Monday, 13 July 2015

Memoir of a Monster | 9 Month Update

Monster Roma takes way more photos than shown in this post.  I'm showing so few merely because I'm too reluctant to upload/edit/select them.  You can follow my Instagram or Snapchat (jacqlibra) if you fancy some more Monster captured.  The Roma in Sulley costume is shot by my sister Jo at Just.Capture Photography (facebook page).  Roma loves this auntie, as much as he loves all the aunties - yes, he's quite a flirt.

Baby Update


Roma is about 70 cm in height/length.  Didn't weigh him for months but he should be on the light side, still.


6 or 7 am: Roma wakes up, I nurse him and play around with him.  Put him back to sleep.

9 am: Roma wakes up again.  Give him breakfast.  Usually is several baby biscuits with water.  Then he explores the living room where will soon be filled up with toys explosion.

11 am: Goes down for a nap.  Time for me to prepare his meal.

12 nn or 1 pm: Wakes up for lunch.  Usually a generous portion of root vegetables or multi-grain porridge with meat (chicken or pork or beef).  More untidying of the living room.

3 or 4 pm: Nap.  If nap is short, then when he wakes up, I will probably give him snack (fruits or bread) then bring him out to play before grocery.  If nap is long, then when he wakes up, I may skip his snack and just go supermarket.

7 pm: Sometimes he likes to take a short nap in Daddy A's embrace before dinner, sometimes he'll just go straight for food.  Dinner can be steamed fish, chopped boiled greens, mashed vegetables, or meat (chicken or pork or beef) WITH a generous portion of root veg (potato/carrot/sweet potato) or porridge (plain rice/ multi grain, i.e. rice mixed with oats, beans, etc).

9 pm: Bath.  He loves his baths.  Daddy A bathes him and dresses him.  I nurse Roma and either me or Daddy A puts him to sleep.  Sometimes it is before 10, sometimes after.


Thanks to heaven, this monster loves food.  Weaning is going smoothly (perhaps a little too fast?).  See routine, above.  He feeds himself breakfast (biscuits), holds his own cup (with straw), and picks up snacks (tiny puffs) quite well.  We haven't let him try feeding himself with utensils though - note to self: buy those utensils soon.

I've started giving him a few ounces of cow's milk in the morning - which is not advised for under 1 year old - may probably switch to cheese/yoghurt (other dairy product) later this week, may not.  Monster Roma has not shown adverse reactions to any of these.

However, the first time we gave him a full egg (with egg white), he did have some rashes on the face for couple of hours.  We stopped for some days and re-try, then it seemed fine.


Still on Pampers Premium Care Japan-made Size M.  For tops he wears anything from 70 cm to 80 cm (6 - 12 m) depending on the brand.  For bottoms, he can still fit in some of his 3 - 6 m pants as his waist is tiny, probably due to extensive intensive squatting.


Roma crawls a lot.  He always holds onto something (bars of his 'cage', chair or table, sofa or shelves) and stands up.  He squats when he's too tired standing.  He also moves/walks along with aid, e.g. along the edge of the sofa.

13th July 42w 2d: Both lower central incisors popped out from his gum finally.

Mummy Update

I have much less to say about myself than about the monster, hence the change of title of this post.  Apart from getting grocery, putting his meals together, stuffing food into my system, tidying up the always messy living room, doing other household chores, I've also rekindled my affair with stationery.  In the past month or so I've procured couple of journals and notebooks, plenty of stickers and dozens of masking tapes - I've no idea how to actually use them but they make me happy, and they seem less perishable and redundant than make up (which I've still bought some, but seriously have close to no time to play with them).

left: about 6moth, right: about 9 month

I hope you don't find this post too uninteresting.  I know how you feel - I feel the same when certain bloggers/vloggers I follow change the focus of their content drastically.  But this is me, and my life currently.  Many times I've wanted to sit down and type my 3 month worth of empties but turn to my bed instead.  Sorry, not sorry.


7 days from today he will be 10 month old.  I guess the next monster update will be the 1 year old one?

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. He is so cute! I see nothing wrong with such posts - it gives an insight what to expect for future mothers, so it is useful:)

    1. Thanks Jane :) I am glad you find this non-repellent!

  2. We love seeing your little man grow! It reminds me of what it was like when my babies were actually babies still! tehe :)

    1. I'm already finding my little monster a little too big to be called a baby, and he's barely 11 month old! He's so active and restless that drives me so tired. These posts do help remind me that he's such a miracle and 'once' a baby too~



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