Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Sea Foam Green Nails | Topshop, Barry M & Bourjois

with flash

Excuse my very dry and crappy looking cuticles, and the very messy paint-job done by my left hand on my right nails.  If you can look past those, then let me talk through, quickly, what I think of these polishes.

Tiffany Blue has always been the colour to chase in nail polishes.  Once upon a time I owned China Glaze #For Audrey which is basically the perfect rendition.  Recently I spotted a somewhat similar shade in the OPI Nordic Collection for Fall 2014, so I pulled out these bottles from my current stash to compare.  I have already reviewed the newest acquisition of these all - Sinful Colors #Be Happy - so I'll skip that for this post.

On pinky, Topshop #Pool Party has the best formula out of the three - I'd say as good as the Sinful Colors.  It can be opaque in one coat, and dries fast.  It is a plain cream colour, with a hint of glossy shine, not matte.  The brush is flat but not wide, easy to use.  This colour is the darkest and most blue amongst the pictured.

On middle finger is Barry M #Mint Green.  Compared to Topshop #Pool Party and Sinful Colors #Be Happy, #Mint Green is significantly greener.  The formula is just fair, a little runny and streaky; it requires at least two good coats to look presentable.  The brush is really traditional and basic.  For the price, I guess it is just okay, didn't wow me.

Bourjois So Laque! Ultra Shine #44 Bleu Model is almost identical to Barry M #Mint Green, just half a tone darker.  The formula and brush are great.  "Ultra Shine" maybe a little over-exaggerated, but it does have a more glossy and shiny finish than the three others.  The brush is widest of this bunch, also thick with plenty of 'bristles', I had to make sure I wipe off the excess before applying or else it will flood my nail.

Some more pictures of my poor paint job, then we shall end this post!

indirect sunlight (overcast), each two coats except middle finger Barry M (3 coats)

indirect sunlight

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Have you tried any of these brands?  Is sea foam green your thing, or what is your favourite colour to wear on nails?

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. I really like how the Topshop polish looks, and the color of china glaze For Audrey it on my wishlist but was displaced by darker colors and glitters... =)

    1. Yes I've the same issue too, sometimes products on my wish list got pushed down by other newer or more exciting options~



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