Friday, 27 March 2015

Beige Sand Olive

Weeks ago, my skin looked like crap and I was in a foundation frenzy.  Purchased several, including Make Up Forever HD (my shade is 117) and EX1 F100 (more on that below).  Honor lent me her YSL Youth Liberator Serum Foundation - or I bullied her to hand me, whatever - in shade B 10 Beige (definitely matched to her skin tone not mine).  This post is a very random first impression on the Youth Liberator, performed on a gloomy day, just because baby allowed me to.  Thank you Roma, I appreciate that!

I will try to type as fast as possible so that this post do not have to wait till 2016 to get published... Stay tuned till the end for a bonus FOTD. ;)

EX1 is supposed to be designed for skin with olive undertone, my DW is in Sand, and the Youth Liberator is in B10Beige, hence the post title~

I am extraordinarily in love with my manicure: opi gel color #I Theodora You
Youth Liberator: Glass with pump.
Double Wear: Glass with NO pump.  The MAC pump can be purchased separately, cut short and fit onto the bottle.  Mine is a 7 ml sample tube which I've tried to finish for a long time - it just doesn't die.
EX1: Plastic, airless pump bottle.  Perhaps the best out of these three.

Youth Liberator: HK$530
Double Wear: HK$320
EX1: £12.50

Youth Liberator: Made in France
Double Wear: Made in Belgium
EX1: Made in Italy

From left: EX1 F100, ELDW 2W1 Sand, YSL YL B10 Beige
Youth Liberator: neutral with an ever so slight hint of beige/peach.  Double Wear: warm beige.  EX1: pink!? (isn't it supposed to be olive??)

Youth Liberator: about NC15.  Double Wear: darker than my NC20, so probably about 25?  EX1: also about 25.
NB: For unknown reason, on my face, I find ELDW Sand, blended, to be quite a perfect match...

Youth Liberator: High-end fragrance, not super strong.  (reminds me a lot of Bourjois foundations, not that Bourjois is high-end...)
Double Wear: Light make-up smell, not offensive.
EX1: Nearly scent-less.

Yay for Marie pj~

Double Wear is definitely the thinnest and most watery, that makes application with fingers slightly messy - not that you need a lot of product to finish a whole face with - a tiny bit goes a long way with ELDW.  EX1 is thicker, more gel-cream than liquid.  Youth Liberator is in between - a creamy liquid.  I applied one full pump of YSL YL with fingers on the right side of my face, and find it quite high coverage.  On my left side, I do a little less than 1 pump, with buffing brush, and it looks nearly as covered but more glowy.

(1) right face with YSL YL, by fingers.  i was wearing Addiction Lipstick Pure #Spy Pink
(2) naked left face
(3) left face with YSL YL, by RT buffing brush

Staying power
Youth Liberator: I deliberately didn't set it with anything, powder nor mist.  It looked as good as freshly applied for over two hours.  5 hours on, it still look pretty perfect except around my nose where I did rub a little and tend to have uneven skin texture.
Double Wear: This glues to the skin.  10 hours is not a problem and I doubt it will ever come off on its own.  Best to be taken off by soap and water (arm swatch) and cleansing oil (face).
EX1: Haven't tested it out on my face yet.  The swatch on my forearm came off at similar ease as Youth Liberator.

this is the only decent selfie out of the 3 dozens I took...

On my face:
YSL Youth Liberator Serum Foundation #B10 Beige (one side with fingers, one side with RT Buffing Brush)
Bourjois Cream Blush #01 Nude Velvet (RT Stippling Brush)
Maybelline Fashion Brow 24H Coloring Mascara #5 Dark Brown (not filled in with pencil nor powder hence no shape)
Urban Decay Naked Basics (WOS, Naked2, Faint)
Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner #Black (upper waterline - aka tightline)
Fasio Smart Curl Mascara L (Long) #BK001 (my lashes need viagra #seriously)
MAC Amplified #Craving (dabbed on)

Conclusion?  The YSL is going to stay with me a while longer, until I make up my mind on whether to return it to Honor or to purchase a bottle (probably one shade darker) myself.  Now I need to pile on whitening serum (or bleach) day and night.

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What foundation should I try next?  
Hope you enjoy seeing my big bare face, it's been a while!

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")

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