Thursday, 11 June 2015

Pleasant Product, Poor Packaging

I often am reluctant to admit that, we do pay for the packaging for beauty products.  Not that all expensive products come in well-designed containers or dispensers, but sometimes, or quite frequently, the more affordable options come in questionable packaging.  Here are some recently encountered and old acquaintances that I've realised deserve a little rant.

MAC Pro Longwear Eye Liner #Mountain Air is one of the more long-lasting eyeliners in my stash.  A lovely creamy Turkish blue colour great for many seasons or skin tones.  Problem: the end of the pencil, which has no practical use but to distinguish itself from other pencils and to prevent the lead inside from drying out (two important purposes?), decided that it would break off the day this pencil landed in my hands.  Now it's stuck back with some tape but it looks horrendous.  At least to my eyeballs.

MAC Eye Kohl #Hyacinth is quite different from #Mountain Air mentioned above, in several ways.  It is a Kohl which really doesn't set, but is very blendable and creamy.  The shade is a dark, not deep, royal blue with a soft metallic sheen.  The entire pencil from tip to end is wood (like old school stationery pencil) so the end won't fall off.  Problem: the lid didn't stand the test of being repeatedly putting back on, and it cracked.  Same with the following three.

ParaDo Eyebrow Pencil (BR03 pictured), Banila Co. Brow Auto Pencil #03 Deep Brown and Naris Up Brows Up Pencil Eyebrow are all good brow products.  The lead give natural colour and texture, and application is simple.  However.  All lids on the brush end broke on me.  It should be my problem, not theirs, I suppose?

Maybelline Fashion Brow 24H Coloring Mascara #5 Dark Brown is actually one of my favourite budget colour brow gels.  Although it only comes in two colour options here, sadly, and the other shade is a bright orange (not a tone I'm looking for), the colour and formula of this Dark Brown is actually surprisingly fine.  Problem: as with many other bloggers, I find the brush/wand slightly disappointing, however, it is not the ball end that annoys me, it is the length of bristles that follow.  If you've seen the poor narrow neck of bristles, you'll probably also ask the same question, how am I going to use the product on that part of the brush?

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles #Light is one of the handful concealers I own from Maybelline with this twist up mechanism.  Great formula and nice shade selection.  It is even now available in Hong Kong (hurray!).  Problem: when you twist the disc down to press up the product, some (a lot) of concealer actually got squeezed into the space above the disc.  Only half, or maybe less, concealer actually comes out from the top nozzle, or sponge-tip, if you don't mind the hygiene issue of it.  Personally that doesn't bother me but I find it hinders product coming out.

Bourjois ColorBand Eyeshadow & Liner #05 Mauve Baroque is the only one that interests me, and in a strangely passionate way, after reading it on Lily Pebbles' blog.  I ordered it off ASOS so it did travel a distance before reaching my doorsteps, BUT, when it came, the colour lead inside, the entire piece, flew off and stuck to the lid.  It took me uncountable brain cells and immeasurable effort to bring it back down and press it back into the paper tube that housed it.  Not to mention I have to sharpen down a lot of those paper in order to reveal the product again to use.  Bloody disappointing.

Rant over.  I still like all the above mentioned to a certain extent I will keep and use them.  Some will probably be used up soon, too.  Now I'm looking at my drawer of eyeliners and contemplating a de-stashing/graveyard post.  Wish me luck.

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Do you have any disappointing product (packaging) to share?

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")

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