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Maternity Update | Stretch Mark Phobia

It's been, surprisingly, 5 weeks since my last update!  This past month I've been evolving from a human into a Koala-phant, and began my real battle against stretch mark...


How far along?  30 weeks.

Total weight gain/measurements:  At 28+6, I weighed myself before seeing the OG, at the hospital I usually go to, and I was 65 kg.  At 29+4, I went to another clinic with my mum (her consultation, not mine) and I weighed 65.7 kg.  I am probably around 66 kg now..?

Maternity clothes: Still basically wearing what I have bought previously.  I did rock a maternity dress which I've ordered from ASOS, when I attended a wedding around the end of June.  Didn't take a picture of myself though, perhaps I will put it back here when I get the photo(s) from others.

Stretch marks: Around 27 week I notice the vertical line of dark pigmentation passing through my belly button.  It has a very literal name 'Linea Nigra', and it does go above my belly button (fyi, Roma is a boy).  It has become more noticeable through out the past weeks and it looks funny (I think) against my belly which is growing significantly.

Before 28 weeks I have not seen a sign of any stretch marks.  I've been putting on oil at least once daily all over my torso since I seeing a bump, so I was hoping I will see no or minimal stretch marks - I was wrong.  To my astonishment, I've seen pink lines, vein-looking, on the surface of the bottom of my belly, around reaching 29 week.  It freaked me out a lot, although I'm never one who shows my belly to anyone except my husband even before conception, and I am scared I'll be left with long deep visible lines.  So this past week I've been applying treatment to my belly at least twice a day, sometimes three when I'm feeling a little nervous in the afternoon.  My current go-to is the newly acquired Lierac products (see haul below), but I also rotate or layer on my other items, including those from Weleda, Bio-Oil (haul here), Palmer's (haul here) and Pupa (also see below).  The pink vein-looking marks haven't darkened or lengthened this week, and I hope it won't grow much in the future!!

A value set of the LIERAC PHYTOLASTIL (20 VIALS X 5 ML) + LIERAC PHYTOLASTIL GEL (100 ML) + LIERAC PHYTOLASTIL SOLUTION (75 ML) costs $399 at Sasa.  With my extra 5% off VIP discount this is a STEAL, so I went ahead and got myself 3 sets.  Each set also comes with an oil and a shower gel or exfoliator from the LES SENSORIELLES line.  I have been spraying on the ampoule twice a day, followed by the gel; haven't been using the Solution as much yet.  The spray ampoule and gel are really fast-absorbing and comfortable to wear.  As I spent over a certain amount, I also received a bottle of BODY-SLIM Multi-Action Concentrate, which I plan to use postpartum.

Early on, around late-May, I also came across a well-stocked Sasa Supreme with the above on clearance.  So I got myself 2 PUPA AEF ACTIVE OXYGEN RESHAPING SALT SCRUB ($60, 350 G) + 4 PUPA AEF ACTIVE OXYGEN INTENSIVE SHAPING ABDOMEN TREATMENT ($90, 250 ML) + 2 PUPA INTENSIVE TREATMENT FOR WATER-RETENTION AND CELLULITE ($100, 250 ML) + 4 PUPA AEF ACTIVE OXYGEN ULTRA-ELASTICIZING AND TONING OIL ($90, 200 ML).

Out of the Pupa bunch, I have been using the oil only, which I really enjoy drenching myself in.  The next thing I'll probably start incorporating into my routine is the scrub.  We'll see.

Sleep: I tend to wake up quite early for a breakfast, then fall right back to sleep until noon.  Wake up for another meal and housework, then go out for grocery shopping and perhaps a snack.  As Mr. A has been very busy at work recently I have enough time taking another nap before preparing dinner.  Finally around midnight I go on my 6 hour sleep.  In total I sleep at least 9 hours a day, which may sound plenty to a normal person, but to me, a new species my family and Mr. A like to call Koala-phant (koala bear mix elephant), the amount of sleep plus naps is just adequate.

Best moment this week:  (or probably these past 5 weeks)  Feeling a lot of baby movements, doing a lot of shopping - excessive unnecessary make up and toiletries, joining a baby girl's baptism (picture here) and being laughed at by her

Miss anything?  Walking, standing, sitting or lying down without feeling the weight and size of my belly.

Movement:  Baby Roma moves a lot, spinning and bumping around; and often too strong to my comfort level.  I can see it poking out, always, on the left side of my body; I'm guessing it is his butt or an entire leg because it is hard and rather large in size.  Mr. A likes shouting to Roma while putting his palm or cheek on my belly, which always make him laugh when he senses response. #crazydadtobe

Food cravings:  Besides wanting to get Egg Mayo sandwich from Subway (with cucumber, pickles, onion and honey mustard dressing) every other day, I am also really craving iced dark chocolate with bubbles (tapioca pearls).  Otherwise, I'm usually leaning towards more savoury than sweet snacks.

Anything making you queasy or sick?  For the past month the worst pain I've had was from a leg cramp, which remained aching for three days after the cramp.  Reading the brochures my hospital handed out to me also freaked me out a little - with all the cutting and clamping procedures I/Roma may need to experience...

Gender:  Boy

Labour signs:  Nil

Symptoms:  Nil (?)

Belly button in or out?  In.  But it's getting stretched and flat I'm thinking it may pop out any time soon.

Wedding rings on or off?  Off.  My fingers are nearly as puffy and thick as Mr. A's that I can put on his wedding band and not immediately drop it.  #stunning

Happy or moody most of the time:  Happy in general, except for the day Brazil lost by 1 to 7.  I was literally down for 24 hours after the match.  Then, after discovering my football star Rivaldo's instagram (link), my mood went straight back up, despite I understand not a word in Portuguese.

Looking forward to:  Nursery to be set-up.  We have ordered a small closet and a tall bed which will allow our second bedroom to accommodate a guest to sleepover, provide storage for Roma's use (his wardrobe has outgrown Mr. A's and is surpassing mine in no time), and hopefully give room for the baby bed we've yet to purchase.

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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