Friday, 14 August 2015

Inventory 24.1 | Bronzer Graveyard

I do not wear bronzer.  I buy them because a malfunction in my brain thinks I will use them as shading.  In reality not many bronzers can sculpt me naturally or in a flattering way.  What prompted me to de-clutter my bronzer/contour stash is, the series of makeup graveyard/ decluttering by various beauty youtubers including iamgrape1119 (Tao), Tati, pinksofoxy (Christine).  Also, I wanted to see if there's any close alternative to the Charlotte Tilbury I'm digging a lot since I received it.  And guess what?  I found a pretty nice alternative in terms of opacity, texture and depth.  

In this post I'm only going to talk about the ones I'm going to part with - giving them away or blog selling, leave a comment below if you fancy any - for the ones I'm keeping, that will be another post.

Keeping both, for now.
Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow - The bronze side is a rather light in depth, semi-opaque sheer in texture, very smooth and blendable hue with a hint of taupe (grey).  It is wearable and flattering on my skin tone - probably NC20 currently?  I don't wear foundation day to day to quote as reference - and I can put it either in places where light hits or shadow forms to add colour.

MAC Bronzing Powder #Soft Sand - I reckon this is a Limited Edition product nearly 3 Summers ago.  Got this as a gift and haven't used it much.  While I was decluttering I even find the surface to have hardened due to age or grease (?) and I have to give it a few scratches to pick up the product.  On the skin it has an extremely close finish and feel to the CT Filmstar.  Colour-wise, it is more golden and brown but because it is also on the light side it won't look harsh on me.  I wanted to say the fine shimmer in CT is rose-gold (cooler) and the shimmer in this is more truly golden (warmer) - but don't trust me on this as I do not have microscopic eye-sight.

Left: CT, Right: MAC

Palettes.  Left: OUT.  Right: Stay.
Now onto the bronzers that are leaving:

Palettes that are going.

Sleek Face Form Contouring and Blush Palette #Medium - These three shades make a fabulous eyeshadow trio.  I tried, and I love the effect.  However, that affection doesn't justify keeping a 20 g palette I cannot use on my face.  The pigmentation is brilliant - better than many eyeshadows - and given it is not super sheer or blendable, it works very well if you like the colour to show up and stay put.

Sleek Face Form Contouring and Blush Palette #Fair - The contour shade is okay in depth but too pink.  I did use quite a bit of it and to be honest the highlight and blush are beautiful and use-able too.  I wish it is easier to blend and less red (more yellow or grey or brown).

MAC Trip: 4 Bronze Eye & Cheek - The Beauty Powder Blush #Eversun is a sun-burnt colour.  I have barely touched it although I made an effort to hit pan on the eyeshadows.  You may read the Hit Pan post written years ago.

Sleek Face Contour Kit #Light - A little dark and I do not use it enough.  The highlight is a great one though.  I struggle a little to let this go because I think the highlight is definitely worth keeping.

Singles.  Left: OUT.  Right: Staying.


The Body Shop Bronzing Powder #01 Light Matte - You can see that I've seriously try to make a dent in this one.  However, I realise it is too pink and to be honest, not showing up much on my skin tone.

The Body Shop Bronzing Powder #03 Medium Matte - Compared to 01 this is warmer (more yellow) and not too much darker.  I think this looks better on me, but again, I have hardly wear it.

Sephora Bronzer Powder SPF15 #S60 Bahamas - A lovely neutral tone with medium-dark depth.  The powder is smooth and the case is pretty sturdy.  I find no fault in it, yet no reason to keep it.

NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder #Sunny - Chalky.  Probably the most affordable in my stash but the quality shows, both in the powder and the packaging.

Also going.
MAC Sculpting Cream #Coffee Walnut - Too dark and I don't have no time to work with cream contour.

Illamasqua Pressed Powder #PP325 - I added this to my cart during a reckless order because this was on sale.  Bad decision.

NYX Blush #Taupe - Despite the many praises by many reviewers, I find the powder quality just okay.

The Balm #Bahama Mama - Too dark and it is a milk chocolate colour, quite cool for a bronzer, but alright for a contour.

Canmake Shading Powder #01 - This is the back up I do not need.  I do not understand why I bought a back up because even though I like mine enough to use it sometimes, I never ever hit pan on a bronzer or shading powder.  (Okay, except a foundation I once used as shading purpose)

So, I've started with 25 and am now keeping 12, of which 3 are in palettes.  I am very pleased with this result and if I can similarly well with other departments in my stash, that'll be good.  Actually some of the singles I'm keeping I have realised aren't necessarily bronzer/contour but really can work as nude blushes - but that's for another post.  Hope you enjoy this one, so far!

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. omg, you're crazy. Can't imagine how big is your lipstick or blush collection! Show it *.*

    1. I guess I'm decluttering my bronzers (or other items) just to make space for more lipsticks. Yes I'm crazy. No I'm not ready to show it yet (no clue how to do it...)

  2. I also want to make some space in my collection but I am tempted to buy more bronzer and a palette like ABH =(

    1. I'm kind of over palettes at the moment. Because I have no time to do much face or eye make up :P



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