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To Buy or Not To Buy? | Poppy Pop

If you've read my Sogo Thankful Week haul you know that I wanted to get Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer "Poppy Pop", but it was out of stock.  Instead, the saleslady persuaded me to bring home Clinique Chubby Stick Intense "04 Heftiest Hibiscus".  So far I've not regretted the purchase but the more I use my "Nude Pop", I am more convinced that the Pop Lip Colour is a better formula (than the Chubby Stick Intense).  Intended to justify my purchase, I dig out all of my orange-red lipsticks, lip lacquers and glosses for swatches and comparisons, and guess what?

Most Sheer / Bon Bon Stick Gloss "02" This might be the favourite lip product I've discovered in year twenty-fifteen.  Affordable, flattering colours, beautiful finish (glossy and shiny), good lasting power (it has a jelly feeling that hugs the lips) and super moisturising on the lips - I can't stop smacking my lips when this is on.  02 is the red they do, and it has a warm blood-like undertone; I can rock this even with a bare face sans under eye concealer aka zombie face.  (01 is an amazing coral orange, and 03 a lady-ish pink)  Major disadvantage?  They only come in three shades.  HK$69, Log-On.

Most Glossy / Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter "035 Candy Apple" In fact, this is one I'm thinking of letting go of.  It just doesn't apply very well on my lips and can go patchy sometimes.  The lip butters can be hit-and-miss and while I adore some shades, some just doesn't work with me.  Regardless, Candy Apple is an easy way to rock red lips and despite the appearance, it feels lovely worn.  HK$98, Revlon stands.  (by the way, how ridiculous is the pricing!?)

Most Classic / MAC Matte "Lady Danger" Don't know what more can I say about this colour.  MAC matte and retro matte are superb, especially considering their value.  Try it, you won't regret it.  HK$150, MAC counters.

Most Widely Available / Revlon Super Lustrous Creme "720 Fire & Ice" This can also be the most classic, if I can put two products under the same tag (I can, but I didn't want to, lame).  Fire & Ice is warm swatched but on the lips it is not straightly orange based.  Bright, but sometimes I can't tell whether it is coral, orange, red or pink; a very interesting colour.  Drugstore pricing with several finishes (this is in Creme but I really love Matte as well), the Super Lustrous line is unbeatable.  HK$62, Sasa stores.

Most Wasteful / Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil "Red Square" Gorgeous colour, formula, application, wear time, acceptable comfort level (given it is really quite matte), but I hate to sharpen it.  If I ever finish this, I think I might just stick with Lady Danger.  Putting this pencil to the blade is like cutting my fingertips with a knife.  ouch!  HK$240, Nars counters.

Most Fragrant / Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss "Bella Bamba" I got this in a Black Friday set Tao got me last year.  As I age, I grow less interested in glosses.  This shade looks pretty but I can't even stand the scent as I applied it onto my hand.  I won't use it on my pout and will gift it away.  US$16, Benefit website.

Most Precise / Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer "400 Big Bang" This is a high coverage lip lacquer, the pigmentation is strong and the impact is high and is easy to go wrong.  Luckily, the special sponge-tip applicator with a small built-in dent makes the application quite precise and easy to work with.  Also luckily, this looks like a liquid lipstick but doesn't have the stubborn staining effect some of them have.  If you mess it up, just clean up with a cotton bud or tissue and it's alright.  I can't say I'm a fan of its fragrance but for the effect it gives, I don't mind the scent.  GBP£6.49, Boots or Asos.

Most Hard to Find / Visee Color Polish Lipstick "RD420" Actually not so hard now, as many Sasa stores carry Visee and I believe Kose counters too.  It is quite typical for Japanese brands to upgrade their drugstore lines as department store counter lines here in HK.  But for the non-JP, non-HK beauty shoppers, Visee is still not the easiest to obtain.  I am a big fan of Visee lipsticks, got several of their previous formula (Creamy Lipstick, which is satin finish).  This Color Polish is released earlier this year, with boosted moisturising factor and comes in shiny finish.  Both Creamy Lipstick and Color Polish deliver a good load of pigment and are very kind to dry lips.  Out of the ten shades, I've already collected 4 so far and still want to get more.  Minor drawback, if overloaded on the lips (I tried to make a dozen swipes once), this can bleed outwards slightly; to avoid that, apply just two or three coats, it is bright enough that way.  HK$115, Sasa or Kose.

Most Missed / YSL Rouge Volupte "16" (discontinued) This formula is in fact very buttery and prone to gliding around your face.  It is a red with noticeable bright orange undertone.  Now that this shade is no longer present in this formula, I guess they will have something similar in the Rouge Pur Couture - a formula I'm longer to own one - tell me if you know of any good shades in the Rouge Pur Couture!

Most (blank) / Clinique Chubby Stick Intense "04 Heftiest Hibiscus"  The newest of them all, hence not much to say.  This is my first time trying out Chubby Stick 'Intense' and I have a feeling the formula is too emollient that the extra pigment glide around a little.  However, it is brilliant at nourishing the lips and I find the best way is to blot the shine a little and wear it as a creamy stain - very pretty.  At full power the colour can 'float' on top of the lips.  Hope that makes sense.  HK$160, Clinique counters.

Most Stubborn / Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick "Outlaw" Honestly, this is not very orange-red, more a standard red.  And to be more honest, I hesitate to wear this because it really is a pain to remove.  Not sure why I put this in this post but um, if you fancy everlastingness in a lip product, this is a good one to go.  I have tried Sephora Cream Lip Stain but not in a red shade, but they are very similar in formula.  US$20, Sephora.

Most Comfortable / Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet "Hot Pepper" It really is as amazing as every single blogger raves about.  I must say, I'm extraordinarily impressed by how I managed to control myself to only get one.  This stays on the lips for a more than decently long period of time, and the best part?  It feels like you're wearing nothing when the colourful impact is actually 'bam' there.  Skip the Kat Von D, Sephora Cream Lip Stain or Hourglass, this liquid lipstick is the best.  Bourjois counters or Asos.

I know, I know, this post is best supplemented with lip swatches.  But.  Certain shades mentioned above I'm going to let go.  And.  I just can't be bothered.  So.  Lip swatches may come, one day, if I feel like to.

So.  After all this words and exhaustion, to buy, or not to buy?

Should I?  Probably not.  I have so many to play with, in different finishes and price points.  Would I?  No, not in near future, for now I've more ideas to blog, e.g. an Orange Lipstick post.

Anyway, which one of the above reds interests you the most?

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Lazy silly Jacq :")

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