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Our 'Drugstores' | Mannings and Watson's

from Watson's
Really, this is just a random post typing out what I have recently (un)intentionally purchased from Watson's and Mannings.  They are the two largest drugstore chainstores here in Hong Kong - though I doubt if we do call them drugstore or pharmacy, or even, if they brand themselves as such?  The real drug or medication section of these stores is limited, and not every single one has pharmacists at work.  Anyway, I treat them as just another destination for my endless beauty and personal care shopping nonetheless.

Watson's vs Mannings

Out of the two, I feel like Watson's has more make up, while Mannings leans more on the skincare front.  You may refer to their websites, Watson's // Mannings, for the brands they carry; but if you want me to type out a list of what I like/havebought/recommend, I may do so for you too, just comment below!  Both chains make products under their own brand-name, not very attractive to me, but sometimes the cotton pads or wet wipes are really cheap and of decent quality.  To be honest I do not have a preference of one over the other, except when there's special promotion or campaign going on.  

One recent campaign I missed and regret missing was the 25% off open-counter make up at Watson's - similar to last year's.  I really want to get myself some (more) Peripera eye crayons (featured in my latest Korean haul), Kate eye shadow palettes (the listed price of $110+ is a little high), and etc...

*Update: the past weekend there's another round of this 25% off, so I grabbed some items, Hurray!*

Mannings tends to do certain stamp-collection campaign every now and then, you spend certain amount, get some stamps, reach certain number then redeem gifts.  Sometimes the gifts are duds, sometimes not too value-worthy to redeem, and sometimes surprisingly real bargain.  Currently they're doing some Thermos thermal cups along with other appliances.  Unpurposely now that I have enough stamps for redemption, I am considering getting a Thermos cup or pot... 

Watson's Haul

REVLON ColorStay Longwear Nail Enamel #110 Marmalade $30 (was $45)
I wanted something bright to match the Audacious Matte Balm, hence this Marmalade which is (also) on sale... Really looking forward to see the Gel Envy polishes to go on shelf; I've seen them doing PR work on facebook already, so it may not be long before they hit the stores!  FYI, I haven't been painting my finger or toe nails for months - only doing soak-off gels at professional as I don't want to breathe in any harmful solvent in the polishes.

REVLON ColorBurst Lip Butter #063 Wild Watermelon $49 (was $98)
Since I purchased the matte balms and nail enamel, I can get a lip butter at half-price.  I haven't tried any of the newer shades so I went with this bright coral pink, very appropriate for Summer.

REVLON ColorBurst Matte Balm $78 (was $98)
#245 Audacious is a beautiful bright orange, #205 Elusive is one of the most wearable flattering medium-dark pink I own.  Finally craved in for two of these matte ones (still on the fence about the glittery shimmery Lacquer Balm), and I'm so happy I did!  They are comfortably smooth and creamy, really moisturising and buttery instead of being dry.  I enjoy how matte but not drying these are! 

VICHY Normaderm 3 in 1 Cleanser + Scrub + Mask $60
Just because it looks interesting and seems affordable.  Somehow it reminds me of Neutrogena Clear Pore (this product) and Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean (this product).

Mannings (1 of 2)
Mannings Haul

DHC Lip Cream $56 (was $75)
Last time I went out with Honor, she took an almost empty tube of this, put it on, before re-applying her lipstick.  I was curious so I asked if this lip balm is that good, she said yes, so I got myself two when I saw it on 25% off in store.  The tube is tiny, with only 1.5 g of product, and it has already gone down after 2 weeks of use.  I have to agree though, that this is a fantastic lip moisturiser, on its own or under lip colour!

DHC Revitalizing Moisture Strips: Eyes $53 (was $70)
Also on the same discount, I got this because I saw it in Jen's empties (link).

MAYBELLINE Hyper Sharp Liner #Intense Black + MAYBELLINE Clean Express Total Clean Express Eye & Lip Makeup Remover + MAYBELLINE The Rocket Volum' Express $168 (special set)
The liner is a back-up of a liner I enjoy.  Dual phase makeup remover is something I go through all the time.  Haven't try out any new Maybelline mascaras sold locally for quite a while, so figure I'll give this a go; been using this several times so far and my first impression is, the brush is slightly too big, and the formula really separating.

MAYBELLINE Clean Express Miracle Water Micellar Water Hydrating Makeup Remover $39
Probably bought this because it was on sale, not too sure why actually...

REVLON ColorStay Concealer #02 Pale $44 (was $88)
REVLON ColorStay Whipped Creme Makeup #110 Ivory $118 (was $148)
I enjoy Revlon foundations, and I have a review on the Whipped Creme in another shade #150 Buff (not sold in HK).  ColorStay was on promotion for buy 1 foundation get a concealer half-price, I guess, so I went ahead and pick up a lighter shade which may work to mix and match.

Mannings (2 of 2)
DOVE Go Fresh Cool Body Wash - Mint and Water Lily Scent $35
DOVE Gentle Exfoliating Nourishing Body Wash $35
DOVE Go Fresh Regenerate Body Wash - Blue Fig and Orange Blossom Scent $35
Mr. A likes Dove scents, and his psoriasis likes some moisturising Dove showers.  However, since my invasion with all my shower and bath products I made him help use up mine instead of buying his old favourites.  Recently Dove came out with a new Go Fresh scent - the fig and orange blossom - and it sounds intriguing.  Many scents were sold out in the busier areas (thanks to insane Mainland tourists) which makes me even more interested to try these out.  When I saw all scents available in the Mannings right next to where I live, I got it for myself, along with an exfoliating one.  I picked the Cool one for him, hoping it will be as cool as the JimmBenny Cooling Conditioner (link) he's hooked onto.  If anyone knows of any shampoo or shower product that gives a real cooling effect on the scalp or skin, do tell me below, my hubby deserves some treat in this hot hot weather!

MOIST DIANE Oil Shampoo - Volume & Scalp $89
A newly launched brand from Japan, Moist Diane sells 'silicone-free' and 'rare-oil' in their formulae.  The line is NOT SLS-free though, and may not be the best choice for those who're cautious about their personal care products.  I am not super into buying the cleanest things so I don't mind.  They have three sets of shampoo and conditioner, plus two versions of leave-in treatment oil.  The red is for fine/limp/oily hair so I picked up a shampoo to try out.  I go through shampoos way faster than conditioner or treatments so I skipped those.

OLAY Total Effects Moisturizer + Essence Duo $150 (was $199.9)
OLAY Total Effects Fragrance-Free Moisturizing Vitamin Treatment $135 (was $179.9)
Also on 25% off, and I was feeling extra nostalgic that day.  When I was at Uni, I think, I started out buying and trying out loads of more affordable skincare.  Olay Total Effects is one of the many that I have used and liked.  However after a bottle or two, I am tired of its strong fragrance and ventured out into other things.  This time I got myself two new products I've not tried before, the Duo has a helix-swirly mix of two colours and the traditional quite strong scent of the Total Effects.  I picked the Fragrance-Free one up in case I grow tired of the scent again too soon.  FYI, The difference of the 'duo' and the normal moisturizer is the added Niacinamide (vitamin B3).

WHITE FORMULA Intense Brightening Laser Mask with Arbutin $22.5 (was $45 or $55)
I have definitely used, liked and reviewed the other option - the Intense Repair Mask here.  Also pretty sure I have owned or used this Intense Brightening Mask at some point, although I failed to look that up in my blog (which I treat as a shopping log book for myself).  Anyway, I grabbed all the stock on the shelf when this is on 50% off.  #unhealthyshoppinghabits

GARNIER Light Intensive 3 In 1 Whitening Essence Mask $22.5
I don't think I've tried this before, and seeing it on sale my hands just slipped and put it into my basket.

BLISTEX DCT Lip Conditioning Treatment $57.6
My lips have always been dry and prone to cracking, but they have been peeling and chapped severely recently due to I don't know why.  The DHC mentioned above is good for day time, to be toted around and reapply every now and then.  I wanted something heavier and deep-conditioning so I also picked this up to try.  Only tried this out once, so nothing much to say.

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What are the biggest drugstores in your area?  Are they well-stocked with makeup or beauty products?

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. Are you serious, so much dollars are Revlon items? :O Singapore is really expensive as they say.

    1. Oh Sara, the currency I was quoting above is the local Hong Kong Dollar HKD, it is about 1:10 to Euro ;)

  2. I love watsons! I always seek it out when I am in Asia! I don't think I got a chance to go to Mannings when I was there. They have Mannings in NYC but I don'd think its the same. I always worry that the stuff they sell here at the chinese pharmacies here are fake anyways ><

    I love the Maybelline Clean express eye makeup remover. Currently my favorite. They don't sell the miracle water one here though.

    I would love if you do a recommendations! I am always so daunted when I go in to Watsons.... and usually my less beauty obsessed friends are staring at me like what is this taking this girl so long!?! lol

    1. That would be difficult to do a Watson's recommendations... Because every store stock things a little differently... But I can try... maybe... :P



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