Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Back in Stock | Guess Which I Got?

I've been eyeing two new-to-me brands for their eyeshadows for a while.  Not that I need any more eyeshadows in my life, but I'm always vulnerable to be tempted by good neutrals (and colourfuls).  What drove me even more crazy was, when I was browsing and researching on these two brands of eyeshadow, both of them were sold out/ out of stock.  Hence, I made a decision to get them once they come back in stock, one brand first, then the other in the next month - if I still want that.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with either of these companies, and I did not use affiliated links in this post.  Images used were taken from their websites.

Zoeva is a German brand recently popular amongst bloggers and vloggers, mainly for their make up brushes.  They do individual and set brushes that resemble MAC, or Sigma.  I have not tried any of them, but some sets they do look very similar to way cheaper ones I saw on Taobao (the Chinese ebay).  For instance, this bamboo and that bamboo; this vegan and that vegan.  Zoeva also sells make up on their website, and same as their brushes, most of them do not list their origins; not to mention that a few of their bigger palettes look just like the nostalgic Coastal Scents ones, which are also widely available on Taobao.

Makeup Geek is founded by a youtuber/blogger, based in USA.  They started making products under their own name a few years ago, including lipsticks (now gone?), pigments (I'm tempted!), makeup brushes, eyeshadows and blushes (most recent) with the pan/refill dimension just like MAC does.  [26mm round eyeshado pan are also made by Make Up Atelier ParisELF, Coastal Scents, etc]  Compared to MAC, MUG is more affordable, and from the reviews I read and watched, the quality of MUG seems to be quite consistent across the line, and given their reasonable pricing, it has attracted a lot of followers.

As mentioned in the beginning, I'm trying to decide on one of these two brands to venture out, in terms of their eye shadows.  Below will be the info I've collected so far, to help me make the purchase.  Tell me in the comments below which one you guess I've ordered!?!?

Story Palettes Kit (product link)

- 4 Eyeshadow palettes (Naturally Yours, Rodeo Belle, Love is a Story, Retro Future) each with 10 powder eyeshadow colors
- free Eyeshadow Fix sample (2 x 0.3ml, 1 sample per palette, while supplies last)
Made in:  Italy
Diameter per pan:  2.6 cm
Net weight each palette:  10 x 1.5 gr / 10 x 0.05 oz
Ingredients: Talc is present; full list is on the product page.
Price:  USD $70
Shipping:  USD $18 (DHL)
Reference/Reviews: Pixiwoo // LetzMakeupBlog // My MakeupBox

Bottom Line:
For USD $88, you get 40 colours, and a total of 60 grams of eyeshadows.  Made in Italy and according to the online reviews, the quality of the shadows seem to be decently high.  Talc is present but I'm not against this ingredient.  The pans cannot be switched and moved, but I reckon, if I want to, I can tear apart the palettes and magnetize the pans myself...

Makeup Geek
Starter Kit and Z-Palette Bundle (product link)

- 9 Eyeshadow Colors Included (Cocoa Bear // Mocha // Glamorous  // Creme Brulee  // Shimma Shimma // Drama Queen // Prom Night // Unexpected // Corrupt)
- Small Z-Palette
Made in:  USA
Eyeshadow pan weight: 1.8G / 0.064 oz
Ingredients: Talc and Paraben-Free; Full list link.

Price:  USD $61.99 (or $49.99 for the pan-only bundle)
Shipping:  USD $12.42 (First-Class International)
Reference/Reviews: MishMreow // MyMakeupIssues (their prices maybe different as they purchased it at different times)

Bottom Line:
For $74.41, you get 9 shades of pigmented shadow with a total of 16.2 gram of product (slightly more than one Zoeva palette offers).  Pans can be easily moved around in and out, not to mention that colours are well-thought-of and hand-picked by Marlena aka Makeup Geek.

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Which one will you choose?

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. I want to try MUG eyeshadows =) love prom night <3

    1. The shipping is a little intimidating! otherwise I'd have ordered MUG

  2. wow beautiful colors :)

  3. I love MUG shadows, but here I think the true value lies in the Zoeva palettes (sorry MUG). Zoeva gives you 40 lovely shades, while with MUG you only get 9. I have read that these Zoeva palettes are high quality, not like the other palettes they offer that have 24 or 80+ shadows. Those are lacking in quality, but not these 10 shadow palettes! I have my eye on both the MUG shadows, and the Naturally Yours palette. If you are looking for a true value, I'd pick up all four palettes! The colors are amazing, unique and intense! Read some reviews and watch some youtube videos and you'll see. Zoeva is a company that'll surprise you. I'm on the fence when it comes to which brushes to order. MUGs or Zoevas, both look amazing.

    1. I did order all the four Zoeva palettes! Also one of their brushes.
      instagram pic:

      Perhaps some day I'll get myself the MUG, they look and sound so great! I just hope one day they may do free shipping promo to enable my purchase~



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