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Maternity Update | Some Favourite Things

Another week flew by, another week closer to receiving Mr. Roma.

This week our crib, a bunch of bottles, towels, muslins, etc arrived.  I shall be packing my hospital bag in the coming week, if I am not too tired cleaning and tidying the nursery and going out for yet another consultation with my OG.  For this post, let me go through some of my current skin care and personal care favourites~

Current Most Frequently Used Products

(1) BADGER COMPANY Organic Lip Balm #Pink Grapefruit (link - discount code: JBF362)
(2) DHC Lip Cream
(3) MELVITA Extra-Rich Hand Cream
(4) OLAY Total Effects 7 Moisturizer + Essence Duo
(5) HELENERE Quartzpeel Quartz Exfoliating Cream *

My lips have been extraordinarily dry for the past months.  While I'm typing this post, my lips are still peeling - it won't stop no matter how frequent I re-apply lip balm, or how thick I layer on my lip treatment, or which-ever product I use.  I'm that desperate I'm going to get my claws on some By Terry Baume de Rose or La Mer The Lip Balm, #seriously.  Anyway, these two (1) & (2) are my current favourites, one next to my laptop, where I spend most of my time at, and one in my purse following where-ever I go.  Badger (1) smells better, is cheaper, and more emollient; DHC (2) is slimmer, less oily = good under lip colour, but per gram more expensive.  Good news though, it is always on 25% off at Mannings so repurchasing will not hurt my feelings.

My hands and limbs have always been super dry.  When I'm bored waiting or in transit, I sometimes remember to apply hand cream.  This tube of Melvita (3) currently resides in my handbag, mainly because it is tiny.  The formula is rich, but not extra-rich as it says.  I kind of want to use this for the time being as the ingredients seem 'organic' and 'good' - again, I'm not that strict with what I use.  The scent is lavender-based but quite light and pleasant.  Being a non-fan of lavender, I find lavender more tolerable during my pregnancy than some other fragrances.

Recently hauled the Olay (4) and have been using it as a thicker serum after my Origins Mega Mushroom or Belif Hungarian mentioned previously.  My skin has been returning to its normal dry type after the turbulence, aka break-outs, in first and second trimesters.  I find the Olay skin care fragrance oddly nostalgically soothing, so I can't stop using this stuff.

I have been limiting myself to using close to zero chemical exfoliants, including all those mandelic acids, salicylic acids, exfoliating toners, pads, etc.  However, as my skin does need exfoliation, I opt for the physical ones.  Out of the several I own, this Helenere (5) is the best.  It has quartz instead of nut shells or plastic beads as the scrubbing particles and it is really effective.  I use very little strength on my face, but it is silky smooth and non-irritated after the scrub.  Marvellous stuff.

(6) ALBA BOTANICA Clear Enzyme Deodorant Stick #Aloe Unscented (link - discount code: JBF362)
(7) LIERAC Phytolastil Solution
(8) CAUDALIE Beauty Elixir
(9) MELVITA Succulent Yellow Fruits Shower Scrub *

I have been using the Alba Botanica (6) deodorant daily since I finished my last Fa one (empties).  It is a clear (glue) stick type, which I don't mind, but Mr. A hates.  It has a fresh barely there fragrance, and it does the job.

Out of the Lierac bunch I hauled earlier, I am currently only using the spray and this Solute (7).  This is fast absorbing and really cooling as a light gel.  As mentioned last week, I tend to use it as the second step, followed by a third step of heavy oil or butter.  The moment I'm typing this I'm already done with my first bottle and have moved on to the second; I have a feeling the third might be finished even before the delivery.

Hong Kong has been hot and humid, as usual, and facial mists save my life.  I don't think they do as much to the skin as they do to my well-being.  I inhale them more than my skin absorbs them.  Caudalie Beauty Elixir (8) is definitely one of the best smelling ones out there.  For the beautiful blend, I can't stop but repurchasing.  The bottle shown is nearly done and I have a full size waiting to be opened.  It is that good.

Got the Melvita Scrub (9) as a gift when I made an order from UK beauty shop (feelunique or lookfantastic that kind of thing).  It, again, seems natural and organic and good enough to be used during this stage of life, so I made myself use this.  The shower cream itself is on the runny side, and carries an interesting aroma - aka blend of yellow fruits - which I'm not a big fan of.  It doesn't foam up but emulsifies.  What I like about this stuff is the soft nut-shell particles that is soft on the skin and it says it is highly biodegradable - makes me feel like I'm doing good to the environment.  :P

Weekly Update

How far along?  34 weeks.

Total weight gain/measurements:  On 33+6, I weighed 152 ponds (home scale, approx. 69.1 kg) and belly's widest circumference is 39.5 inch (approx. 100 cm).  It is astonishing, isn't it.  I feel and look gigantic.

Maternity clothes:  A gownie, some nightgowns (with matching Roma pjs), and robes came in.  I am pleasantly surprised!  The quality and print and speed and everything impressed me~

Stretch marks:  Some more, but all of them on the lower half of the belly.  I am ultra-religiously applying a cocktail of products on my belly hoping the marks will develop as slowly as possible and later, postpartum, heal as quickly as possible.

Sleep:  Tend to be tired because I find it hard to fall asleep with my huge size.  Usually in the afternoon I need a nap.

Best moment this week:  Mr. A being my masseur every night during News Roundup!  My legs have been so much better, only cramped once in the entire week!  #besthubby

Miss anything?  Not feeling tired and bloated all the time.

Movement:  Immense.  Sometimes I feel there is too little room for him so he kind of move more conservatively, other times he is still as vigorous and intense as usual.  Strong baby monster...

Food cravings:  McDonald's Filet-O-Fish and Strawberry Shake.  I can have these all day.  #badfood

Anything making you queasy or sick?  Moving my fingers... They are so puffy they hurt either straightened or curved.  They only like to be relaxed...

Gender:  Boy

Labour signs:  Nil

Symptoms:  My fingers (knuckles to be exact) are so bloated up and puffy they constantly feel sore.  So much complaint and focus on my fingers, eh?

Belly button in or out?  Mr. said it is out, I said it is half-out.

Wedding rings on or off?  Off.

Happy or moody most of the time:  Happy.  People are finding excuses to buy Roma (not me) various items and some of them are just so cute to look at.  For instance, my adopted sister Sam mailed me a box without any makeup that includes a pair of cute crochet baby socks.  Can't wait to throw them on baby and take photographsss.

Looking forward to:  More furniture coming in on the 19th.  Anticipating how our 'nursery' will look like.

* received as gifts, or for free

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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