Monday, 30 March 2015

Memoir of a Mammal | 6 Month Update

Nicholas & Bears romper + Next bib + Robeez shoes

Baby Roma was officially 6 month old last Friday, the 20th March.
This is late, as per usual, not what I wished but what I managed.
I intended to do a 5 month one too, but failed, but that doesn't matter, right?
Let's crack on immediately, for he's gonna wake up in no time!

Baby Update

On 25w 6d, he's 7.1 kg.  Somewhere between 10th and 25th percentile.

Next suspender pants + Next bib + Ben Bat Travel Friends seat belt pals


Somewhere around 7-9 am Roma will wake up, feed, then decides to either take one more nap (1-2 hour long) or start the day.  Then about three 'cycles' of change-Eat-Activity-Sleep until the night comes.  Each 'cycle' can last from 3 to 4 hours, depending on the weather, his mood or intensity of the activity, or nothing, really.  The naps in daytime typically last from 30 min to 1.5 hour.

Thanks be to God for the past several days (or night?), after he's put to sleep at 11-12 pm, he only wakes up once around 4-5 am for a feed then he goes right back to sleep.  Please continue, don't wake me every 3 hour at night, thanks Master Roma.

Baby Gap shorts with leggings + Next bib + Ben Bat Travel Friends seat belt pals


Been introducing various solids - porridge and puree, since Roma was about 5 month old.  He ticks all the signs of ready-to-wean (source) around 4 month but we waited a little.

sucking on a strawberry, and couldn't swallow the last bit (of course)

Food he has tried, tasted and tolerated: Apple, Banana, Strawberry, Orange, Pear, Carrot, Broccoli, Rice, Fish (grass harp), Spinach, Egg Yolk, finely-minced Pork... I may have missed some but I just do not bother to check the note in my phone - champ.


Still on Pampers Premium Care Japan-made Size M (we started this a little early, too generously, but whatever).  Clothings in 3-6 month are mostly too short, but 6-9 m a little loose.  70 cm ones fit him brilliantly, but we also put him in 74 cm or 80 cm, depending on the brand.


5-Mar (also Chinese Spring Lantern Festival) was his first solo roll over.  I filmed it, sent to my parents, and they drove to our place for dinner (and sweet dumplings) as a camouflage of their urge to celebrate Roma's new achievement.

After meeting the nurse at 6 month (sharp, exactly on his half-birthday) for another 3 shots of vaccines, Roma miraculously (okay every new move is a miracle) mastered the art of sitting straight, on his own.  Indeed he still toppled over now and then but I am impressed at how it happened.

Mummy Update

Besides my period having returned for two months now, there's a major major issue with my body currently.  I am shedding hair like there's no tomorrow.  It is due to holy hormones but it's driving me crazy.  Recommend me products to slow down the hair from falling off, if you'd, please.

I am going to bore you again, but ranting on my repeating outfit continues.  Day to day I'm still rocking a nursing tank under a flannel shirt or a hoodie.  The weather is getting so warm I just want to live in T shirt, but convenience of a nursing tank or a button down shirt just win.  Damn.

On the bright side, I can fit in most of my pre-preg bottoms, including skinny jeans.  My feet seems to have gone up a half to one full size though, therefore it's time to go shop some shoes~

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I know the words aren't that important for the pictures speak way more than the alphabets.  Excuse me if you notice any minor or major mistakes, ain't have no time to proof-read.  Apologies.

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")

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