Thursday, 30 April 2015

Beauty Goals for the Month of May

Four precious months of year twenty-fifteen have passed and I'm still the old self.  I feel like staying at home calling myself a mum doesn't justify slacking at taking care of hair and skin, nor the over-spending on retail therapy.  I've drafted some changes I'd like to introduce to my daily life, and will try to implement them this month.


1 - 2 Litre H2O - Normally I'm quite a water-drinker, but ever since baby's started weaning, I've been drinking a little less than I should.  2L is minimum but I'll set it as is.

2 - SPF Every Morning - Because the Sun is on full power and I have lived too many years for my hyperpigmentation to look cute.  I also see a significant difference in the firmness between my old skin and my son's young collagen-full pore-less surface.  Protection against sun damage is crucial.  Pictured above are Josie Maran SPF40 (unknown UVA protection, oxides), Peter Thomas Roth SPF30 (unknown UVA protection, avobenzone, homosalate, octinoxate, octisalate, octocrylene, oxybenzone), Kanebo Dew Superior SPF30 PA+++ (unknown ingredients), Parasola SPF50+ PA++++ (unknown ingredients).

3 - Hand Cream Every Night - I am more than grateful for Mr. A doing most of the dishes but unavoidably I have to wash a lot and cook often, so my dry hands are getting more dehydrated and wrinkly day by day.

Every Other Day

4 - Do Mask - I do not remember the last time I did a proper morning or evening skin care routine, and because I honestly cannot commit to do a full cleanse-tone-mist-serum-moisturiser every day or night, I will try to throw on a mask whether it is cream or sheet every other night (or day, if monster allows).


5 - No New Before Old - Foreseeing that we may be moving this year (if not, next?), it makes sense to not have all my beauty products opened, half-used and lying around when we really relocate.  So I'm not breaking open any 'new' item unless I use up one 'old' in the same category.

6 - No Buy - Really, because I do not need any more and I've own plenty.  I've tried this multiple times before but I don't remember succeeding once.  My girls will be bringing me USA&KOREA&UK beauty hauls in mid-May and June so they may help a little.  There are only 31 days in May.  I can do it, hopefully.

My Latest Sasa Haul - featuring Visee Color Polish Lipstick RD420 RD421 PK823, Visee Impact Mascara Waterproof in Black and Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray.  The new Visee lipsticks are brilliant and now I have four :D

There's a Chinese saying though, "It is easier to change a dynasty than a person's nature 江山易改本性難移", and mine is laziness.  Let's check back next month to see if I've picked up any of these good habits!

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What are some of your 'new year resolutions for 2015'?  Have you been working on them?

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")

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