Monday, 14 September 2015

Rapid Review | Illamasqua #Scorch

The website described it as pure white, glossy finish.

I find it very corrective fluid - like white, and I've an Essie white I'm liking more than this.  So I'm afraid this is going to go.

Out of the five pictured below, I'll definitely recommend Cyber Colors, which I've recently just purchased more of, despite doing a massive decluttering (?!).  Sinful Colors can be hit-and-miss across the line but the price cannot be beaten; it is so amazingly affordable.  Illamasqua makes very interesting colours and the formula is great, however not all shades are flattering on every skin tone; it is a pain I can only order blindly online with others' swatches and cannot see them in person!

From left:

  • Illamasqua #Scorch
  • Illamasqua #Prism (review)
  • Sinful Colors #Be Happy (review)
  • Sinful Colors #Cinderella (review)
  • Cyber Colors #Lavender (review)

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