18"
KIKO Eyeshadow "118" "139" "171"
Just because they are pretty and probably on sale.

KIKO Smart Eye Pencil "801" "803"
KIKO Eye Base Primer
KIKO Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow "07" "38"
The two pencils were on sale - or clearance? - for 1 euro each so I grabbed the two earthy kinds of colour.  Eye Base Primer was a new try, while the Stick Eyeshadows are repurchases (of different colours).  The Stick Eyeshadows are divinely beautiful and ultra long lasting.  The only problem with these is it's very difficult to pick out shades to buy.  I am glad I noted down in my phone what I already own so as not to duplicate.  Now I have 6 different shades in my possession.

from left: smart eye pencil 801 803 long lasting stick eyeshadow 07 38

KIKO Smart Lipstick "903" "910"
KIKO Ultra Glossy Stylo SPF 15 "820"
KIKO Kiss Balm SPF 15 "05 Raspberry"
No idea why I got these except that they are really affordable and feel moisturising on my hands.  The pale green ultra glossy stylo is not greeen, but a cool tone translucent gloss finish on the lips.  Amazing.

KIKO City Filter Sunscreen Primer SPF 50
KIKO Soft Focus Concealer "01" "02"
KIKO Natural Concealer "02"
KIKO Radiant Touch Creamy Stick Highlighter "100"
KIKO Velvet Touch Creamy Stick Blush "03"
KIKO Soft Light Powder "03"
Got the City Filter Primer off an instagram friend recommendation.  My base routine mainly consists of UV (or primer), concealer and powder (or compact foundation), so I went ahead and picked up two variations of concealers, a highlighting kind - Soft Focus - and a basic type.  There are also pot type and a palette, which I skipped because I don't use those very often.
Stick highlighter and blush are relatively new releases I think, and they look beautiful.  Not many shades of the blushes seem to work on my light skin though, so I only got 03 which is a soft coral pink.  Soft Light Powder in the pan and on the skin is a dupe for MAC MSF Natural, I already own 02, so I also got a shade darker for Summer, or to contour.

KIKO 3 In 1 Shine Fortifying Fast Dry Base Coat Top Coat "100"
KIKO 3 In 1 White Fortifying Fast Dry Base Coat Top Coat "102"
KIKO Nail Polish Remover Travel Wipes
KIKO Denim Nail Lacquer "460" "463" "465" "466"
Desperately wanted to paint my nails mid-way on the trip, so I went ahead and purchased not one, but 2 base/top coats.  Then I thought I would change my nail colour so I picked up the remover wipes in another visit.  Haven't tried that though.
The Denim lacquers has a textured finish, not something I usually fall for, but the brights (and the blues) - basically shades I got, are brilliant.  They last long on the nails and give a stunning impression.

KIKO Nail Lacquer "243" "292" "300" "327" "334" "337" "384"
I didn't know why I picked up so many darker shades, but they caught my eyes and probably were on sale.  Now I know why blue appealed to me so much - it's because I instinctual knew baby Roma is a boy!

Santa Maria Novella & L'Erbolario

I just used my instagram images as the better pictures in my SD card are gone and I refuse to retake them.

I made a necessary to the mother of all SMN, the flagship at Via della Scala, Firenze/Florence.  It was stunning; a monument-like museum (just interior design probably), with professional multi-national staff and brochures, one of its kind testing and smelling experience (you'll feel like a VIP even if you just ask to sample their soaps), and unique shopping cart system (they give you a smart card once you begin adding picking up products, instead of carrying a basket, you carry just the smart card until you reach the till).

SANTA MARIA NOVELLA Alba di Seoul Eau de Cologne
SANTA MARIA NOVELLA Santa Maria Novella Eau de Cologne
We got our honeymoon-couple-fragrance at SMN.  Mine was a pretty 'standard' pick.  I got the oldest signature scent from the array of selection.  Mister went ahead and tested a few, and settled with Alba di Seoul, which is a beautiful coincidence as Seoul was the first city we visited as a couple back in the days.  Nostalgic.

A hair mask that was recommended on some blogs (I totally forgot which or where did I read about that), still awaiting to be used.

SANTA MARIA NOVELLA Acqua di Rose Rosewater
SANTA MARIA NOVELLA Acqua di Maggio May Water 
Despite the insanely heavy glass bottles, I insisted in bringing these aromatic water back.  Carried by Mr. A, of course.  The rosewater is pure and genuine, not artificial, and can be used on the face.  The Maggio is a sophisticated blend of florals which is a body toner.  I will soon start using this as a refreshing body splash or mist as the weather now is so hot.

L'ERBOLARIO Ananas Cell Crema Corpo Superattiva (Pineapple Cell Body Cream Superactive)
L'ERBOLARIO Crema Rassodante Antismagliature per la pelle del Corpo (Stretch Mark Prevention and Firming Cream)
L'ERBOLARIO Crema Gommage per la pulizia profonda dell'epidermide del Corpo (Body Exfoliant Cream)

Started using the pink scrub and pink cream mainly on my thighs, hips and bump.  I am saving the stronger Pineapple for later.

L'ERBOLARIO Ortensia Bagnoschiuma (Bubble Bath? >> Shower Gel) *
L'ERBOLARIO Ibisco Bagnoschiuma (Bubble Bath? >> Shower Gel) *
L'ERBOLARIO Balsamo Dopo Shampoo al Miglio e alla Soja (Conditioner) *
L'ERBOLARIO Ombra di Figlio Bagnoschiuma * (not pictured)
L'ERBOLARIO Crema Viso per Pelli Delicate ed Arrossate * (not pictured)
L'ERBOLARIO Crema per le Mani al Limone * (not pictured)
BIOFORET MILANO Anti Skin Spots Cream * (not pictured)
BIOFORET MILANO Moisturizing Cream * (not pictured)
BIOFORET MILANO Oily Skin Cream * (not pictured)

* all free samples courtesy of a generous Milan shopkeeper, where I got my L'Erbolario

Carrefour, Sephora, It Style & Upim

From supermarket to department stores, I hauled...

GARNIER Ultra Dolce Balsamo Crema
Because we ran out and wanted something cheap and cheerful, so I picked this up along with some San Carlo potato chips (heavenly treat!).

SEPHORA Waterproof Eye Makeup RemoverI only wear super waterproof mascaras so I need the bi-phase type of removers.  I brought half a travel size with me (forgot which brand) and I used up after several days.  The D Program Cleansing Oil or the NRK Rosehip Perfecting Elixir (emptied during the trip) wasn't cutting my lashes.  So, desperately, I got this from Sephora to save my life.  This was also the only item I picked up at Sephora, because everything else are either boring or inhumanely over-priced.

IT STYLE Luxury Eyeshadow Palette "03 Marrone"
Came across an amazing little shop of this brand right next to Piazza di Spagna.  It looks very similar to Kiko but didn't excite me as much.  Conservatively I picked up the palette that screams TF Burnished Amber to me.  You can find out more about this product on their Italian, of course, website.

ESSENCE Beauty Beats Shimmer Powder "01 Swaaaag!"
ESSENCE Be Loud! Eyeshadow "03 Rock The Block"
ESSENCE Bloom Me Up! Duo Eyepencil "01 Bloomylicious"
ESSENCE Stay Natural Concealer "01 Soft Beige"
ESSENCE 3D Eyeshadow "02 Irrestible Purr-ple" "08 Irresistible Vanilla Latte"
SHAKA Eyeshadow "28 Dark Hazelnut"
From several short trips to various UPIM department store across the country, I picked up these Essence and Shaka bits.  The gorgeous purple 3D eyeshadow broke in our suitcase, sad.
I also saw Deborah, Collistar and Pupa; they just didn't succeed in tempting me. // I almost fell for a bronzer set at duty free when I was leaving Italy, just before I remember that I rarely ever use bronzer, even to contour...

From various church and convent souvenir shop, I bought soaps and oils (aside from chocolate and candies) as gifts to family and friends.  These are some that haven't been given away.

ABBAZIA SAN PAOLO F.L.M. Olio Balsamica San Paolo
From the Abbey at Papal Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls.  I remember this is a Balsamic Oil for body care, e.g. massage and bath.

May Rose Soap.  Both of these (and a coffee one I have given to my aunt) are from Assisi, the beautiful home town of St. Francis.  Out of the many cities and places we visited, Mr. A's favourite was Assisi.  This Rose smells divine, and very natural.

NESTI DANTE FIRENZE Fig and Almond Milk Soothing Soap
It smells good, so I got it to scent my wardrobe drawers.

(Second) Last but not least, the only thing I picked up from Duty Free when we left Roma.

CLARINS Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector "01 Rose Shimmer"
CLARINS Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector "02 Apricot Shimmer"
The set costs 22.90 euro.

Finally - for real - the hotel toiletries I took back.  #dontjudge

Intimate Cleanser // 
La Bottega Body Lotion Lait de Figue // Bath Foam Lait de Figue // Shampoo Lait de Figue

Best Western Shower Gel //
Prija Vitalising Shower Gel and Shampoo with Ginseng

Eco Cosm.Ethic Bath Foam // Shampoo // Body Lotion

Prija Softening Soap // Best Western Natural Soap // Eco Com.ethic Delicate Soap

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Hope you enjoyed this long long post!

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. what a haul! I really like kiko, especially their nail polishes. / Claire xxx

    1. They make so many different shades (and finishes) of nail polish! :D
      thanks for commenting

  2. Bagnoschiuma means shower gel in italian, but you can also use it as a bubble bath (as well as all other shower gels))

    1. Thanks @Maria, good to learn a little more Italian; let me edit that!

  3. Bagnoschiuma means shower gel in italian, but you can use it as a bubble bath of course, as well as all other shower gels ))



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