Friday, 12 June 2015

Farewell #MayBeautyGoals | plus some First Impressions

The original post & mid-month update on the May beauty goals.  I'm going to briefly evaluate how I think I did in May, and share with you my plans for June, and the month(s) after.

Also, as I've whacked open quite a number of new products in my stash, after May is over - I have this 'no new before old rule' - I will talk about some first impressions further below.

Daily Goals

2 Litre H2O - Probably my worst.  I really should drink more.  Time to invest in a pretty and practical water bottle, perhaps?

SPF Every Morning - Been doing quite well on this.  Kanebo Dew Superior Protect Essence Concentrate II has been my favourite out of the various I've used in the month.  Peter Thomas Roth Max Sheer All Day Moisture Defense Lotion is really greasy, do not like.  I didn't use up as many sunscreen samples as I thought I would though.

Hand Cream Every Night - For the first half or two-thirds of the month I've been quite diligent in hand creaming.  Later I kind of slack off.  But I did go through some hand creams - big achievement.

Every Other Day Goals

Do Mask - I've definitely do mask more often than the previous months.  When I put my heart, and hands, to it, I actually realise that clay masks or other cream-type wash-offs aren't that difficult to rinse off.  I also did go through quite a pile of sheet masks.  Feeling accomplished.


No New Before Old - Total success.  Whenever I have the urge to break open a new tube of mask or twist of the cap of a new toner, I turn from the full size stash to my sample collection.  I now realise how much old samples I've collected and perhaps it's time to do a clear out.

No Buy - In my first update I confess about the one lipstick (unnecessary) and one sunscreen (necessity, for baby, not me) I've purchased.  Then 10 days ago, I broke down and brought home a stunning 23 pieces of full and travel sizes (minus ones I've gifted to my family) - evil Thankful Week.  Really, the other day, Mr. A and I went to the Uniqlo Thankful Fest and $1400+ were gone.  Now we have more supima cotton tees than any other tees, marvellous.
On the other hand, I mention that I'd love to get the Cult Beauty & Caroline Hirons box, but after learning about the content I was kind of put off.  Mainly by the Bio-Essence item because I have tried it and was really not impressed.  Moisturisers that turn to droplets on the skin is really common amongst Asian brands too.
Later in the month I randomly purchased an orange Revlon lipstick (picture) and did one more damage at Sogo Thankful Week (picture).  That's all.


Today is the 12th of June and if I'm announcing any goals, then it'll be for the second half only.  Hence, I'll allow myself to fool around a little, freely, playing new products until July comes.  I'm sort of planning a de-stashing series or big inventory check for July - very ambitious - which I think I desperately need and will be so fun and fulfilling to do.

First Impressions

Skin care usually takes me more time to form an opinion, but to start off with, I can tell you if they impressed me with a few usages.  After reading and watching people mentioning about the bad smell of Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment (haul picture), I'm prepared; but it turned out to be not as strong, perhaps those people are too used to strong fragrances in their products?  IPSA Luminizing Clay is a quick clay mask to clean, purify and brighten the skin; I'm so far really enjoying how easy this washes off.  After I finished my La Roche Posay Serozinc (picture), I ran to my nearest Mannings and procured two bottles of Bioderma Sensibio Dermatological Water.  If Caroline Hirons said it is as good, if not better, then I'm sold.  My opinion?  Being so readily available is a huge plus, and given it is calming and soothing I can see myself misting this can (and my backup) constantly - which I've already been doing.

On the other hand I've also started using a MAC Charged Water (that MAC haul not even yet shared, whatever) and a KOSE Esprique Precious Toning Lotion (old stock, probably discontinued) as it's been so bloody hot I need sprays and mists and spritzes to keep myself sane.  Both are fine mists and I haven't found faults yet.

Girlfriend A bought me Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Night Cap Overnight Perfector and Marc Jacobs Lolita Palette during her American trip (haul picture).  The Night Cap was a mistake - I originally asked for the 5-in-1 Styling Treatment - but it's okay; the product itself smells exceptionally lovely and I'm not complaining.  Lolita is all the every single bit adorable and very practical; the three mattes on the left are great neutrals for all looks, and the rest with various degrees of shimmer are flattering, smooth and delicate.  Beautiful.

For base/face, I've ripped open the newly acquired Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Defense #Sheer Tint and Dior DiorSnow UV Shield BB Cream #010.  The Clinique is sheer and even out my skin tone ever so slightly and has a brilliant comfortable gel-like texture.  DiorSnow on the other hand is quite spread-able, good coverage and makes skin looks beautiful.  Both hold up reasonably well on my skin in this weather when set with some powder or compact foundation.  I adore both and do not regret getting them from Sogo Thankful Week.  Also I dug out an untouched 'new' Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation #52 Vanilla and started using it; it is as good as some of my higher end foundations!

Finally, Addiction Eyeliner Pencil #01 Blackjack might be a new holy grail eyeliner.  It is creamy, pitch black, twist-up (minimal wastage, and can be sharpened with built-in sharpener if desired), stays put and lasts really long on both lids and waterline.  I am using it non-stop and probably will harass Honor to buy me back more later this year.

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Have you tried anything new recently?  Are they good?

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")

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