Monday, 4 May 2015

Shiny Pink Real Techniques | iHerb Haul

This is not the only iHerb damage I've done to my wallet since the last one posted here.  In between this and that, there are plenty.  I shop there about monthly, and post my haul instantly when they arrive.  You know it if you follow me on instagram, which you really should, because I am basically hanging around there 24/7.

This post consists of two orders which were a few days apart.  I forgot why that happened but it did.  Again, my excuse for placing these orders include shopping for family and friends.  But frankly, mainly the stuff is for me...

1.  Picked up several bottles of Vitamin C Gummy (link) for my mum's friend, I got myself a bottle and am addicted, so juicy, tangy and such a pleasant way to take your vitamin supplements!

2.  Mr. A has finished his Omega 3 (link) so I replenished his stock.  I've been feeding him two softgels every night and so far, so good.

The rest in the first photo are all just for me.

3.  Saw this new shiny pink Real Techniques Sculpting Set (link) and had to order two.  The sculpting brush I already possess two and am currently enjoying to blend out liquid bases; the setting brush is a pretty good concealer blender and highlight applicator.  I don't have any fan brush I like in my collection so I decided to give this set a go.

4.  Baby related, kind-of - I wanted to have Probiotics (link) to facilitate digestion.  There are so many to pick from - just take a look! - so I went with a brand I've tried and trusted, Now Foods.

5.6.  More unnecessary lip balms from LadyBug Jane (link) and Crazy Rumors (link).  Really wanted this Peppermint Twist flavour after reading from one of my favourite Chinese bloggers Yuan (from Taiwan now in Ireland).

7.  I rarely use soaps, because they melt in our always humid bathroom.  However I adore how they scent my linen closet (where we place our towels and beddings), and our various closet space and drawers in the dressers.  So, I ordered this trial size of South of France (link)just for 'collection' purpose.

8.  Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Honeysuckle scent is still my favourite, after trying out their various offerings.  To be honest, I like a lot of their line up, Basil (sweeter than I imagine) maybe my second favourite, followed by Geranium (reminds me of Rose).  Lemon Verbena (got the candle, too strong) and Bluebell (multi-surface spray, too faint) didn't capture my heart, though.  We have only one bathroom in our tiny flat, but if we do have a second one, this hand soap will be my master bathroom's full time resident soap.  If you fancy venturing into this brand, I highly recommend you start with this Hand Soap (link)!
*I'm pondering over Rhubarb, Sunflower and Cranberry, too...*

9.  My sister has keratosis pilaris, the bumpy arms, and acids that help exfoliation is one of the recommended treatments.  I've emptied a jar of Stridex in the past and after reading Caroline Hirons mentioning some Clearasil pads in her top 10 acid toners post, I realised I can get this Maximum with 2% Salicylic Acid (link) for my sister to try.  Also got one extra for myself for the face~

10.11.  Andalou Naturals Clementine Hand Cream (link) because it had a trial price and Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil (link) because I wanted to treat my stretch marks now that I'm going to the pool.  *What an excuse for someone who has a dozen opened and half-used body oils laying around!*

12.13.14.  Was desperate to get something to aid Baby Roma's sleep, so lavender I shopped.  Hugo Naturals Baby Mist (link) and Aleva Naturals Body Wash (link) have been introduced to his routine and so far, no adverse reactions is observed.  For the Aveeno Lotion (link), I haven't tried yet but will report back if it works or not.

15.16.  When I placed the order(s) I was really on a lip liner kick, so I fill in the missing shades of my ELF Lipliner Pencil (link) and Studio Lip Liner (link) collection.

17.18.  Looking at these pictures, I confess, I do not remember the driving factor for my purchase of these two Mineral Fusion lip products.  Probably because they were out of stock, on my Notify List, and now back in stock?  Or perhaps I came across the rave reviews by Lola's Secret Beauty Blog (lipstick | lip tint)on both of these? Lipstick #Charming (link) is a gorgeous juicy perky pink, it is shimmery but not in the unflattering metallic way; kind of reminds me of MAC Lustre finish.  Sheer Moisture Lip Tint #Blush (link) is a more affordable lip colour option, but I haven't tried it out yet~

19.  Because this Azelique Age Refining Treatment Serum (link) was on special offer, I purchased one to try.  Been on it several nights and so far so good.  It is a lotion that is quite creamy, formulated in texture more similar to a moisturiser than normal serum (gel/light lotion).

20.21.  I wanted to introduce more acids into my skin care routine so I opted for these two bottles.  Earth Science makes one of the yummiest Hair Masque (link) ever, so I trust this Night Rejuvenator (link) and Renewal Serum (link) shall not disappoint.

In case you're wondering, the two nail files are promotional gifts from iHerb.  They tend to throw in different random items like pen, eraser and measuring tape with each order.  Currently they're doing nail files...

Oh yeah, I do have a referral code for iHerb if you're new to it and want to make an order.  It is JBF362 and you'll get $5 to $10 off depending on how much you spend.  I do get a few cents of rewards if you do use my code.  Feel free not to use, of course!

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Seeing that I've numbered all the items in this haul as I was typing along, perhaps next time I should put numbers next to the products in the photos too?  Do leave me a comment if you second this idea!

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")

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