Saturday, 13 September 2014

Maternity Update | This Week or Next? plus Baby Laundry

Went to meet my doctor for the 38 week check up.  Baby Roma is doing very well, in position, with good size (not too big) head that looks optimistic (to be delivered naturally).  Ms. OG said if I walk more, Roma may arrive this week, and if I rest more, he's still expected before the due date (week 39-40).

Despite being nervous and a little helpless (who knows when the signs and moment will come!?); I literally can't wait!

Weekly Update

How far along?  38 weeks!

Total weight gain/measurements:  On 36w6d, at the hospital with the more accurate scale, I was 73 kg.  It must be the balance's error, or that I've gain weight from nowhere, because that's a 2 kg gain in 7 days!  Waist/belly as measured at home was 42 inch, same as last week.

Maternity clothes:  Nothing fit me comfortably, especially my bras, and I don't wanna wear anything at all, due to the heat.  :S

Stretch marks:  Same as last week, I guess?  I am trying very hard not to pay attention to them.  Let's face them again when baby is delivered.

Sleep:  I can still take at least 6 hour straight sleep in the night, and in the morning I'll wake up early to pee or feed myself.  Feeling more tired than previous weeks in general.  However, due to the heat (again!) I can't easily take naps in the day time, even with air-con on.  Sigh.

Best moment this week:  i) Doing baby Roma's laundry with the help of a helper.  Master Baby Roma has an insane wardrobe thanks to his aunties.  I have received dozens of first and second hand pieces from lovely friends and finally get around to wash and sort all the 0-6 months items... There are at least 30-40 pieces of bodysuits and gowns.  What I haven't yet washed are the towels, wraps, and a few sets more of garments received this week... #whatachore!

ii) Gazing at the moon (it's Mid-Autumn Festival after all) with Mr. A and celebrated our 10-month post-wedding.

Miss anything?  Cool Autumn weather.  

Movement:  So much that I know he's impatient inside, haha.  Mr. A has been playing his weird (alternative, gothic, new wave / pop music of the 80s, etc) music and Roma has been reacting weirdly actively to that.  Gosh.  My son is gonna be a dad-alike...

Food cravings:  Häagen-Dazs ice cream mooncakes and crispy sandwiches... :P  I need to eat as much as possible as I will be banned from any cold (temperature!) food once I give birth - Chinese medical concept.

Anything making you queasy or sick?  The wait makes me a little nervous.

Gender:  Boy.

Labour signs:  Not obvious, if any.  Sometimes my entire belly/womb will feel hard like a rock, like contraction, but that doesn't feel uncomfortable.  That only lasts less than a couple of minutes.  Also, even less frequently, maybe once or twice a day, I'll feel those sharp sensation (Braxton Hicks) which I often find is a reminder of me needing to go urinate.

Symptoms:  Nothing new.  To be frank, I am feeling less comfortable than the week or two before, which is good news!

Belly button in or out?  Out.

Wedding rings on or off?  Off.

Happy or moody most of the time:  Not moody.  Generally happy, a little nervous!

Looking forward to:  i) Receiving my Japan and UK beauty haul - because girlfriend A banned me from meeting her, she said the city is too crowded...  ii) Get his bed set up, after washing his beddings.  iii) Delivering baby Roma safely and swiftly.

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. Good luck, Jacq! You seem very well prepared. And I admire your energy in continuing to pursue beauty while hovering on the edge of birth. ;D

    1. Thanks Liz. I really have not much else I can do to distract myself from the anxiety... except messing with beauty :P



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