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August 2014 Empties | Not Much, Not Too Few

We have 10 image-full of products for this long post.  Let's not waste time in the intro, and just jump right in, shall we?

Full Size

GIOVANNI Root 66 Max Volume Shampoo (link - discount code: JBF362)
Used up way too quickly.  The clear formula is foaming, clarifying but not giving 'max volume'.  I like how this brand seems to have 'good ingredients' but I don't want to keep repurchasing it for the shipping, and for the fact that I grow bored of shampoos way too quickly.
Okay || Repurchase? No

LIERAC Phytolastil Solution
Out of the three things from Lierac, this is my favourite.  I know, I know, stretch marks are really down to genetics not products, and rarely do stretch marks disappear...  One can still use products as mental therapy, can I?
Hurray || Repurchase? On my second bottle, which is almost done.

BASE FORMULA Sensuality Massage & Bath Oil (link)
The smell didn't wow me as I thought.  I mainly used this as bath oil.
Okay || Repurchase? No

Beautiful toner.  It has a hint of vanilla scent, and is really gentle and comfortable on the skin.  As I lean towards the 'organic' side of skin care during my pregnancy, mainly the first two trimesters, this fit my requirement.  I like how it is moisturising but not heavy even in the hot humid Hong Kong Summer.
Hurray || Repurchase? Maybe, but considering the shipping fee, may not be soon~

SUAVE Dry Shampoo
The fragrance is nice.  Didn't find the formula particularly volumising or refreshing.  It is printed on the can that it's comparable to Rene Furterer - not sure about this because I haven't tried the RF dry shampoo.  Didn't leave crazy amount of white residue, but used this up rather quickly.
Okay || Repurchase? No

SCHOLL Rough Skin Remover
A pumice-based scrub cream, very different from other scrubs.  I really like to use it and how my feet (or legs or hands) feel after the scrub.  However, the tub design is very poorly designed; product cannot be squeezed out at all.
Hurray || Repurchase? Have a back-up, but may not repurchase unless they repackage.

STRIDEX Natural Control Triangle Pads (link - discount code: JBF362)
Bought this over a year ago, because of the 'natural' factor?, but haven't touched it.  Just in the recent Summer started using it, mainly on my back.  During my second trimester my back acne has been major so Mr. A kindly treated my back every evening.  First I used up some of my opened toners, then moved on to these pads.  These are really gentle, not pungently alcoholic, easy to work with given the pads are quite large and have textured surfaces.  Most importantly, they work!  My back is clear now, with only scars, no active break-outs.  Minor drawback, it is pretty difficult (for Mr. A's chubby fingers) to take out the last quarter of the pads as the jar opening is rather small - not an issue to me though~
Hurray || Repurchase? Maybe, if I ever need it again!

JIMMBENNY Tea Tree Cooling Conditioner
Mister's new favourite toiletry.  It has a very refreshing cooling effect on the scalp, and it does detangle, condition the hair decently.  Bad thing, it is mineral oil based and I don't think it is the best for the scalp.  I have purchased multiple back-ups for Mr. A, as he really enjoys it.  I have to keep reminding him daily not to apply and massage so much onto the scalp though.
Hurray || Repurchase? Already did.

Skin Care & Perfume Deluxe Samples

HELENA RUBINSTEIN All Mascaras! Complete Eye Make-up Remover
This is almost identical to the Lancome one (same mother company).  Smells of expensive rose fragrance (could be bad or good), is a dual-phase type of remover, and works effectively.
Hurray || Repurchase? Probably not.

PRIMERA Avocado Balancing Cleansing Oil *
Smells of lemon, or citrus, which is nice but not mind-blowing.  Removes make up effectively (note: I always take off my waterproof eye make up with dual-phase removers in advance).  Emulsifies and washes off nicely.
Okay || Repurchase? No

MD REGIME TotaClear Make-Up Removing Cleanser
MD REGIME TotaClear Gentle Cleansing Gel
Reminds me a lot of the Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Mild.  Nothing special to me.
No Way || Repurchase? No

NUXE Reve de Miel Face Cleansing and Make-Up Removing Gel
There is something with the Nuxe Miel honey fragrance that I can't withstand - I'm addicted.  This is not the deep cleansing make-up removal cleansing foam or one to remove grease.  It is more for gentle cleansing and a hydrating rinse.  The scent is really lovely~
Black Jacq || Repurchase? Definitely (have a full size and more travel ones stand-by).

DR. WU Acnecur Pore Refining Toner with AC.Net
Tried to use this on my facial break-outs but it is overly drying.  Had to use it up on my back and body acnes.
Okay || Repurchase? No

TONY MOLY Timeless EGF Power Toner *
Smells expensive but this little bottle doesn't allow me to get the product out.  I suppose it is not bad.
Okay || Repurchase? No

FOR BELOVED ONE Hyaluronic Acid Tri-Molecules Moisturizing Active Serum
No Way || Repurchase? No

OLE HENRIKSEN Truth Serum Collagen Booster *
Hurray || Repurchase? Maybe

OLAY AquAction Softening Sleeping Mask *
I have been repeating this numerous times on this blog in recent posts: I find the Olay skin care fragrance oddly nostalgically calming.  Carrying that fragrance, this hydrating gel, which is used as the last step to seal in products applied previously, and to add moisture.  The effect is decent.  I find it holds moisture effectively overnight, and is not too sticky.  In the morning there is still a thin film that is easily washed off with water or any cleanser.  I find the skin between my brows flaky if I don't moisturise well at night, and this helps if used.
Hurray || Repurchase? Maybe

DIOR J'adore Eau de Parfum *
I was recommended the J'adore L'absolu in store, but they didn't have the sample of that, so I was given this instead.  This is still beautiful, and I love it to droplets; but when time comes, I'll get the L'absolu instead - that is out of this world divine.
Hurray || Repurchase? Maybe

HK & Taiwan

Sheet Masks

SILK WHITIA Highly-Concentrated Collagen Milky Mask
One of Sasa's best offering in terms of sheet masks.  The solution is a hint milky, with a slight milk fragrance.  Silk Whitia is one of my favourite mask brands, despite it requires washing off (I typically don't like sheet mask that asks me to wash off the residue).  The effect is very smoothing, brightening and moisturising.  Minor drawback: the cutting is not perfect, the eye-holes are too close together so the corners of my eyes are covered.   However, adore this.
Hurray || Repurchase? Definitely, although I have back-upsss.

CL (White Rice) Brightening Bio-technology Mask 白米
Same texture as the Apple Stem Cells, a great sheet in between two inserts.  The fragrance is beautiful, a lovely warm vanilla, softly infused with the aroma of rice.  I am a huge fan of rice scent or ingredient in my skin care - I once did a big Thai haul inspired by rice... This mask is $15 a piece, not cheap, but for the effect I get: non-sticky moisturised and brightened complexion; and the fragrance, I am a convert.
Hurray || Repurchase? Definitely, will get some more in my next Choi Fung order.

JOSERISTINE Apple Stem Cells Anti-Aging Mask
Sheet is one of the better ones I've tried.  Texture and cut fits and hugs face very nicely; not too thin that dries up immediately, not too thick that suffocates.  It has a faint fake apple scent which faded almost instantly - I don't mind, but not a fan either.  The solution is rather sticky and slimy initially, however it doesn't leave any disgusting residue after massaging in.  Choi-Fung-Hong makes many variations of sheet mask, and the general standard is high.  This type is a soft thin fabric sandwiched in two plastic inserts (those inserts are to be disposed before application), and I usually enjoy this type of fabric.  The price of this is not low, at $25 each I may only repurchase if I need to make up the sum for free delivery.
Hurray || Repurchase? Maybe

BEAUTIELLA Nano Platinum Placenta Mask
Same as CL and Joseristine, this is from Choi Fung company.  I forgot how I like this, but probably not impressive.  This is priced the same as the CL White Rice, which I prefer instead of this.
Okay || Repurchase? No

WHITE FORMULA 自白肌 Intense Brightening Laser Mask with Arbutin 
All right.  Sheet is thin, with plastic insert that facilitates spreading open.  Quite plenty of serum inside but not much on the sheet.
Okay || Repurchase? No, but happy to use up my stock of these.

DR. MORITA 森田藥粧 Refining Essence Ultra Slim Facial Mask 
One of my favourite brands of sheet mask, and this is one of the more affordable ones.
Hurray || Repurchase? Maybe

SIMPLY BEAUTY RILAKKUMA Japan Glacial Mud Vitamin B5 Deep Cleansing Mask
Mde in Taiwan.  Despite the long funny name, this is just a mediocre mask.  Has plastic insert inside.  I don't mind though, because I love the packaging~ :D
Hurray (for the price and packaging) || Repurchase? Haven't seen it in a while...

MY BEAUTY DIARY Cold Stone Damask Rose Ice Cream Mask
My Beauty Diary is a generally good brand for affordable sheets.  This scent is beautiful and effect is quite moisturising and brightening.
Hurray || Repurchase? This was limited edition.

LOVE SKINCARE 美之戀 Red Ginseng Stemcells Whitening & Peptide Lifting Mask
It is not ginseng-scented, big let down.  the scent is slightly herbal, and not overly powerful.  I don't like how this brand of mask drips non-stop, and the texture and fitting is just okay.
No Way || Repurchase? No

Japan & Korea
Came free with a magazine?  Rose scent is a little artificial, but not too strong.  Not bad.
Okay || Repurchase? No

KRACIE Rilakkuma Honey Vanilla Face Mask Sheet *
Smells just like other Kracie mask, not scented like the name honey vanilla suggests.  Good but not special.
Okay || Repurchase? No.

JHB Nano Pearl Powder Bio-Cell Mask
Came in August Glamabox.  In bio-cellulose mask terms, this is pretty well engineered.  Not drying on the skin and not dripping wet.
Okay || Repurchase? No.

WISH FORMULA The Mask with Snail Milk Lotion
Bought from Glamashop.  Not impressed.
No Way || Repurchase? No.

DERMAL Sea Cucumber Supreme Mask
No memory of this.
Okay || Repurchase? No.

SCINIC Black Dual Mask Wrinkle Energy
Nice and fun - I always find black mask more fun than white ones - and effect is nice.
Okay || Repurchase? No, too difficult to do so.

Hair and Body Deluxe Samples

COSM.ETHIC Shampoo *
LA ROCHE POSAY Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel for Oily Sensitive Skin
COSM.ETHIC Bath Foam *
Talked about these multiple times.  Good stuff but not something I miss.

Okay || Repurchase? No.

MUSTELA Stretch Marks Double Action *
MUSTELA Specific Support Bust *

In gift bag, from the course we took at the hospital.  Both are light quick-absorbing cream that spread and feel nice.  I do not miss the stretch mark one (which I used on my belly), but I may repurchase the bust one (don't have anything in this category yet).
Okay || Repurchase? Maybe.

SHEA ORGANICS 100% Natural Shea Bath Balm
Picked this up from Glamashop, to make up the amount.  It is solid in the container but melts like butter in my warm bath.  Doesn't smell of anything in particular, but I find it pretty nourishing.
Okay || Repurchase? Maybe.

LIERAC Phytolastil
Don't think this do much for me, but using something is better than nothing.  I always spray this on as the first step of my belly care, before other creams or oils.
Okay || Repurchase? Maybe (not).

Small Samples

Out of all of these small samples/ one-use sachets, only fancy the Joseristine Bath Sugar.

BELIF The True Cream Aqua Bomb *
BELIF The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb *
Aqua Bomb is less sticky than the Moisturizing Bomb, smells decent and not too strong.  Skin looks and feels plump and soft, a little shiny but not greasy.  Probably won't buy either of this though.

JOSERISTINE Ginger & Black Sucrose Bath Sugar
Lovely scent, although not ultra moisturising, it is a good thing to throw into the bath in conjunction with some oils or other things.

LIZ EARLE Sheer Skin Tint #Bare 01 *
Gives the skin a very healthy natural dewy finish.  Moisturising and feels good on.  However, this is one of the rare base products (I am not sure if it is a plural actually), that gives me fresh break-out the night I washed this off.  #WhatTheJacq!?

MONTAGNE JEUNESSE Virgin Olive Ultra Deep Cleansing Masque *
Deep clean but not drying, which is good.  Not olive scented but reminds me of green tea?  I don't like washing this off, it was very difficult.

L'ERBOLARIO Crema per la Mani al Limone *
Lemon hand cream that smells like house detergent, way more sophisticated, but still detergent-like.

COPA CABBANA Pomelo with Aloe Vera & Vitamin C Face Mask
Smells fresh and the clay-blend is pretty nice, not too thick, not too thin.  The ingredients list shows shea butter before kaolin clay, maybe that's why it is not drying.


NUK Oral Wipes * - My friend gave this to me, as her kids have reached the age of brushing their own teeth.  However, I realise this box is due to expire before Roma is due, so I used this up as wet wipes.

LEED Beauty Puff * - I don't like these.  The only way I find acceptable to use these up is to remove make up (or nail polish).

Royal Medic 御藥堂 CS4 Cordyceps Capsules - Consumed by Mr. A...

Tossed Away

Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Aid with Organic Lemon Oil * - expired.
Swiss Rituel Extra Care for Dry Lips #Grape - is basically perfumed mineral oil.  Makes lips look and feel oily but not help.
Caudalie Lip Conditioner * - a gift from Ari.  Caudalie is hit and miss for me.  I cannot live without their Beauty Elixir for example, but this waxy balm, and the sorbet I don't care for.
ELF Eyelid Primer #Sheer (link - discount code: JBF362) * - also from Ari, this is the shade that works out of the trio.  It has dried up and only look 'pasty-like'.  I prefer the Mineral one though (link), and to be honest, I find myself too lazy to use a primer even if I do eyeshadow...
Naruko Narcissus Defense UV Lotion SPF 35
AMPM Dual-Phase Tone Correcting Tinted Sunshade SPF 35 - both are great but expired.  I really shouldn't buy and hoard so much skin care that they expire before I use them up...

*gifts from family/friends, gifts with purchase, or free samples.

Full Size: Body 25&11/20(Lierac) + 6&15/20 (Lierac), Hair 11 +2, Skin 13 +3, Makeup 8, Fragrance 0, Nail 1
Sheet Mask: Face 26 +15, Eye/Lip 4, Body 2
Deluxe Sample: Body 34 +7, Hair 5 +2, Skin 29 +10, Makeup 1, Fragrance 0 +1
Small Sample: Body 6 +1, Hair 8, Skin 27 +2, Makeup 4 +1, Fragrance 0
Accessories: Disposables 16 +3, Candles/Room Fragrances 11
Supplement: 5 +2
His: 27 +1
Tossed: 23 +6

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What products have you recently used up?

Feel free to link your recent empties post or video in the comments below, I'd love to read and watch them!

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")

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