Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Our 'Drugstores' | Mannings and Watson's

from Watson's
Really, this is just a random post typing out what I have recently (un)intentionally purchased from Watson's and Mannings.  They are the two largest drugstore chainstores here in Hong Kong - though I doubt if we do call them drugstore or pharmacy, or even, if they brand themselves as such?  The real drug or medication section of these stores is limited, and not every single one has pharmacists at work.  Anyway, I treat them as just another destination for my endless beauty and personal care shopping nonetheless.

Watson's vs Mannings

Out of the two, I feel like Watson's has more make up, while Mannings leans more on the skincare front.  You may refer to their websites, Watson's // Mannings, for the brands they carry; but if you want me to type out a list of what I like/havebought/recommend, I may do so for you too, just comment below!  Both chains make products under their own brand-name, not very attractive to me, but sometimes the cotton pads or wet wipes are really cheap and of decent quality.  To be honest I do not have a preference of one over the other, except when there's special promotion or campaign going on.  

One recent campaign I missed and regret missing was the 25% off open-counter make up at Watson's - similar to last year's.  I really want to get myself some (more) Peripera eye crayons (featured in my latest Korean haul), Kate eye shadow palettes (the listed price of $110+ is a little high), and etc...

*Update: the past weekend there's another round of this 25% off, so I grabbed some items, Hurray!*

Mannings tends to do certain stamp-collection campaign every now and then, you spend certain amount, get some stamps, reach certain number then redeem gifts.  Sometimes the gifts are duds, sometimes not too value-worthy to redeem, and sometimes surprisingly real bargain.  Currently they're doing some Thermos thermal cups along with other appliances.  Unpurposely now that I have enough stamps for redemption, I am considering getting a Thermos cup or pot... 

Watson's Haul

REVLON ColorStay Longwear Nail Enamel #110 Marmalade $30 (was $45)

Sunday, 27 July 2014

June & July Empties 2014 | Part 1 of 2

For some reason - mainly my obsession over procrastination - the pile of beauty trash kept piling up since my last empties, and no one (i.e. me) went to tackle it... When I finally dig these out and photograph I realise there are too plenty I have to cut into two posts.

Anyway~ Let's cut this meaningless introduction short, and jump straight into the empties, shall we?

REN Hydra-Calm Cleansing Gel
Got a bunch of these from Glamashop in order to use up my points.  Only adequate for about 2 uses.  Very watery.
Will I repurchase?  No.

REN Mayblossom and Blue Cypress Facial Wash

Friday, 25 July 2014

FOTD Friday | Visee, By Terry, Fasio

I haven't been applying make up properly mainly due to the extremely high temperature and humidity, and also because my face has grown into a funny inflated round shape I'm not very fond of making-up.  Another reason may be me tired of taking pictures and importing them into my computer then picking the ones I like - I always shoot dozens and can only pick less than a handful...

That being said, I still wanted to post some kind of Face Of The Day because I have acquired a lot of new goodies in the past few months and a lot of them are great stuff.  I also understand FOTD is not FOTD without showing one's face so please excuse the selfies you're going to see after the break.  I hope this post will serve as a brief rundown of what were on my face with short reviews, that's it.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner Dupe Alert | Fasio Edge Power Gel Liner

three consecutive lines with one 'turn' amount of product

 The week Benefit launched their Push Up Liner in HK, Honor and I rushed to Lane Crawford and checked that out.  To our dismay, it is not as easy to work with; even as the assistant applied to our hands it look messy.  Also, it was out of our budget for such novelty and gimmick, so we left empty-handed.

Around the same time, two Kose 'drugstore' brands have their representation refreshed locally.  The Fasio line, with their re-branded products, is down-sized at Sasa.  I only spotted their eye products and some sunscreens, and I got their mascaras at our first encounter (picture here, I later got the third variation of their mascaras too).

Another line Visee, found our shore as the first spot outside Japan to have official stands and point of sales.  I have made many trips to Sasa playing with their products, and three with successful purchases, the first being the largest (pictured here, here and here).  I have a feeling Visee's launch in HK is the most exciting beauty news to me this year - Laduree doesn't tickle me (now at Sogo), and Albion I haven't yet get my hands on (also at Sogo, I probably have to visit them next year?)

Anyway, back to the focus of this post, is the Fasio dupe of Benefit's new heavily publicised gel liner with twist-up mechanism.  I accidentally picked up the brown BR300 instead of the black BK001.  The plastic stopper, dispenser tip and overall size of the gel liner is basically the same.  If you fancy giving this fancy idea of applying liner a try, I totally recommend getting the Fasio instead of the Benefit.  See more pictures after the jump break~



Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner - Fasio Edge Power Gel Liner


Sunday, 20 July 2014

Maternity Update | Stretch Mark Phobia

It's been, surprisingly, 5 weeks since my last update!  This past month I've been evolving from a human into a Koala-phant, and began my real battle against stretch mark...


How far along?  30 weeks.

Total weight gain/measurements:  At 28+6, I weighed myself before seeing the OG, at the hospital I usually go to, and I was 65 kg.  At 29+4, I went to another clinic with my mum (her consultation, not mine) and I weighed 65.7 kg.  I am probably around 66 kg now..?

Sunday, 13 July 2014

(Another) Korean Beauty Haul

(Do we look like Chanel Illusion d'Ombre and MAC eye shadows?)

Sprays and mists

Mr. A and I revisited Seoul, after 3 years, for 4 days, at the beginning of June - you'd know this if you follow me on instagram/facebook.  As I was 23 weeks pregnant with baby Roma, our activities were limited to mainly eating, mediocre shopping and as little walking as possible.

Compared to the haul I remote-controlled my family to get me this past January, I'd call this June spree conservative, relatively.  For instance, I tried hard not to get brands that are available in HK (I still failed but did pretty well, I think...)  I've decided to break this post up by product categories instead of by brand, for the amusing reason that I think I consciously, or sub-consciously only allowed myself to focus on several categories of items...  You can be the judge of whether you see my 'logical' pattern of selecting products...

For all the things I purchased (and received for free) including what I've already sent out to my dear friends and family, you may refer to the album I took at the hotel right after I shopped - I'll skip the equally plenty gifts and samples in this post.

One thing (only, I think) that I've bought for myself but have forgotten to picture in this post is the Hanyul Ja Woon Dan Moisturizing Cure Balm which already lives in my purse as an intensive lip treatment.


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