Friday, 25 July 2014

FOTD Friday | Visee, By Terry, Fasio

I haven't been applying make up properly mainly due to the extremely high temperature and humidity, and also because my face has grown into a funny inflated round shape I'm not very fond of making-up.  Another reason may be me tired of taking pictures and importing them into my computer then picking the ones I like - I always shoot dozens and can only pick less than a handful...

That being said, I still wanted to post some kind of Face Of The Day because I have acquired a lot of new goodies in the past few months and a lot of them are great stuff.  I also understand FOTD is not FOTD without showing one's face so please excuse the selfies you're going to see after the break.  I hope this post will serve as a brief rundown of what were on my face with short reviews, that's it.


VISEE Glossy Rich Eyes #PK3 - This is a beautiful palette.  All colours in this palette, or all in the Glossy Rich line, are pigmented, and infused with ultra-fine shimmers that flatter.  The bottom left dark pink-wine is the head-turner, however when applied, it is not a stark flat colour.  In this look I mainly used the top right golden pink all over the lid, and on the lower lash-line, with just a bit of the wine close to my upper lash-line.  The golden pink is definitely a very wearable colour, reminds me of MAC All that Glitters.  Compared to the Nudy Rich Eyes, I find Glossy Rich more long lasting on my lids, especially with non-creasing in my 'crease' or 'fold'.  Remember to check out Kate and APei 's take on this palette.

URBAN DECAY 24/7 Glide On Pencils #Zero - An old one I got in a set of 5 minis.  Used this to tight-line the top water-line.  Doesn't smudge too soon, but it isn't as creamy and pigmented as I wanted it to be.  Just Okay.

FASIO Edge Power Gel Liner #BR300 - With brief comparison to the Benefit option and swatches, I hope I have convinced you that this is a better pick if you are interested to try this new version of twist-up gel liner with a silicon applicator tip.  So far, with a handful of uses, I find this to be fun to play with, not something I can't live without, but it does give nice results if it grows on your hands.  I also find the formula very long lasting on my top lash line, so whatever shape or line you create won't move at all throughout the day.

MAYBELLINE the Rocket Volum' Express - Not a huge fan.  It holds my curl, separates and darkens my lashes a tiny bit, that's it.  No added volume or length or anything.  I also find the brush too big for my eyes.

DHC Lip Cream - Current favourite in-my-purse compact lip balm.  I remember it has olive oil and lanolin, both my lips love.  It is great under lip colour.

BY TERRY Laque de Rose SPF 15 #3 Rose Romance - I've recently acquired three products from By Terry (shown here), and this is the first one I've tried.  The opacity is semi sheer, colour stunning, and smells of roses.  The rather blue-tone pink transfer on my lips a pretty natural soft rose that corrects my natural warm lip colour.  I may be becoming a By Terry convert!  #poorwallet

weird expression and messy hair
See the sharp flick at the tip of the wing?

rest of my face
MAQUILLAGE True Powdery UV Foundation SPF 25 PA++ #PO10 - A month or two ago, I made Honor went to Shiseido with me to shop, in order to get the gift with purchases (shown here).  Most Shiseido company cases can be inter-changeable, while this is Compact Case T from Maquillage itself.  The compact has very good coverage, is soft and quite buttery (not dry), and stays put on my skin in this weather.  The colour may be a tad too light for me currently - due to all over hormonal pigmentation, and the Sun - but the shade darker is too yellow (or dull, I forgot).  I am liking this~

ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Clear Brow Gel - Didn't love it, but use it regularly enough to almost finish this.  The packaging is neat, and as it  gets dirtier every time you use it, it may be smart for them to create the opaque tube.  It doesn't tell you how much is left though.  The brush head is kind of big and basic, I would prefer a smaller or slimmer applicator.

L'OREAL Lucent Magique Light Touch-Up Pen #02 - L'Oreal is over-priced here in HK I feel, so I don't normally buy from them unless it is on 25% off or more.  This highlight-concealer hybrid has enough coverage that I can get away with when I'm lazy with doing proper concealing.  For this look, I only used this under my eyes, around my nose and chin, followed by the Maquillage compact powder.  #notbad

ASTRAEA V. Eyebrow Pencil #DB1 - It has been a while since I last shaped my brows, I just let the hair grow.  That's probably why the shape is a little funny and full, but I am okay with it for now.  I adore these Astraea V. pencils, and I have a lot of brow products (probably double the inventory check I did before).  The spoolie at the end of this pencil is very well-made and has a tapered, almost triangular shape.  The whle pencil is nicely put together.  DB1 (meaning Dark Brown) is a lovely colour for the darkest brown to black hair people who don't want to use grey or too ashy colours on the brows.  The tip of this is a fine round shape, not oval, which I find actually more practical.  A lot of the oval leads out there can be too thick to give precision, #justsaying, but I still buy, collect and use all shapes nonetheless...

VISEE Blend Color Cheeks #PK4 - I purchased three colours, the other two being OR6 and BE8.  PK1 and PK4 are the more natural looking ones from this line, but I doubt if PK1 will show up on my skin so I opt for the PK4.  It is a very pretty pink when all 4 strips are mixed together.  Individualy you can use them for highlight, subtle bronzer (or shading), light blush and accent colour - I just don't care for that...

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Hope you enjoy this post!

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. I also have not been putting on makeup every day just because of the weather... is so cold lately that I just want to get home and sleep not having to remove make-up =)
    I really like the look and I would like to see a new inventory of eyebrow stuff...

    1. it is interesting how different our weathers are in diff hemisphere, usually make up melts the moment I step out of my door...
      i'll see if my eyebrow stash is within control for an inventory :S



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