Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Spring Shopping | New Burberry Make Up and more...

I've been shopping.  You know it very well if you follow me on instagram.  Properly taking pictures of them and blogging can be tedious but somehow, I managed to get this post typed, hurray!
I also decided to photograph the fashion bits I bought in the same week so here you go, a little beauty and fashion (even lingerie?) haul.  Do comment below if you want me to showcase more non-beauty bits, I may feel less reluctant next time.


From H&M I picked up two pair of shorts because I have honestly none.  The denim pair was hk$99 and the soft cotton ones hk$79.90.  The green shirt on the right is Baby Roma's, picked it up from Marks & Spencer for hk$99 (marked down from $229).  Thomas socks were a gift, from the shop I got the white jeggings below.

From a Korean boutique I bought a white top which I plan to wear with dark skinny jeans (and heels?) to a 'casual' wedding banquet.  I call it casual because it is a dinner at a Chinese restaurant, not a hotel, and there is no ceremony in a church - but really I want to dress down because the bridegroom is my ex-boyfriend (oops too much info?).  Then I got a navy patterned shirt dress with button down the centre (for nursing, boring).  From a Japanese boutique I got some Gunze Legging Pants in white, plus a shaping brief (my mum made me buy it, cool) - and the shopkeeper gave Roma a pair of non-slip socks because he couldn't take his tiny hands off a pair of Hello Kitty girl socks (ouch).

Make Up

Ever since Burberry Beauty renewed their eyeshadows and lipsticks I've wanted to go touch them and buy some.  The reason it took me that long is i) there are so few counters in HK now - I only know of the one at Langham, Mongkok and ii) the counter at Langham is unreachable by Roma's stroller - meaning I have to either a) leave Roma behind with somebody else or b) carry him with a carrier or my arms or c) restrain from visiting.  Finally, last week when my mum called for a dinner a few blocks away from Langham, I made her look after Roma in his stroller, and I dashed to get my Burberry fix.

At lightning speed, I swatched and decided I want both No.002 Nude and No.003 Shell of the new Wet & Dry Glow Shadow. Nude is a light tan colour and Shell is a medium neutral champagne - go to Beauty Look Book or such for better swatch and colour description!  Have used Nude on the lids dry and adore it.  I'm glad they only make four shades and the other two are too pale to justify purchasing (for now).  Sidenote: the new Pale Barley I find less creamy and pigmented when I perform a swatch at the counter, and Ms. saleslady also remark that it is lighter in shade than the old Pale Barley.  hk$250 each.

Learning that the new Kisses Hydrating Lip Colour has gotten rid of the scent makes me very eager to get a tube - I do not hate the previous powdery floral fragrance but without it, it is even better.  I tried on two or three shades before settling down with No.109 Military Red, which the saleslady said is the shade worn by Suki in the promo image.  I wore my red lips to dinner (soup and rice and tea and such), and came out with a lot of pigment still on the lips - immensely impressed.  Military Red is a brilliant red, bright with both warmth and coolness which I believe will compliment and stand out on a lot of skin tones.  The formula is long-lasting (see illustration!) and indeed very hydrating.  The only tiny little problem is the price/amount one get.  Previously, Lip Cover (3.8 g), Lip Mist (3.5 g) and Lip Velvet (3.5 g) were all hk$245 each.  Now Kisses costs hk$260 for 3.3 g.

Got an Effortless Eyebrow Definer in No.02 Sepia.  I got it because I need to spend over $800 to get the gift (a Beauty Brush, mini kabuki), but also because I'm a brow product junkie. However, to be frank, I'm disappointed.  Not only is the origin of it Korea, but it also works just as well as the other Made-in-Korea pencils I've owned/tried, from Daiso (hk$12) to Palgantong to Banila Co... This is hk$200 and compared to the Daiso ones I've tested, most of the price difference goes to the packaging.

Update: see comparison picture here.

Military Red - photoed under different lighting and angle but you get the idea: the new Kisses rocks!

the two lipstick cases at the bottom right don't belong to this haul

Another day, I went to Sogo Causewaybay with Honor.  I desperately want to buy refills for my Cle de Peau Beaute case - hauled here - and a Paul & Joe case I got off ASOS (totally random, don't ask me why).  After swatching 112 (Satin, orchid purple shade) and 313 (Velvet, coral pink red colour) on my lips and having a verbal fight internally and with Honor, I decided on the latter.  Honor persuaded me that 313 makes me look younger (purpose of having her around) and I persuaded myself I will go back to another tube of Satin after collecting all three finishes CPB makes - 200s are Silk which I do not yet own.  I currently own 107, Satin, a soft lilac rosy pink, and 313... hk$380 for the refill

Then at P&J, after choosing another coral pink colour CS 092 (again, Honor said I look young in this), my fingers ran across the Powder Compact Foundation, was surprised by its creaminess and butteriness, and bought one in #101. hk$200 for lipstick refill, hk$450 compact.

virgin shots.  now they're ready to be ruined.

Finally, from Log-On Cityplaza, I picked up some Japanese 'drugstore' make up.  Nothing much to say about the Kate Lasting Eyebrow W + Eyebrow Color sets hk$89 each.  I just want to try out as many brow products as possible within my limited budget (or sanity?) so I grabbed both.

Bon Bon is a lovely brand by Elizabeth and these Stick Gloss are out-of-this-world delicious.  hk$69 each, they are currently my favourite budget lipstick finds of 2015.  Moisturising, pigmented, glossy, ultra comfortable, not bleeding/smudging, not sticky and decently lasting on the lips.  If you're going to try one shade, start with 01 Coral, but I doubt you won't go back for more - 02 Red and 03 Pink are gorgeous, too!

The saleslady there, Monique, was helpful and very generous, loaded me up with freebies.  Go find her if you wanna check out some cult cosmetics Log On carries~

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How many lipsticks are there in your make up bag?  I currently have 15 not including clear lip balms and glosses.  Convince me I'm not mentally ill, thanks!

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")

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