Friday, 8 August 2014

Non-Empties | Product Regrets, Kind-Of

I write about what I use-up and toss-away pretty frequently, with two recent long posts covering products in June and July.  Being an unhealthy shopper, collector and hoarder, there is no way I can finish all things I acquire.  Here I'm featuring a handful of items that didn't make the cut to stay, or to be used up to the last drop.

ESSENCE Stay All Day Long Lasting Eyeshadow #06 Rock Chic*

I like and use cream eyeshadows that last well, as I tend to go easy on my eyeshadow application on a day-to-day basis, and creams that stay well, do not move on my lids.  This Essence formula is a genuine long-lasting one, also creamy and pigmented when it is fresh.  This shade, Rock Chic, though, is too cool and heavy for my colouring and not suitable for daily use.  On top of this, as I didn't use it often enough, it has dried up to a point it is not very use-able - this I don't blame the product, but if it is in a more sturdy jar or lid it may hold up longer.  For the price, I totally understand why they are making it in basic plastic.  Now I need to use my other colour quicker before that dry up.
Rating: Okay.

BCL Brow Lash EX Perfect Mascara & Eyeliner
Bought this in Sasa months ago, when I was on an intense brown liquid eyeliner hunt - don't ask me why I was hunting for those, but I acquired a dozen.  This is quite reasonable as it comes with a mascara and a liquid eyeliner.
The eyeliner is in a beautiful medium brown with ultra-fine shimmer.  The tip is a brush with good flexibility and also very easy to manoeuvre.  The problem with it does not give enough impact with pigment or shimmer - too subtle - and if no matter you apply thin or thick, it doesn't add enough wow factor to the eyes.  Biggest problem, this is not water-proof in any way.
The mascara has fibre, which should be lengthening, but doesn't do anything to my lashes.  The formula was decent, not overly wet, or dry up too soon in the container.  However, it doesn't hold the curl or add much impact to my lashes at all - no length, no volume, no darkness.  I think it is not black enough as a black mascara.  The only plus side is the brush is well engineered, with a slim bristle-type head, and a nice curve.  Also the formula is pretty smudge-proof.
Rating: No Way.

BURT'S BEES 100% Natural Lip Gloss #227 Ocean Sunrise* #233 Rosy Dawn* #263 Nearly Dusk
Two of these are sent to me by Ari, while the third I got in a Glamabox.  Dug these out from my lip drawer as I figure more 'natural' lip products will be appropriate during pregnancy.  The pale pink - Ocean Sunrise - lived in my make up bag for a long time, hence the disappearance of the wordings on the tube.  I have tried my best to use these as much as possible, but now I give up.
I have two biggest complaint about them, first being the colour pay-off, or shade difference between shades isn't significant.  I well-understand they use 'natural' pigment to tint these glosses, but if they are to make so many colour options, then make them noticeable, not just in the tube, but on the skin/lips.  Secondly, the wand is designed in a way that, only very few product is on the applicator every time you pull it out.  As this is a quite sheer lip colour, that amount won't show up on the lips, and for my relatively thick lips, I need to insert-and-pull multiple times in order to get enough product for one full application.  What worse is, the product like to collect at the opening of the tube / the bottom of the wand, where you screw the tube together.  It is a nightmare...

*from swap or gift from friends

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Excuse me for the negativity.  Are there any products that recently let you down, or you just cannot finish them?

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")

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