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(Another) Korean Beauty Haul

(Do we look like Chanel Illusion d'Ombre and MAC eye shadows?)

Sprays and mists

Mr. A and I revisited Seoul, after 3 years, for 4 days, at the beginning of June - you'd know this if you follow me on instagram/facebook.  As I was 23 weeks pregnant with baby Roma, our activities were limited to mainly eating, mediocre shopping and as little walking as possible.

Compared to the haul I remote-controlled my family to get me this past January, I'd call this June spree conservative, relatively.  For instance, I tried hard not to get brands that are available in HK (I still failed but did pretty well, I think...)  I've decided to break this post up by product categories instead of by brand, for the amusing reason that I think I consciously, or sub-consciously only allowed myself to focus on several categories of items...  You can be the judge of whether you see my 'logical' pattern of selecting products...

For all the things I purchased (and received for free) including what I've already sent out to my dear friends and family, you may refer to the album I took at the hotel right after I shopped - I'll skip the equally plenty gifts and samples in this post.

One thing (only, I think) that I've bought for myself but have forgotten to picture in this post is the Hanyul Ja Woon Dan Moisturizing Cure Balm which already lives in my purse as an intensive lip treatment.

Cleanse - Peel/Exfoliate - Deep Cleanse - Lip
INNISFREE Olive Real Cleansing Tissue 30 pc 150 g 5000 won
THE FACE SHOP Rice Water Bright Lip & Eye Remover 120 ml 5520 won
BANILA CO. Golden Aloe Cleansing Water 200 ml 15000 won
AMORE PACIFIC Treatment Enzyme Peel 50 g 60000 won
BANILA CO. Claypatra Mineral Salt Clay Pack 100 g 15000 won
BANILA CO. Lip Therapy Lip Treatment Stick "04 For Men" 6000 won

I got a travel size of the Innisfree Olive wipes previously, love it a lot especially for its greasiness, so I went ahead and got a full size.  Heard good things about the Banila Co. cleansing water and clay mask, so while I was there I picked them up.  The Banila Co. lip balm went into my basket at the cashier because I was a few thousand won away from getting certain free gifts.  My sister Jo asked for a pot of aloe gel, and as I refuse to haul back anything from Nature Republic (I avoid entering their shops knowing I'd gone crazy for their low prices), I picked an aloe from The Face Shop for her; while I was there I got 2 things for myself, one being this make up remover.

Amore Pacific was one of the brands I must visit because it is not obtainable anywhere near me.  This is a powder exfoliant, which you mix with water and apply onto face for a short while, then rinse off.  Fun fact, while Mr. A and I were at the counter, the beauty assistant tested this enzyme peel on the back of one of my hands.  After taking it off, I showed Mr. both hands and asked if he see a difference.  Definitely day-dreamt through the demo, he made a remark like "I think your right hand without the peel is brighter than the left which has done the peel", while actually the peel was applied on my right hand.  It was that significant.

Tone - Set - Mist
BELIF Bergamot Herbal Extract Toner 200 ml 27000 won
BELIF Herbal Soothing Mist Orange 100 ml 29000 won
ESPOIR Make-Up Glow Fix Mist 30 ml
ESPOIR Make-Up Long Wear Fix Mist 120 ml
AMORE PACIFIC Moisture Bound Skin Energy Mist 80 ml x 3 80000 won
PRIMERA Watery Mist Alpine Berry 80 ml x 2
INNISFREE Green Tea Mist 150 ml (see above: 2nd pic of this post) 
THE FACE SHOP Herb Water Powder Mist 80 ml (see above: 2nd pic of this post)

It was probably too hot and humid, that I was/am constantly craving for some mist or moisture to be sprayed on my face.  I also tend to go through these pretty quickly - of course, as most of the spray are directly evaporated in the air instead of falling on one's face - therefore, I picked up quite a number of bottles of water and lotions for cooling purposes.

Despite my love towards my Skindinavia setting sprays, and the fact that I have MAC Fix+ (which doesn't set anything in my opinion) and Urban Decay in rotation, I also purchased make up setting mists from Espoir just to play around.

Sheet Masks (from Olive Young)
SCINIC Black Dual Mask Aqua White // Wrinkle Energy // MEDIENTAL Oxyderm Science 4D Tencel 4D White Mask // Charcoal 4D Black Mask // Pore Lifting Double Zone Effect Mask // Aqua Soothing Double Zone Effect Mask // DEWYTREE Bee Venom Blemish Mask Sheet // LACVERT Green Tea Herb Mask // CNP Laboratory Quick Soothing SOS Mask // SEP Eye Lifting Mask

Olive Young is like a very beauty-heavy pharmacy chain, which guide books compared to Watson's in Hong Kong.  Most of these masks cost 1000 to 4000 won each, and I get them just for adventurous reason.  The SEP eye lifting mask has a very cool (and sexy?) lace design; I'll remember to take a selfie when I use this mask in the future.

Sheet Masks (from Innisfree)
INNISFREE Intensive Ampoule Mask [BHA] Anti-Trouble // [Catechin] Anti-Oxidant // Hero Transformers Mask Optimus Prime with Acaiberry Extract // B. Bee with Lemon Extract // Perfect 9 Repair Hydro Gel Mask // Tea Tree Hydro Gel Mask

Except the anti-trouble ampoule mask, all the rest is first-time purchase.  I only realise the Innisfree Transformers ones are 'for men' when I came home.  Whatever.

Hand - Serum - Eye/Face Mask - Cream
PRIMERA Petitgrain Silky Hand Cream 80 ml 15000 won
PRIMERA Miracle Seed Essence 150 ml 45000 won
INNISFREE The Green Tea Seed Serum 160 ml 29000 won
HANYUL Optimizing Serum 70 ml 65000 won
BELIF First Aid 360 Eye Care Mask 25 ml 27000 won
BELIF First Aid Overnight Skin Regeneration Mask 50 ml 25000 won
BANILA CO. Balancing Finish Cream 50 ml 25000 won

Primera Miracle Seed Essence is another version of the SKII miracle broth, interesting, and it also comes with a box of cotton.  The bottle of Innisfree Green Tea is the newer (?) version and a special edition larger size.  The rest I have no explanation, just because I want to try them, maybe?

Base - Highlight - Cushion - Powder
PRIMERA Alpine Strawberry Sprout Water CC Cushion SPF 50+/PA+++ "No 1. Pure Vanilla" 15 g x 2 35000 won
AMORE PACIFIC Anti-Aging Color Control Cushion SPF 50+/PA+++ "102" 15 g x 2 87000 won
INNISFREE Multi Pen Highlighter SPF37 PA+++ "1 Light Beige" "2 Peach Beige" 5.5 g 14000 won
BANILA CO. The Basest Base+Primer SPF30 PA++ Whitening & Anti-wrinkle "Blooming" 30 ml 25000 won
BANILA CO. Prime Primer Hydrating Finish Powder 12 g 22000 won

The assistant at the Amore Pacific counter complimented on my skin - and I blame this as the reason why I got two, not one, of their expensive CC cushion.  One of them was gifted to my aunt who probably will benefit from the anti-aging properties, more than I do.  After a month of not-so-heavy non-consecutive usage, my first refill is now half-done, I realise CC/BB cushion is really quite quick to go through.

Per my research, at 87000 won each, this tops all the cushions available in the Korean market right now; Amore Pacific has a cheaper one in silver packaging at 65000 won, and The History of Whoo makes one at 60000 won.  The only other Cushion I got is from Primera, because it is not sold in HK, and I want to try a more reasonable one.

Brows - Eye Pencils
ESPOIR Brow Master "Natural Brown" 17000 won
BANILA CO. Stylish Eyebrow "03 Deep Brown" 12000 won
ETUDE HOUSE Color My Brows "1 Rich Brown" 4.5 g 6000 won
ELLEGIRL Wow Painting Eyebrow "03 Dark Brown" 7000 won
CLIO TwistUp Waterproof Brow Mascara "1 Natural Brown" 5.5 g 15000 won

CLIO Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner "13 Bloody Sweet" 0.5 g 12000 won
CLIO Gelpresso Waterproof Pastel Upper Liner "4 Peach One Day" 0.5 g 6000 won (on 50% off!)
CLIO PERIPERA Letter Me Waterproof Eye Crayon "5 Last Second" 3 g 9000 won
INNISFREE Gel Liner "3 Ice Persimmon" "7 Burgundy Sunset" "8 Small Wooden Swing" "9 Light Brown Travel Bag" 1.6 g 6500 won
INNISFREE Shadow Pencil "2 Pink Aurora" "6 Beige" 3.5 g 7500 won
ETUDE HOUSE Oh! M'Eye Lash Top Coat (plan to use this as clear brow gel) 4000 won

Two of the above are residing in my daily make up bag and getting regular love.  First being the Peripera crayon I bought from Clio, which is definitely neutral and flattering on my skin tone with a subtle sheen; I wear it on my lid up pass my barely-noticeable socket, as well as on the lower lid.  The formula is very blendable, allows layering, and stays super well-put on my hidden-double-lids.  Good news?  This line, Peripera, is sold in Watson's locally, reasonably marked-up.  I am contemplating getting one or two more shades!

The other is the ElleGirl eyebrow which I got from Olive Young.  It highly resembles the hardcore waterproof and pigmented Make Up Forever Aqua Brows, which I have three tubes of.  This Korean version, however, isn't as concentrated and pigmented.  It is a slightly sheered down version, which may be better, because it is more forgiving and work-able to most reckless hands like me.  This darkest shade is a neutral, not red not yellow, dark brown with the tiniest hint of taupe.  My un-dyed hair is not black but is a darkest brown with different hue under different light; this colour of ElleGirl I feel works brilliantly on my complexion and hair colour.  (I admit though I don't always match my brows to my hair, I just go with what I feel like going with...)

ARITAUM Shine Fix Eyes "No. 4" "No. 11" 8000 won (buy 1 get 1!)
ARITAUM Mono Eyes "No. 14" "No.23" "No. 31" 5000 won

I went in Aritaum thinking I'd splurge a lot more than I actually did.  The shop sells numerous mid-range brands under the Amore Pacific group, e.g. Laneige, Mamonde, IOPE, Hanyul, to name a few.  One thing I was quite tempted to get, but did not regret missing, is the IOPE cushion.  It was out of stock in my shade, but that's not the reason I withheld buying (I could have purchased a 'wrong' shade just to try out).  The main reason for my controlled spending at Aritaum is the craze and mess inside the stores.  I went to two (or three?) Aritaums at Myeongdong, and they were neither spacious nor well-stocked nor well-illuminated.  The staff was pushy and not at all helpful, while the customers were impolitely pushing people around and shouting amongst themselves.  Anyway, I did pick up a cushion refill from IOPE for my girlfriend, a Mamonde hand cream requested by Honor, a Laneige cleanser for my mum, and some bits for myself - the Hanyul serum and balm mentioned above, and these gorgeous eyeshadows from Aritaum (its own line).

These eyeshadows are simply amazing.  The Shine Fix are highly glossy and definitely a statement to wear.  The translucency of them makes them daytime suitable and not too heavy.  On the other hand the shimmer/metallic finish Mono shadows are more commonly found in Asian drugstore singles or quads, but these shades are created soft and blendable, delivering enough colour and flatters my skin colour.  They look and feel way more expensive than they are, and I highly recommend them to anyone.  I would for sure have gotten more if the store wasn't that horrible!

From Left: SFE 4, 11 //ME 14, 23, 31

That's it for my Korean haul.  I am stunned by how long this post took me to finish, but anyway, I hope you enjoy and find this helpful!

See you in my next Maternity Update, or Empties post~

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