Friday, 21 August 2015

Inventory 25.1 | Cream Cheek Colour Graveyard

Continuing with my make up decluttering or make up graveyard, I'd like to review my cream cheek products pile.  I think it makes sense to go through things that tend to expire first, and items I do not use regularly enough - lipglosses, I'm thinking of you.  Again, this post will be on the ones I'm parting with.  If you have your eyes on any of them, just let me know, I can let you have them; mind you, they can be quite old though.

Benefit Cha Cha Tint 

Benefit Benetint

Clinique Gel Blush #02 New Clover

I do not like to work with these textures.  Over.

the 'palettes' opened
My rule with keeping these palettes with multiple textures is, I have to like all of the pans in order to keep the whole thing.  If I do not, then the pans in it should at least be different to other things I own in order to remain staying.

Wild About Beauty Divine Nights - In it, contains 4 powder eyeshadow, Multi Purpose Tint in #01 Lynne (the pale nude small pan), 1 lip gloss, Ultra Dewy Glow Stick #01 Winston (the larger highlight pan) and a powder blush.  I didn't remember why I bought it in the first place - probably when there was a sale or promotion going on - and with a few swatches I decided I do not need this in my life.  The colours and textures aren't bad, just nothing spectacular.

Stila Sensational in Sydney Collectible City Palette No.5 - There are 5 beautifully formulated flattering neutral eyeshadows in the palette I know I will use.  However, the convertible color in #sugarbrush is just too dark.  It will look way better on skin tone a few shades deeper than mine or at least, with a light tan.  I struggled a lot to let this go.

A'Pieu Nature Lip & Cheek Pot Rouge Quarter #01 - The three blush colours are actually pretty decent, creamily blendable and pigmented; they also dry down to a flattering satin skin-like finish.  However, the shimmer doesn't make it.  It remains glossy and shimmery looking for couple of minutes only.  While it doesn't feel sticky on the skin - same as the other three shades - it just didn't work.

too dark
Becca Creme Blush #Lotus

Stila Convertible Color #Sugarbrush - See? Compared to #Rose this is even a hint darker and some brown hue.

Stila Convertible Color #Rose - Beautiful.  Yet I've only used it a handful of times.  I think this look the more flattering the fairer you are.

Illamasqua Cream Blusher #Betray - I like the formula of Illmasqua Cream Blusher, now that I'm typing this, I want to give it one more chance and it may be staying... I have a really soft heart eh?

MAC Blushcreme #Cheery #Fancy Ray - Not only are these two colours dark, they are too brown and muddy.  What's worse is, this formula is truly sticky and unpleasant to work with.

Jemma Kidd Make Up Dewy Glow All Over Radiance Cream #02 Rose Gold - Although this is yellow/warm-based and should be more suitable for my yellow Asian skin tone, I find the effect unnoticeable once blended in.

Mini Bourjois Blush 03 - This is ancient and honestly I do not know how to work with this, given the colour is quite light but tone is not right for a highlight on me.

MAC Cream Colour Base #Fawntastic (frost) - The depth of this colour is a contour on me, but the frosty finish means it has to be a highlight.  Technically CCB can also be used on lips or eyes but this shade doesn't work.

colours that technically work but...
Stila Convertible Color #Peony - I have a fresher mini size of the exact same colour, so I decided to let this older one go.

MUA Cream Blusher #Scrummy - Lovely stuff.  Out of the three shades I have I just don't wear these two enough.  They have decent texture and fun shades.  A very good 'drugstore' cream blush from the UK.

Canmake Cream Cheek #07 - This has too strong a white/pastel base and while it looks cute and young on, not the most flattering and good looking.

Kiko Glow Touch Lips & Cheeks #02 Icy Watermelon - I really like Kiko as a brand and most, if not all, of their products I tried are of incredible quality.  This is also a great one with the scent, colour, and texture.  This colour is good on my cheeks but for some reason not showing up much on my lips.  The sheer size of 18 grams haunts me and I think I am not keeping it.  Given I've bought 4 more from my last Italian trip...

MUA Cream Blusher #Lush - I have quite a few similar bright pinks so I have to let this go.  I'll miss it though.  For I remember wearing it quite a bit during our honeymoon at Koh Samui.

Lavshuca Girly Whip Cheek #RD1 - It is a bright coral light mousse.  Blended out, the product loses a lot of the pigmentation but it feels nice.  Layered it can look more watermelon than coral, but the layering sucks.  I think I dislike the whipped texture more than the shade.

Stila Convertible Color #Gladiola - It looks very orange in the pan or swatched but somehow on me, it becomes a warm pink.  Our chemistry didn't work.

the 'stash' after the 'purge'
I don't know if you find the quantity of products I eliminated quite plenty, I do, actually.  21 are gone.

However, more are staying.  I counted.  If one palette or duo is counted as 1, my current stash is still an alarming 40.  Yes, sick, I know.  Give me some time, I will try to use them and love them more.

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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