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Sogo Thankful Week | May 2015

Sogo the department store has a bi-annual sale festival called Thankful Week.  Do not be fooled by its name, it doesn't last for a week, nor two, but half a month.  It is a great opportunity to stock up on essentials or to try new products, for various brands (from grocery to sportswear, jewellery to kitchenware) will do big % off or value bundles.  Normally I'm not a keen shopper at Thankful Week because all I usually shop for is beauty products and I buy enough, if not too much, outside the sale season.  This time though, my mum and her sister tricked me to Sogo with the excuse of browsing stuff for Roma, and that my aunt is Sogo member so she enjoys rebate, and that they can look after baby while I fool around.  The result?  I not only picked up the sunscreen I need for this entire Summer, but more...

Before I went into Sogo, I did spend time reading the promo brochure from their facebook, and decided that if by chance I can grab a BareMinerals sunscreen set, I would.  Turned out?

It is sold out, of course, so I studied the handouts of various other brands and decided I'd go for Dior and Clinique.  But I did also do some damage at a 3rd brand - blame Honor for that! - read till the end to find out.


Each DiorSnow set cost me $540, with a full size SPF, three deluxe travel size samples, and a textured white make up pouch.  The full size tube itself costs around $450-$500 so I'm paying roughly $100 for the three samples and a good make up bag.  Originally I intended to get one set only, but the sales convinced me to get two by telling me that there are BB Creme sets, and getting two sets will come with a miniature J'Adore EDP - sold. (I forgot to photograph the perfume though)

The sales assistant applied both colour of DiorSnow UV Shield BB Creme White Reveal UV Protection  on the back of my hand, describing 010 as lighter and 'nude' tone, and 020 slightly more natural with pink tone.  Deciphering her description with the swatch on my hand, I'd say 01 is indeed fairer and more yellow - they can use "warm tone" or "neutral" if 'yellow' is a word they find negative.  02 is not much darker, but definitely pinker.  I opted for 01 as I do not want to quite harshly brighten my face with a pink tone BB.

This set comes with a DiorSnow White Reveal Melt-Away Makeup Remover (cream/milk texture?), DiorSnow White Revea Moisturizing Lotion 2 Rich (moisturising toner), and DiorSnow White Perfection Anti-Spot & Transparency Brightening Serum.

There are two colours for the DiorSnow Brightening Illuinating UV Protection, mine is "Pearly White".  I have no idea if the other option "Translucent" is available.  With the set I got a Fresh Creme Global Transparency along with the lotion and serum (same as above).


The pricing of Clinique in Hong Kong is so-so.  Often it is a 1:10 from US Dollar to HKD (our exchange rate is typically 1:7.8, so even if tax is present over there and not here, we do pay 25% more here, sad) which does discourage me to shop from them.

However, I eyed the Even Better Dark Spot Defense bundle and decided to get one.  The "sheer" looks quite shiny and reflective applied on the back of my hand, so I opted for "sheer tint" which has an ever so faint hint of colour.  The set comes with a full size 30 ml and a small 10 ml, in "sheer".  $300

Ever since the Pop Lip Colour $170 popped up on various blogs I follow, I'm desperate to go see it in person and perhaps pick up several.  I wanted to get a natural 01 Nude Pop and a bright (Poppy Pop) but the amazing orange was out of stock.  So I was recommended Chubby Stick Intense in 04 Heftiest Hibiscus $160 - nearly as amazing.  I also purchased two Repairwear Intensive Lip Treatment $250 each, as gifts.

The bag of Gift with Purchase comes with: Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief, All About Eyes, Chubby Stick 13 Mighty Mimosa, Lash Power Mascara 01 Black Onyx, Liquid Facial Soap Mild, Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser, Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+

I'm probably giving some of them to my mum to use, for Clinique skin care works, but does not always win over others in my stash.

From left: Nude Pop, Mighty Mimosa, Heftiest Hibiscus


Honor made my aunt and I visit the IPSA counter to get her a repurchase of the Creative Concealer (info) which comes in a bundle with samples at the Thankful Week.

For $320 I got an IPSA Protector Daytime Shield bundle.  With today's weak JPY, the sunscreen itself costs about $280, so I'm paying $40 for samples of The Time Reset Aqua Clear Gel, Water Massage, and The Time Reset Micro Mist - not bad.

Last but not least, there is an entirely impulsive purchase of the Luminizing Clay at $340.  My skin feel congested lately so I figure this is a good one to try after reading some rave reviews long time ago.  It is a clay-type massage and wash-off mask which can be used on wet or dry skin.

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Now the question is, after my #MayBeautyGoals of No New Before Old, which sunscreen should I pry open and use/try?

Also, tell me in the comments below if there's a special sale season for beauty products from where you live!  (Apart from the Thanksgiving sale which is basically a North-America-wide craze!) 
Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")

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