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Empties | Mask-full May 2014

This month, my cousin and I had a little Empties Competition, kind-of.  We both own too many beauty products, and one thing we desperately like to do is to buy more and newer ones.  The prime purpose of me calling this game is I need some incentive to do face masks more frequently, especially the sheet ones.  Heaven knows I have how many sheets (and tubes) in my stash!

Anyway, these pictures were taken on 27th May, so there are still 4 days of empties (probably one or two more masks and some sunscreen samples) to be brought over to next month.  I will include Honor's link if she make a post, but for now, you can also check out her blog.

The order of this post will be Skin Care -> Make Up -> Body & Hair -> Random -> Tossed & His.  And I'm trying to go back to a simpler rating 'system' Black Jacq -> Hurray -> Okay -> No Way...  Let's see how long this post will take to be typed out...

Mascara Easy Remover
I like to venture here and there when it comes to mascaras, but when it comes to what work on my picky lashes, super waterproof Japanese formulae work best.  To take them off, one requires at least an industrial grade dual-phase eye make up remover; but I go a step further, and use this oil-type pre-cleanse which has a wand-like applicator.  It helps the following dual-phase remover works quicker.  To be honest, you may apply any kind of oil on the lashes for a moment or so before taking off with make up remover or micellar water, probably will work as well.
Will I repurchase?  Yes, after my back-ups of this and same thing from Heroine Make.

GOSH Lift Off the Day Eye Make-Up Remover
If you don't like oily make up remover, this one is for you.  I prefer something that has a more greasy feeling that glides on skin better, and nourishes my eye area more.  This does take up my make up effectively and doesn't irritate.
Will I repurchase?  No. Because Gosh is no longer present in local pharmacy chains.

CLE DE PEAU BEAUTE Cleansing Cream *
I like this.  It smells elegant and not over-powering.  Feels smooth and lotion-y on the skin, removes face make up very gently and effectively.  I wipe it off with a damp towel or cloth, then go on with my second cleanse in the shower.
Will I repurchase?  No.  I am not that spendy on make up removal, and there are so many options from Shiseido that I want to try instead.

INNOXA Renew Triple Action Gel Wash
Got it in a Glamabox, and while it targets at more mature skin, I decided to try it out because it mentioned about 'good' ingredients.  It smells exactly like Clinique Dramatically Different Lotion (the yellow moisturiser), and it is not something I enjoy.  It has little beads in the gel wash, and washes off nicely.  
Will I repurchase?  No.

NUXE Reve de Miel Face Cleansing and Make-up Removing Gel *
Lovely scent, gentle on the skin, leaves skin soft and moisturised after wash.  I do not use this to take off make up whatsoever so I can't tell how effective it is in that sense.
Black Jacq
Will I repurchase?  Already have a full size standing by.

NUXE Fondant Cleansing Gel Face and Eyes with Rose Petals
A lotion-y cream consistency, this has an adorable floral fragrance.  Feels really luxurious when rubbed onto skin.  I sometimes use this with my Clarisonic and it works fine.  Not sure if I prefer this over the Reve de Miel one, so I probably won't repurchase.
Will I repurchase?  No.  But I do have more samples of this!

QV Gentle Cleanser
Got this in a Glamabox.  Not a fan of its nothing-ness.  It is like a runny milk that doesn't feel like anything when used.  Probably more suitable for really sensitive skin.
No Way
Will I repurchase?  No.

LA ROCHE POSAY Thermal Spring Water
I believe I got this in a value set together with a sunscreen or bb cream.  Nothing wrong with this spring water, if what you desire to get is just mineral water in a mediocre mist form.  I think the dispenser isn't best quality.  And to be honest, I have no special spot to place it in my daily routine.
Will I repurchase?  No.

NUXE Clarifying Cream-Mask Face and Neck with Rose Petals
Great non-drying clay mask to clarify.  My skin used to be dry/normal while now during pregnancy and in this super warm weather it is more combination/normal.  This mask works for me both when I was drier and now, oilier.  Two stand-out qualities of this mask is the gentle rose scent and the ease to wash off.  Older review here.
Will I repurchase?  Maybe.

HELENERE Cellular Eye Mask *
Whenever I do clay or cream mask that requires washing off, I really enjoy adding an eye mask all around my eye area.  This has a gel texture, is light on the skin but does moisturise and refine the texture of the skin.
Will I repurchase?  Maybe.  It is expensive, so I'm glad I still have samples hanging around to keep me going!

GLAMGLOW Tingling n Exfoliating Mud Mask *
I didn't understand the 'green tea pieces' in this mask, and while it doesn't dry out too bad that I dislike it, overall it didn't impress me, especially with all its hype and the hefty price tag.
No Way
Will I repurchase?  Probably not.

NIVEA Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes
This is the type for normal/combination skin.  There is also a red one for drier skin (I think).  I really love how these wipes are textured with some net-like pattern on the cloths.  It removes my face make up alright (which is also how I use them for - I take off my eye make up with proper removers) and leaves my skin really refreshed.
Will I repurchase?  Yes.

HOLIKA HOLIKA Make-up Starter *
It is a mitt-like pad that you exfoliate and prep the skin before make up.  One side has purple dots as the first step to exfoliate, and the other side has a net-texture pad side (similar to the Nivea wipes above), to smooth down the skin and to moisturise.  The solution inside the sachet is just one, so I guess it doesn't matter much whichever side you use first or later, or skip at all.  Did smooth and prepare my skin for make up, but not something I will continue using daily.
Will I repurchase?  Probably not.

PRIMERA Peeling Facial Intensive *
PRIMERA Peeling Facial Mild *
This is the type of gel peel that rolls up into eraser debris, and while you rub the debris on your skin, they act like super gentle exfoliating beads to remove dead skin cells, and what not.  The mild gives softer 'debris' while the intensive has larger chunks of 'debris' that work just a little stronger on the skin.  I really enjoy the softness and suppleness of my skin after using these.  However, just due to my habit, I'd rather use a scrub or an acid exfoliant instead of this type.
Will I repurchase?  No.

SKINPEPTOXYL Daily Micro Peel Mitts *
A very gentle chemical exfoliant-soaked mitt that you put on your finger and go to town, rubbing around your face in circular motion.  I find this an easy way to exfoliate, and it is gentle and doesn't irritate my skin.  Only using this once a week because I don't want to over-exfoliate.
Will I repurchase?  No.  Because I still have two full boxes of this, courtesy of Sasa.

SOFINA Whitening UV SPF50+ PA+++ *
Lovely texture, just not a brand I typically shop from.  I believe this is the old version, as the new one has PA++++ (4+ instead of 3+).
Will I repurchase?  No.

CELLILUX Deep Sea Secret Glacial Mineral Gel
Like this, as this is also one of those mud mask that doesn't dry up uncomfortably on my skin.  However, the mud doesn't apply/adhere to the skin well, it kind of cake up and refuse to hold on the skin...
No Way
Will I repurchase?  No.

Packed with hyaluronic acid, this is a very nice hydration boost to use in the day or at night.  I especially like to massage in a full tube of this when I look and feel extra tired, before make up.
Will I repurchase?  Yes.

At the beginning of the month I intended to do face mask daily, starting with some Taiwan sheets - because on of my sisters are going on vacation to TW and I was thinking of asking her to help me purchase stuff.  Then later in the month, when I realise I will travel to Korea, I decided to give my Korean sheets some uses.

LOVEMORE Yurong Scattered Amazing White Mask Sheet
LOVEMORE Cubilose Extract Hydrating & Firming Mask Sheet
LOVEMORE Herba Saussurea Involucrata Revival Mask Sheet
LOVEMORE Rhodiola Antioxidant & Brightening Mask Sheet
LOVEMORE Black Pearl True White Mask Sheet

LoveMore is probably my current favourite Taiwan mask brand.  Their silk sheet are super thin, soft and saturated with solution.  They really hug my face nicely and treat it well - see how the other variation sit on my skin in previous mask review.  There isn't a scent/flavour that I, or my skin, do not like.  They have also a great price and value for money.

Black Jacq

Will I repurchase?  Definitely yes.  I haven't decided which one is my favourite though.  And luckily, these Chinese herbal variations aren't available in HK yet, or else I'd have got all of them...

OGUMA Aquakey Super Mask
Superior for a quick boost of hydration.  The sheet is not too thick or thin, and the cutting is just a little off (not too much).  The after feel of this mask is really fresh and not sticky or heavy so even if you apply make up right away it will be fine.  For night time though, a little more moisturiser to lock in the moisture is recommended.  Honor also reviewed this.
Black Jacq
Will I repurchase?  Yes, certainly.

SEXYLOOK Collagen Centella White Cotton Black Mask (my own translation)
I guess I'm just too picky now that I've tried so many sheet masks.  This is black = fun, and moisturising.
Will I repurchase?  No.  I prefer LoveMore and Oguma over these, although out of the three, this is the only one available locally at Mannings.

GMDANSU Ginsenoside Rg1 Ultra-Moist Herbal Mask with Sheep Placenta
Bought this Korean mask for extra stamps at Mannings.  Surprisingly impressive.  I adore the natural ginseng scent of this sheet, and the lotion really hydrates, plump and makes me feel good.
Will I repurchase?  Yes, will definitely consider!

DEWYTREE Premium Syn-ake Black Mask
I like its cutting and softness of the sheet.  Pretty moisturising and fun (because it's black!).  Has a non-offensive light fragrance.  Didn't notice significant firming or tightening effect though (with the syn-ake?).  Will opt for other Korean masks instead.  Available in Mannings locally.
Will I repurchase?  No.

NATURE REPUBLIC The First Mask Sheet *
"The First" line has a fermented ingredient, inspired by SKII's star constituent.  This mask was just okay.  By the way, "The First" line is likely to have been repackaged since I got my hands on this mask (just in January this year!).
Will I repurchase?  No.

NATURE REPUBLIC Aqua Collagen Solution Marine Hydro Gel Mask *
Despite me not really enjoying the eye mask offering of this same brand and line, this gel mask did impress me with how well it sat on my face and the intense hydration it gives - which isn't typical for all gel mask or bio-cellulose mask I tried.  Will consider getting some more when I am at Seoul - although Nature Republic has official store open locally now...
Will I repurchase?  Yes I wish to!

PRIMERA Moist-up Seed and Sprout Energy Mask *
The mask material is lovely; it is a fine gauze like, non-bleached very natural looking, soft sheet.  The moisture effect is just alright I feel, so for the hazzle to get these from Korea, I'll probably get the Innisfree type (see below) instead.
Will I repurchase?  No.

INNISFREE Intensive Ampoule Mask BHA Anti-Trouble *
I am a fan of anything with chemical exfoliant.  With BHA (salicylic acid), this masks helps to gently renew skin and prevent/heal acnes.  I do suffer from some break-outs here and there - I blame the pregnancy messing up my hormones - so this helps.  Step 1 is a pre-serum they called ampoule, which is a very nice just slightly thicker-than-water essence.  Step 2, the mask, has a similar texture to the Primera one described above.
Black Jacq
Will I repurchase?  Yes.

EXCEL Powder & Pencil Eyebrow "PD07 Mocha Brown" *
My sister got me this from Japan.  It comes with a spoolie at one end, an oval tip twist-up creamy pencil on the other, and a brow powder with sponge tip in the middle.  This 3-in-1 is super convenient and handy to use on-the-go.  The colour is also a pretty neutral brown, which I still use although I haven't dyed my hair for half a year.  The pencil is slightly too creamy to my likings, and the powder doesn't show up well.  Also the plastic casing is a little on the cheap side with one of the caps breaking not too long after I started carrying it with me.
Will I repurchase?  Maybe, if only they make the tube sturdier...

ELF Eyelid Primer "Champagne" *
My dear Ari got this for me, because I wanted to try the ELF eye primers.  This came in a set of three, and is the darkest amongst them.  It is a dark beige with glitter (!) which doesn't work on my skin tone.  I used it up mainly as a base for swatches on my hand.  The other two shades I can still work with; but on my lid I prefer the feeling of Mineral Eyeshadow Primer better.
No Way
Will I repurchase?  No.

HEROINE MAKE Long & Curl Mascara
HEROINE MAKE Volume & Curl Mascara
I adore these.  Since generation 1, they have been working for my lashes.  These, I believe, are generation 3.  Both 'Long' and 'Volume' are super waterproof and hold the curl of my lashes (lash curler is a must).  I usually layer the 'Volume' after the 'Long'.  On their own, I find 'Long' to work fabulously on its own, giving decent volume and length, after a few weeks use, then die (flakes and dries up) suddenly.  'Volume' on its own is pretty stable throughout its lifespan, but not lengthening enough.  Generation 2 on my lashes here.
Black Jacq
Will I repurchase?  YES.  I have back-ups of this generation (hot-pink) and I've already bought the newest version, black tube with silver top.

samples - make up - hair - body
MARC JACOBS Genius Gel Super-Charged Foundation "26 Bisque Medium" *
This tiny sample was only adequate for a swatch on my cheek.  I find the texture pretty lovely, but I can't apply it full face to see how well it look or last.  The colour seems not a bad match either.
Will I repurchase?  Maybe.  If I can find my right shade, and get my claws on this stuff...

MARC JACOBS Remedy Concealer Pen "1 Rendezvous" *
This, unlike the foundation sample, comes in a very generous amount.  I'd say enough for four under-eye applications - and I only have two eyes.  The colour is brightening and works for my skin tone.  However, the coverage was undetectable.  Pass.
No Way
Will I repurchase?  No.

L'OREAL Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer *
A high shine primer (or liquid highlighter).  Texture is nice, and the glow is prominent.  Unavailable locally though.
Will I repurchase?  No.  (and I can't!)

MISSHA M BB Boomer *
Good stuff as a primer, gives skin decent moisture, adds a glow and helps make up (BB cream or foundation) to sit and last on top well.  I still have samples of this to use, but I don't think I want to get a full size...
Will I repurchase?  No.

NATURE REPUBLIC Argan Essential Deep Care Hair Pack *
Smells fantastic, not too thick you cannot apply evenly to damp hair, washes off well and leaves hair beautiful.  Good price too~
Will I repurchase?  Yes.  Already have a big tub standing-by.

BODY LABO Soothe Sensitive Skin Body Wash *
BODY LABO Soothe Sensitive Skin Body Moisturizer *
It has no nasties and good ingredients, but I find the texture pretty runny and meh~  Also, I won't pay for the lavender scent (not a fan).
No Way
Will I repurchase?  No.

hair - body

ORGANIX Rejuvenating Cherry Blossom Ginseng Shampoo
ORGANIX Rejuvenating Cherry Blossom Ginseng Conditioner
Big miss: the packaging of these aren't practical.  Not only is it impossible to get the last bit out if you do use it up to the last quarter, but also, even for the first 3/4 of the product, it can be tricky to dispense.  Despite my sister Jo truly adores the scent of this set (she said these smell like marshmallow), and that I also like how it leaves my hair clean, soft, very manageable and decently shiny when air-dried, I won't get more of these unless they are repackaged..
Will I repurchase?  No.  I have one more set to go, then I'm done.

BATH & BODY WORKS Warm Vanilla Sugar Triple Moisture Body Cream *
The formula of this is great, creamy, just thick enough to keep my legs nourished for a full night until the other morning, or noon, even in the drier months.  I like the fragrance, which is a pretty universally accepted vanilla (except for those who don't even like vanilla).  My friend got several tubes of these in different scents from an American trip, and this is the only one I can finish - probably because of the easy to wear fragrance.
Will I repurchase?  Probably.

AARON INDUSTRIES Epsom Salt Product Link!
One box lasts about 3 baths for me.  I can obviously use it more generously or less, but this works for me for now.  Soaking in this, with a mix of other oils or bath bombs, really relax my body and mind and give me a good night sleep.
Black Jacq
Will I repurchase?  Definitely, when I go through my boxesss...

NOW FOODS SOLUTIONS Evening Primrose Oil Product Link!
The reason I got this I believe was because this is one of the better oils you can use on your skin.  However, not only does the bottle leak like no tomorrow, but, more importantly, also, it has to be refrigerated after opened - who will go to the fridge and find a body oil after a bath or a shower?  It is better used in a blend than on its own as it is on the greasy side and does not sink into the skin quickly.
Will I repurchase?  No.

THE BODY SHOP Spa Wisdom Japan Adzuki Bean & Rice Washing Grains
Got this at the factory outlet months ago, and it sat at the bottom of my body product back-up drawer for that long.  Recently dug it out and was determined to use this up.  Not impressed.  While I'm typing this out I realise that it is actually meant for the face, not for the body, but I did use it up on my body.  The packaging sucks; it was designed to keep the content air-tight but it is a pain-in-the-s to open and close, even with two hands - and who has two dry hands to fuss with this when one washes his face?  Another problem is the product itself, it will still collect moisture and clump up in the pot even if you use it with dry hands and take care of the very difficult to close lid.  I know this because even my brand new pot shows such clumps now I'm looking at it.
No Way
Will I repurchase?  No.  But I still have a back-up hidden somewhere...

AFFORESTS Peppermint & Eucalyptus Body Wash
As expected in my Glamabox un-boxing, this was a big Hit.  The peppermint and eucalyptus blend is simple, invigorating and enjoyable.  Quite runny but not overly so, easy to foam and washes off freshly without drying.  If I see this in store (the website said some Japan Home Centre, local household chainstore, stock it), I will get me some.
Black Jacq
Will I repurchase?  Yes.

CRABTREE & EVELYN Gardeners Hand Recovery
I am never a hand scrub user.  Got some of these hand recoveries lying around which I think came in gift sets along with the hand creams.  Gardeners is a scent I love, quite fresh and lavender-y.  This scrub, however, just didn't impress me.
No Way
Will I repurchase?  No.

L'OREAL Men Expert Pure & Matte Charcoal Black Scrub
Also came in the same box as the Afforests, this didn't gain my love as much.  I used this on my body, targetting my back.  The fragrance is over-powering, just like other L'Oreal Men products.  I did enjoy the super fine scrub particles, however, the black colour of this has to be washed off carefully or it will stain the body.  What?
Will I repurchase?  No.

LA ROCHE POSAY Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel for Oily Sensitive Skin
Used this on my back as intensive shower gel.  It helps, but it doesn't work wonder.  Also, too drying on my face.
Will I repurchase?  I have more than a dozen tubes of this size standing-by.

LACTACYD All-Day Fresh Daily Feminine Wash
Again, I can't tell the difference between different Lactacyds - because I didn't put my mind to memorise the significance.  This version I quite like because it is gentle and not labelled as 'moisturising' or 'whitening' - redundant function in my opinion...
Will I repurchase?  Yes.

SEBAMED Feminine Intimate Wash *
Not bad, I like this better than some Lactacyd ones, although I really cannot pin-point the fine difference.
Will I repurchase?  Don't know.  Probably won't, because I just go with any easy-to-get-hold-of type at the pharmacy.

SOAP & GLORY Flake Away *
Despite the previous two's weird consistency, this one is reasonably normal.  I really enjoy the fragrance so if I have the opportunity I will get the Clean On Me for shower.
Will I repurchase?  No.

LUSH Ro's Argan Body Conditioner
A rather new concept of putting on body conditioner after wash, which you also rinse out before coming out to dry yourself.  The sales assistant at Lush HK insisted that Ro's Argan can also be used post towel-dry as a body moisturiser.  I tried, but the fragrance is too strong if applied this way.  This fragrance is extraordinarily beautiful (and sweet) and for someone who just likes (not love) rose scents like me, I still find this mesmerizing.
Will I repurchase?  I'd love to, but for the price... Perhaps I'll just settle with Rose Jam Shower Gel...

LIERAC Bust Lift Modelage Massage Cream
I just wanted to use this up.  It smells okay.  It is rather fast-absorbing so you can't take time to massage.
Will I repurchase?  Probably not.

ECO COSM.ETHIC Hydrating Body Lotion *
Stuff I got from the hotel we stayed in Rome.  Very nice smelling, and hydrates very well.  The texture is on the runny side so if I can use one up in one go (or if I'm conservative, in two applications).
Will I repurchase? I couldn't!

CANDLE-LITE Sweet Nectar, Flirty Fruit & Berry Bliss
MARKS & SPENCER M&S HOME Frankincense & Myrrh Scented Candle
AROMA NATURALS Zodiac Soy VegePure Candle "Scorpio" Product Link!
IKEA Tindra (cinnamon?)
IKEA Tindra Ljuv Product Link!

Out of the bunch my favourite is the M&S Frankincense, which was a holiday special and I got it at clearance for about $50 each.  The Scorpio one was just alright, I feel the spicy notes in it didn't impress me.  My girlfriends all complimented on the Candle-lite three-layer candle when they came over for home party; however, this scent isn't my favourite.

I'll definitely repurchase the Ikea Cinnamon one, and probably the Ikea one that smells like chocolate too... However the cinnamon one is no longer listed on the Ikea US website, so chances are, they are being replaced by other things?

Random stuff
DAISO Make Up Sponge Detergent
I only wash the sponges/puffs that come with more expensive compacts.  This does work but sponges will wear off after a few washes anyway.
Will I repurchase?

MANNINGS Large Cotton Facial Pads
I use these up taking off my make up, also, Mr. A uses these to apply toner to my back - which is covered with acnes.  I find the size of these too large, which maybe convenient to some, but not really fitting my habit...
Will I repurchase?  No.  If I want more Mannings coupon in the future I'll probably just buy the normal size cotton from them.

NARUKO Facial SPA Massage Cotton Pads
I adore this to apply toner and/or emulsion to the face.  It can be tear into thin layers but I am not into that lotion-mask thing.  I also do not use this to take off my make up because I tend to use something a little firmer (or whatever I like less) to remove make up.
Will I repurchase?  Yes! I already have back-upsss.

Tossed and Random
CRABTREE & EVELYN Jojoba Oil Body Lotion *
Tossed because it looks separated and funky in the container and I believe it has turned bad.  Gift with magazine or something anyway.

DAISO Aloe Make-Up Remover Tissue
(Penguin) Baby Wipes
I used the Daiso one to remove swatches on the back of my hand because it says it takes off make up - not very effective though, and the sheet holds no shape nor fluid...  The penguin one are dirt cheap from Bonjour (price mentioned here) so I just use it for wiping hands, desk top, laptop, table, chair, everything.

His stuff
NANOGEN Thickening Treatment Shampoo
No, Mr. A didn't use up four tubes of shampoo in one month.  I think he use up one tube in about two months, roughly?  The reason why these are emptied is because despite Nanogen has greatly improved their packaging (and despite changing the formula)
Will I repurchase?  Yes but not in the near future because Mr. A has a lot to go through in his pump dispenser now~

SUPERDRUG Shea Butter & Bamboo Shower Gel
Back in December, or January, we had a house-warming party at our place.  We decided to have a $10 budget lucky draw as a fun activity.  Picked this up at $19.9 for two at the supermarket, and one went into the lucky draw.  Mr. A used this up in his morning showers recently.  The smell is warm and lovely, not too drying on his body.  I like the smell of this, but not as much as the evening one he's using - The Body Shop Olive.
Will I repurchase? Probably not.  There are too many temptations alternatives on this Planet Earth.

*gifts from family/friends, gifts with purchase, or free samples.

Full Size: Body 13 + 4, Hair 6 + 2, Skin 6 + 4, Makeup 0 + 4, Fragrance 0, Nail 1
Sheet Mask: Face 3 + 13, Eye/Lip 4, Body 0
Deluxe Sample: Body 8 + 10, Hair 0, Skin 8 + 8, Makeup 1, Fragrance 0
Small Sample: Body 3 + 2, Hair 2 + 1, Skin 8 + 9, Makeup 0 + 4, Fragrance 0
Accessories: Disposables 5 + 5, Candles/Room Fragrances 4 + 6
His: 8 + 5

Tossed: 13 + 3 (also including an Essence shattered eyeshadow, and a MUA shattered eyeshadow)

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What have you used up recently?

Link your empties blog post or video below!  I am obsessed with them.  By the way, this took me a full week to finish typing...

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")

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