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June & July Empties 2014 | Part 2 of 2...

I tried to write about all skin care, make up and full size body product empties in the previous post, but somehow, I managed to still use up a few more in the last week of July.  So here we go~

LIERAC Phytolastil
Purchased these not too long ago, on a phobia.  I sprayed this on as the first step of my stretch mark routine, and it absorbs really quickly and nicely.
Okay || Repurchase?  Maybe, if I ran out of anything to try after I finish the two back-up boxes of these...


Brought back from a Best Western Hotel in Rome during our stay.  #loser.  The ingredients look good enough to me so I went ahead and use these up - I kind of know what ingredients I should avoid but I don't care enough to avoid them, #toocarefree.  One bottle is roughly two or three showers depending on how generous I was.  The product is very runny so it is easy to over-pour.  Decent stuff.
Okay || Repurchase?  Couldn't.

L'OCCITANE Dry Skin Hand Cream 20% Shea Butter *
My hands are perpetually dry, and hand cream is a must.  I just never apply them regularly enough.  This size is perfect for my small purse and I somehow managed to re-apply quite frequently.  However, probably due to my pregnancy, the soft creamy scent of this product didn't appeal to me as much as pre-pregnancy.  Anyway, a good rich but not overly heavy moisturiser for the hands (and I always do my legs or arms too).
Okay || Repurchase?  No. If these keep coming as gifts, I may continue using though.

AQUAZEMA Intensive Cream 11-Free
Again, like the Egyptian Magic in last post, bought this for Mr. A to use on his psoriasis.  He never used it.  I worked through this trial size in a week or less by piling it on my legs.
Okay || Repurchase?  No.

LA ROCHE-POSAY Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel for Oily Sensitive Skin
Too harsh and drying for my face even at my oiliest, although it is for oily 'sensitive' skin.  I use this on my back when I had daily acne break-outs.  Granted the back acne is now treated, I do not use this as often.
Okay || Repurchase?  No, still have tubes to go through.

SUMMER'S EVE Feminine Wash Normal Skin
I prefer Lactacyd over Summer's Eve, but I forgot why.  It didn't irritate me or enrage me in any way.
Okay || Repurchase?  No.

LACTACYD All-Day Care Cleansing Daily Feminine Wash
I'm such a careless product user that I (am sorry not sorry) couldn't tell the difference between so many version of the Lactacyd.  I will repurchase whichever one appeals to me, or is on sale, when I run out of these trial sizes.
Okay || Repurchase?  Maybe.

ECO COSM.ETHIC Body Lotion *
Same as the Bath Foam above, from the same hotel.  The scent is actually quite good, and sometimes, a very light body lotion is more refreshing than the oil and creams I'm now drenching in (for my very dry body and stretch mark prevention/treatment).
Okay || Repurchase?  Couldn't.

BIODERMA Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution
Been using this on and off, so it took me so long to finish a 500 ml bottle.  Had a post dedicated to this cleansing water, which is pretty funny.  Recommend this to those who don't use waterproof Asian mascaras or eyeliners daily.
Hurray || Repurchase?  After my 3 litres stock of this thing, I may move on to something else.

PALMER'S Cocoa Butter Formula Soothing Oil for Dry, Itchy Skin (link - discount code: JBF362)
The product itself is great, but I don't understand or like the spray dispenser.  It is moisturising, soothing, spread-able and not too greasy.  The fragrance may be powerful to some - it is distinct and not weak.  For the price it is a great thing to use on 'dry, itchy skin' really.
No Way || Repurchase?  No.

HADALABO Gokujyun Super Hyaluronic Acid Lotion * 極潤
Came free with a magazine, I think.  A very basic moisturising toner (or as Japanese/Asian calls it, 'lotion').  The better way to apply it is to tap it into the skin with fingers and hands, but I just do it with a cotton pad.  Recently they brought out a 'light' version too, which I've tested in Mannings and seemed way too light on my hands.  They also hired Jeon Ji-hyun as their newest spokesperson (in Hong Kong, at the least) with new TV ads.  A lot of new moves from this Rhoto (Japanese) & Mentholatum (American?) joint-venture; I feel like though, the price has been up-ed over the past years, a bottle of this is now sold at $135 without discount...
Hurray || Repurchase?  Maybe.

PRIMERA Alpine Berry Watery Cream *
Great stuff, I like how moisturising it is without feeling thick.  The consistency is spot-on, and on my usually dry skin, this is a great Summer face cream day/night, esp. at night.  For oilier skin, this may be better for the Winter and save it for night only, but Primera also brought out an oil-free gel-cream version.
Hurray || Repurchase?  Yes! Already have two full size back-ups.

His stuff~
LAMARIN Shower Gel *
KORRES Shower Gel #Japanese Rose
(Lotte Hotel) Body Shower *
I made Mr. A use all these shower gels up because I can't stand their existence.  #poorhubby.  Korres Japanese Rose really isn't my cup of tea, I detest the scent so much that I have to toss the body butter away - because no one else will use that up for me.
Okay/No Way || Repurchase?  No.

THE BODY SHOP White Musk for Men Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Roll-On
Great scent, did the job.
Hurray? || Repurchase?  Couldn't, discontinued.

NATURE REPUBLIC Argan Essential Deep Care Hair Pack *
Great stuff, smells and works wonderfully.  Have a full size to use, will repurchase.

PALMOLIVE Ayurituel Energy Shower Gel *
Okay, couldn't repurchase.

SKIN FOOD Black Sesame Hot Mask
Forgot about this... Really I don't use wash-off masks that often, so won't repurchase.

SKINPEPTOXYL Daily Micro Peel Mitts *
Decent thing to use now and then, still have boxes to go through.

CLINIQUE Even Better City Block Anti-Pollution SPF 40/PA+++ *
Nice stuff.  It is tinted and helped even skin tone.  The little 1.5 ml is enough for one heavy full face or two to three 'normal' application.  Blends beautifully and easily, not suffocating.

NATURE REPUBLIC UV Lock Flower Water Gel Sun SPF 30 PA ++ *
Really enjoy using this gel formula when the weather is really hot and I'm literally melting off without air-conditioning.  Prefer something with higher PA factor though.

SOFINA Whitening UV Cut Emulsion SP SPF 50 PA++++ *
Used this on my arms only... Light, no special feeling.

I actually purchased a bunch of these from Glamashop because they ran out of something else I ordered.  Anyway, a fresh and comfortable protection to be used under or without make up.

THE FACE SHOP Cotton Pads *
Pretty rubbish... They like to hand these out as promotion in-store, or outside the stores, at Seoul.

SELECT Cosmetic Round Pads
MANNINGS Cotton Facial Rounds
Supermarket brand and drugstore brand cotton, both are Okay.  I may repurchase if I need to collect points or stamps to redeem gifts, but not something I will run out and replenish.

BELLE MADAME Konjac Sponge
Bought this in Taiwan quite a long time ago and never thought of starting to use one, until Honor told me this is good at removing stubborn clay mask or wash-off packs.  It is, and I will continue using this for such purpose.

LION LEED Beauty Puff *
Non-cotton fibre type of thin material.  Didn't feel good on the skin...

NARUKO Facial White Illuminating Cotton Pads
On one side it is a gauze-like textured surface, another side is normal soft cotton.  I adore this, consider this Hurray > Black Jacq status and will always repurchase, even paying for the HK Colourmix price tag!

NORDIC NATURALS Prenatal DHA (link - discount code: JBF362)
WYETH Materna Prenatal Postpartum Supplement
These are the two things I take every night per my OG advice.

White EX
The Japanese pharmacist recommended this as an alternative to Hythiol-C, so I bought it.  Mr. A helped to consume it as a Vitamin C supplement of some sort.

Royal Medic CS4 Cordyceps Capsules 御藥堂
I used to take this daily too but stopped.  Mr. A is continue consuming them.

AROMA NATURALS Pillar Candle #Meditation, Patchouli & Frankincense (link - discount code: JBF362)
Beautiful scent, probably my favourite out of this brand - because I'm partial towards Frankincense.  Will probably repurchase the glass jar version though.

KORRES Body Butter Japanese Rose
As mentioned above, I detest this fragrance.

(homemade) loose powder mix
I mixed 1:1 a pink-tint sunscreen from O'SLEE with silica powder from TKB Trading, because I wanted to DIY an under-eye setting powder - similar to Benefit Powderflage.  Turned out, I never used this thing...

TKB Trading Silk Powder
I hardly ever used this, and it did have an expiration date... #goodbye

ELF Eyelid Primer #Pearl (link - discount code: JBF362) *
Ari bought me this, it is one of a trio set.  Dried out, and the shimmer/glitter didn't work for me.

CARMEX Moisturizing Lip Balm Fresh Mint SPF15
This stuff half-melted in the tube and I refuse to continue using it...

PURE HALAL Beauty foundation #Gold Beige *
Sam gifted me this, but the colour is way too dark on me.

Travel empties when we visited Seoul

(LOTTE HOTEL) Conditioner & Shampoo *
Because I didn't bring enough and we didn't obtain enough samples from purchases, we had to use the hotel stuff, which was not bad.

ENITA Ultrarich Body Conditioning Shower Lotion 2 in 1
ENITA Ultrarich Body Butter
Got both of these in subscription box, the shower lotion was like a non-foaming cleansing milk for body, not moisturising enough for me.  The body butter is okay, but I don't remember anything special about it.

LION Foot Rest Giver Gel Sheets 休足時間
Black Jacq status, must-have for any vacation, holiday, trips, etc.

NUXE MEN Multi-Use Shower Gel *
Mr. A's.

BENE Premium Bluria Rose Moist SPA Shampoo
BENE Premium Bluria Rose Moist SPA Hair Mask
Purchased these from Watson's because I have seen their beautiful full size bottles and wanted to give them a try.  Enjoyed the fragrance as well as the feeling on my hair.  Will consider getting them!

CHANEL UV Essentiel Daily UV Protection Anti-Pollution SPF 50 PA+++ *
Good smooth light consistency but too heavily fragranced.

NATURE REPUBLIC UV Lock Flower Water Gel Sun SPF 30 PA ++ *
See above.

D PROGRAM Moist Care Emulsion
Not bad, but not one I will repurchase because I don't have the sensitive dry skin it targets.  Mine can handle more sophisticated formula (i.e. fancier stuff)...

NORDIC NATURALS Prenatal DHA (link - discount code: JBF362)
See above~

*gifts from family/friends, gifts with purchase, or free samples.

Full Size: Body 24 +1+11/20(Lierac), Hair 11, Skin 12 +1, Makeup 8, Fragrance 0, Nail 1
Sheet Mask: Face 26, Eye/Lip 4, Body 0 +2
Deluxe Sample: Body 18 +16, Hair 0 +5, Skin 26 +3, Makeup 1, Fragrance 0
Small Sample: Body 5 +1, Hair 3 +5, Skin 17 +10, Makeup 4, Fragrance 0
Accessories: Disposables 10 +6, Candles/Room Fragrances 10 +1
Supplement: +5
His: 15 +12
Tossed: 16 +7

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Link your recent empties post or video in the comments below, I'd love to read and watch them!  Or, just comment with what you've recently used up, I'm nosey like that~

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")

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