Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner Dupe Alert | Fasio Edge Power Gel Liner

three consecutive lines with one 'turn' amount of product

 The week Benefit launched their Push Up Liner in HK, Honor and I rushed to Lane Crawford and checked that out.  To our dismay, it is not as easy to work with; even as the assistant applied to our hands it look messy.  Also, it was out of our budget for such novelty and gimmick, so we left empty-handed.

Around the same time, two Kose 'drugstore' brands have their representation refreshed locally.  The Fasio line, with their re-branded products, is down-sized at Sasa.  I only spotted their eye products and some sunscreens, and I got their mascaras at our first encounter (picture here, I later got the third variation of their mascaras too).

Another line Visee, found our shore as the first spot outside Japan to have official stands and point of sales.  I have made many trips to Sasa playing with their products, and three with successful purchases, the first being the largest (pictured here, here and here).  I have a feeling Visee's launch in HK is the most exciting beauty news to me this year - Laduree doesn't tickle me (now at Sogo), and Albion I haven't yet get my hands on (also at Sogo, I probably have to visit them next year?)

Anyway, back to the focus of this post, is the Fasio dupe of Benefit's new heavily publicised gel liner with twist-up mechanism.  I accidentally picked up the brown BR300 instead of the black BK001.  The plastic stopper, dispenser tip and overall size of the gel liner is basically the same.  If you fancy giving this fancy idea of applying liner a try, I totally recommend getting the Fasio instead of the Benefit.  See more pictures after the jump break~



Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner - Fasio Edge Power Gel Liner


Benefit US$24 (HK$240) - Fasio JPY1,500 (HK$108)


Benefit 1.4 g - Fasio 1.4 g

Colour Selection:

Benefit 1 (black) - Fasio 2 (black or brown)

Country of Origin:

Benefit (made in Japan) - Fasio (made in Japan)

Where to buy:

Benefit (counters or online) - Fasio (Sasa stores in HK)

the humble, super neat packaging

the red stopper thing at the dispenser hole

product oozing out from the hole.

Sasa Haul

A short haul, complimentary to those of you who are still reading this post!

I have not stopped shopping and trying new things despite it is getting less and less convenient for me to go out, and I am getting more and more lazy to take pictures for haul post - kind of find it a chore probably 'cause I'm buying too much and way too often.

Anyway, below is my latest Sasa procurement...

LB Creamy Waterproof Gel Pencil #Sensual Burgundy $59 - LB is a relatively new brand at Sasa.  The colour is sensual and it has a built-in sharpener at the end.  It looks like a more affordable Clio eyeliner (picture here) to me.  Both LB and Clio are made in Korea.

VISEE Glossy Rich Eyes #PK3 $98- This is the fourth Glossy Rich I bought within one month's frame, and the seventh eyeshadow palette from Visee.  It has been reviewed, swatched and shown on faces of Kate the Driveller (here) and Taiwan blogger A Pei (here).

AQUALABEL White Up Emulsion S $50 AQUALABEL White Clear Foam $30 - Everything from this brand is being cleared out from Sasa's shelves, so I got myself a few things at a bargain.  The milky lotion I plan to use generously with cotton, postpartum, targeting at the freckles and pigments on my face.  The wash I'll probably use on my neck and back where a lot of exfoliation is required to remove dullness and scars from acnes.

ASTRAEA V. Eyebrow Pencil #LB1 #NB1 #DB1 $58 - What more can I say?  I am a brow enthusiast and I have no immunity whatsoever with brow pencils within my budget (which is from $0 - $300 typically).  These newly spotted numbers from is a line under Chantilly (link).  I have no problem paying for three in one go as they are so affordable and practical with a spoolie at the end!

FASIO Edge Power Gel Liner #BR300 $108 - Talked about in the above!

BONAVOCE Ultra Long Mascara "Comb Type" #Vivid Black $118 - Hilarious blogger Yuan (link) recently talked about this and I had to give it a go.  There is also a Volume type which is warm-water-removable (not my favourite type).  If this works out for me then I will go out and get the Volume type also.

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What do you think about the hype about Benefit's new gel liner?

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. Great news, so it is also a gel liner! Does it last long though?

    1. Yes gel, I'd say 99% identical mechanism as the Benefit, it squeezes out the gel from the hole and use the plastic angled tip to drag the product around.

      Used it once, last whole day on upper lid, a little smudge/fold up on the lower outer corner.

    2. winsome, in watson's you may find tester of these. came across a fasio display with all white mascara and white eyeliner at kwai fong...

  2. I love your haul's and this liner or the benefit don't attract my attention =(

    1. Yay Eugenia, thanks for liking my haul (my wallet doesn't like me hauling!).

      I just get one of these Fasio liner for fun - I don't think this (or the benefit) is really practical or necessary :P



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