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Firm Favourites | Addiction Lipstick Sheer

Addiction is one of the hard-to-get-outside-Japan brands I'm fond of.  Their homepage is easy to navigate and one that I often find myself browsing and re-browsing.  Earlier this month (or late last month?) I saw that they are going to re-do their Lipstick (S) into Lipstick Sheer which will look more or less like Lipstick Pure.  I dug out my three Lipstick (S) and to my may and surprise, all of them will stay.  One (rare) day, I had time to play with make up, applied all three on me and planned this blog post.  Only it took me three weeks (?) to get this done...

Fellow blogger Liz is running a giveaway (open until August) on Addiction products (you can pick your own!) and it is an amazing way to try out this brand.  I figure it is appropriate to give her a shout-out - her swatches are impeccable and her blog is a very resourceful site.

3.8 gram of product in a black square tube.  Sleek and pretty.

Sheer.  The intensity is about one-third of MAC Lustre, or half of Revlon Lip Butters, roughly.  The finish is in fact quite similar to a MAC Lustre, with a hint less shine, but more jelliness.  I will describe it as a gel-wax in the bullet.  It doesn't melt like the Maquillage Melting Rouge, as that is gel-oil.  Due to its sheerness, on pigmented lips they can require layering to obtain coverage.  Not a big issue, for it is buildable and doesn't go patchy.

Day Trip - a good nude.  I picked this up after spotting it on Kate's blog DrivelAboutFrivol.  She called this the most flattering nude on her, and I can't help but ordered one blindly.  It is in fact, a very easy to wear nude on me.

Baby - a cool pink.  This type of pink with bubblegumminess can look very on the face and not natural.  I picked this up last time I was in Tokyo (when I was a miss not misses) because I only allowed myself to pick one.  Wrote about it previously where I applied it more heavily - really bad lighting and horrible make up.  Yuck.

Cassis - as the name suggests, a deep muted wine.  I expected this to be brighter and redder but really it is quite wearable as a dark shade.  Not my favourite from this line, but a nice one if you are new to dark-ish lips.  I feel like it will look better when I'm fairer, or at my fairest.

Moisture Factor
The bullet doesn't fill and stick to the wall of the tube, which indicates the lipstick itself has a bit of stiffness, not totally buttery.  It is not drying, but not hydrating on me.  I can apply all 3 of these without a lip balm underneath and not feel uncomfortable.  Though, as shown above, when applied on bare lips they look non-plumping, non-flattening.  It doesn't mask fine lines (I have plenty) but doesn't accentuate them either.  Just a rather natural feeling and look.  

new lipstick sheer 3-april launch
New Release

1. Super Woman
2. Last Scene
3. Cherry Cherry
4. Cassis
5. Endlessly
6. Day Trip
7. Desert Rose
8. Poupee
9. Baby
10. Amaranto

Poupee is a limited repromotion of an old shade, Cherry Cherry is a new colour, and the other 8 are current regular shades.

This is a very nice formula if you fancy no-shimmer, slightly glossy finish.  I won't rush out and order more just because I have acquired so many lippies over the past months, but if I visit a counter in the future I'll definitely check out the new shades.

Now let us look forward to me finding opportunity to type out the FOTD pictured above... :S

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What are some of your favourite lipstick formulae?

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. Replies
    1. they are lovely lipsticks, I think they'll look amazing on you too ;)

  2. Day Trip is my favourite on you, such a flattering and easy to wear everyday nude! :)

    1. It is becoming one of my favourite nudes too!



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