Saturday, 29 November 2014

Memoir of a Mammal | 2 Months Update

Baby is 10 weeks old today, while I'm typing this.  It's been a while since I last typed down my labour story and baby's growth, so I decided I need to write up an update before things left my mind.  Mr. A is cuddling with Baby Roma in bed at this moment so I'm allowed to enjoy the luxurious Me Time by blogging - GLAM.

By the way, all photos in this post are taken by my sister who is a freelance photographer.  Go show her some love and like her facebook page!

Mama - Recovery & Body Update

I have near to nothing to say about myself.  Breast-feeding exclusively has been relatively smooth (really grateful for that) and I have even chucked the nipple balms into the back of my drawer.  Thanks to baby's cooperation we pretty much live in harmony - sleeping and feeding have been great.

At my 6 week postnatal check-up, my OG ultrasound-ed my womb and it has shrunk back to 4 cm, which I don't understand, but she said is a good sign.  I weighed 61.9 kg, which is about 2 kilo more than pre-baby, which has to be shed by exercising, I'm afraid, which I'd probably not lose any time soon... My belly is still covered with stretch marks but they have faded in colour dramatically.


Height/Weight:  At baby's 2 month vaccination visit, he weighed 11 pound 11 ounce (it was in kilo but the converted unit is easier to remember).  Height (or full length?) was 59 cm.  He is much heavier than he was born. Carrying him is weightlifting, to me, now!

Routine:  Since 6 week old, after the evening bath (around 9 or 10 pm), baby only needs one mid-night meal at around 3 or 4 am, then he would fall right back to sleep until daylight (7 or 8 in the morning), which gives me plenty of sleep.  AND, since 9 week old, which was 7 days ago, he started to skip the 4 am feed and simply sleep through until 6 or 7 in the morning.  Also, baby tends to be very drowsy (lazy like his mum) before noon, and snoozes on and off in between all the a.m. feeds.  I, of course, lay around and snooze with him.  hehe~

Sleeping:  See Routine above.  Indescribably grateful for baby sleeping through the night.

Eating/Feeding:  Very well.  He feeds 9 meals per day; each meal lasting for 10 to 15 minutes.  I enjoy feeding him a lot and I can see he enjoys his milk a good deal, too.  :P

Sizes:  He out-grown some of his newborn onesies, and most 0-3 month clothings are just fit for him.  He is moving onto 3-6 month pieces.  NB diaper does not fit him any more.  He is wearing Size S now.

Milestones:  Baby Roma is a smiling expert.  He smiles very often and makes everyone around him happy.  Also, his digestion/absorption is maturing and for the past many days he has been having one big (gigantic) egestion (aka POO) daily - it is a very common thing for a new mum to talk about poo, you know - meaning I only have to clean up once a day, such bliss!

Baby is a great yawner too - just like me :")

Sorry (not sorry) for updating this space so infrequently.  I haven't been neglecting my blog, just that it takes quite some effort to sit down typing.  For your info, I have been shopping a lot beauty-wise, both on and off line, which you can always learn about from my instagram - I am almost constantly on that platform confessing my love and addiction with cosmetics and such...

But for the time being.  CIAO~

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


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