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Memoir of a Mammal | 4 Month Update

Warning: *Loaded with random photos* *Lots of rambling* *Non beauty related*

FYI: My baby boy is 18w 6d as I'm typing this.

The set of Roma pictured on his tummy, on my bed, facing the toy cow, was taken when he's 4 month - a few weeks ago, when I intended to get this written and published.  My sister gifted us a new camera at Roma's birth (Fujifilm XM1) and we've been taking pictures with it ever since.  Thanks to the FlashAir Wireless LAN SD card, it is very convenient to obtain the photos from the SD using my phone.  I often share them on instagram and facebook (addicted to both, constantly online on those social media) but less on this blog space.

"Nice meeting you, Red Bull..." (note the dribble!)


17w 5d, just over 4 months old, Roma went to get another two (!) shots of vaccine.  He weighed 6.295 kilograms and crown circumference measured 40.5 centimetres.  Height was not recorded.  Baby did react to the vaccination and had a fever that night, not super high, just at 37.9 Celsius, and after one dosage of drug syrup (Roma loved that and licked the spoon squeaky clean).

Roma's day start at 10 - 11 am, with a change and a feed, then I throw (place...) him on his playmat for as long as he has patience for.  After he is fed up of lying down alone playing, I picked him up and do all kinds of silly activities, include but not limited to, training him to roll over, reading stories to him, making him watch TV with me (usually cooking/food programmes), assisting him to sit-up or stand-up, carrying him around and around my tiny flat, singing and talking to him, doing all kinds of household chores in an elaborate manner while he is fastened to his high-chair, doing make up in front of him (sometimes with step-by-step tutorial).
Around 1 - 2 pm he may take a short nap, which wakes up to another change and a feed, then we go out.  My boy loves going out so I have to bring him down for a walk otherwise he can not be calmed.  If weather is fine, we stroll our podium and the neighbourhood; if weather isn't as nice, or is cold, we go to the mall and perhaps the supermarket.  I usually wait until Roma is asleep (or has had another nap) before we return home.
5-ish he has another change and feed, and then we continue with the silly activities until Daddy A comes home.  I cook while he entertains his son, sometimes baby will sleep in daddy's arm, too.  If Roma is awake while we two dine, he watches.  Around 8, I feed him and then go to shower.  After my shower comes Roma's bath time, aka Daddy A's show time.  My responsibility is to prepare lotion and pyjamas (and warming up the atmosphere with more singing), while the two boys play water.
10 - 11 pm begins the bedtime routine.  After an enjoyable bath, Roma asks for a big meal.  Post-burping, he is placed on his pillow and we (I) say our prayers (good old Our Father + 3 Hail Mary + Glory Be).  Then I quietly leave him and let him snuggle with his fleecy blanket and toy rabbit.
He hasn't changed (or improved?) much since 6w old in terms of overnight sleep.  Only for once had Roma slept for 12 hours straight, and that was after an extremely playful and tiring day; for most normal days, he wakes once at night for feed.

Still exclusively breast-feeding.
I do find him not sleeping through the night because of hunger.  He will wake up for a feed anytime from 3 am to 7 am, but fall back to sleep after that without much complication.  I reckon if we fill him up with a larger meal before putting him to the long sleep it may help, but I do not wish to cram his system with formula simply because I want myself to sleep better, therefore, I will probably express the excess I produce overnight in the morning, and store it up for the last big feed at night, through a bottle.  Only problem is, I am so not used to washing and sterilising equipments I'm putting this idea off.. :P
I may be over-thinking a little but well, all mums do over-think, don't they?

After the 3 month growth spurt, we officially moved from size S diaper to size M.  (let's forget the traumatic nappy explosions when baby was using up the last size S ones)  For clothing, most 0 - 3 month, or 60 cm, fit him just right, or are too tight - and we're phasing those out.  He wears 3 - 6 month, or 70 cm, the best.  I also sometimes throw on larger pieces (6 - 9 month) on him because I find him adorable in over-sized garments (truth is, my mum bought too much clothing, in all sizes, for him already)...

2.5 month his first tooth sprouted; it is his central incisor on the lower left.  After the peak appeared, Roma drools.  The tooth growth didn't advance in the past 10 weeks, but the saliva kept coming like waterfall.  He can wet an entire bib in an hour or so.
The 3 month growth spurt was painful.  During that week, baby didn't seem to be able to fall asleep during the day time, and at night, he almost definitely waked up every 4 - 6 hours for a feed.  However, after the spurt was over (lasted for 4 / 5 days maybe), he started talking!  Roma speaks very fluent baby tongue and when he talks he does for long.  His cradle cap was also healed (or simply disappeared?) after changing to an Aveeno shampoo (link, discount code: JBF362) around that time.  It was also around that time he couldn't use anything foaming or soapy on the body and we switched to QV Bath Oil (looks like this)and Earth Mama Angel Baby bath (link) - used alternatively as the Earth Mama is about US$1 per bath!
Also, he is constantly doing sit-ups.  No matter he's on the changer, in his stroller, on people's lap, in bed, sleeping, waking, dozing or playing - he works out (does sit-ups).  On the other hand, Roma almost manages turning over from back to tummy, still needs some help.  Problem is, he's not very keen on that (compared to sitting up) so he doesn't practise enough.  He always pushes up when placed on his tummy, but it doesn't hold very long.

"Do cattle rattle?"

"or, do they crawl?"

"Mama, can I eat beef?"

15w 3d

14w 6d
I ordered a Christmas pudding jumper (for myself) and two fleece rompers for Roma, from Dunnes Store.  For some reason, the mail was mistakenly sent to Mainland China before being redirected to HK.  They arrived 2nd Jan so we had to rush out and get the outfits shot before the decorations are taken down.  Luckily we still managed to find some Christmas trees, sadly it was a working day for Daddy A so he didn't get to picture with Roma in those outfits.

Both the red "Santa's Little Helper" and white "Baby's 1st Christmas" are 3 - 6 months old size, and fit just right on Roma.  For 8 Euro each, I have nothing to complain about.  FYI, they washed well and didn't leak dye.

Baby's 1st Christmas...

... was spent fighting really hard...

... to put his hand(s) into his mouth.

Mummy Update

In December, I finally sought help regarding my "mommy thumb", or De Quervain syndrome.  The pain intensified since around 7 or 8w, to a point I can't use my right hand any more.  I rushed to the nearest A & E, had no drug prescribed (I guess painkillers I can take won't help much, and those that work I can't take) and was referred to occupational therapy - had a brace custom-made and a consultation on how to let my wrist/tendon/inflammation heal (basically let it heal itself by limiting movements, but also exercising/relieving the joint mildly regularly).  Boring, I know, but other than this I don't have much else to say about mummy's body.

Fashion-wise, I'm utterly fed up of: wearing flannel shirts.  My daily attire is a maternity tank, a shirt, then a vest or jacket.  I do own one or two more nursing tops, but other than that, I'm stuck.  I am very looking forward to baby weaning off (I plan to exclusively breast-feed him until 6 month old before deciding when to stop) so I can wear my other clothings.  

"Mama, blogging time is over.  Your son is summoning you!"

Okay, so here it is, lengthy update which is all over the place.  My next post maybe an Empties post; We'll see...

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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