Friday, 17 October 2014

Blog Sale | MAC Base Products

I am stealing time while Baby Roma sleeps to tidy up my make up stash a bit.  In recent months I have realised liquid or fluid base products are not my thing so I am trying to get rid of them.  

I accept Paypal and I ship internationally.  Please email me at jacqlibra @ gmail dot com if you are interested in anything. You can also comment below with an email I can invoice or contact you. Thanks.  Free shipping.

All in USD$

**only $80 if you take everything**

- Prep + Prime Beauty Balm (Extra Light, slightly used) $10
- Prep + Prime Beauty Balm (Extra Light, slightly used) $10
- Prep + Prime Beauty Balm (Light, slightly used) $10
- Prep + Prime Natural Radiance (more than half left) $10
- Prep + Prime Vibrancy Eye (about half) $8
- Prep + Prime Line Filler (about half) $6
- Prep + Prime Skin Smoother (slightly used) $10
- Pro Longwear (NC15, usage see below) $15
- Face and Body (C2, 50ml, usage see below) $10
- Face and Body (C2, 120ml, brand new) $25

Happy Shopping!

Friday, 10 October 2014

Memoir of a Mammal | Labour Story and 3 Weeks Postpartum

baby 2 week 3 day old - mama bare face
First things first, this is not a beauty-related post, except perhaps for the fact that I wore a full face of make up to go into delivery?  Also, this is a long post with minimal interesting photos, unless you find baby sleeping faces entertaining.  FYI, Baby Roma does have names (Chinese and English), which you may learn if you are following me on instagram; however, I'm still gonna call him Roma on my blog. ;)

Let's jump right into the Big Day of baby's birthday...


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