Thursday, 29 October 2015

Happy 1st Birthday Monster Roma!

Monster is well over 13 month old while I'm typing this.  Sorry-not-sorry, for I enjoy very much the restless hours as well as the rare peaceful moments.  While applying make up or up-keeping a relatively proper skincare routine is manageable when I put my mind to it; blogging is indeed a luxury.  In the past month, we've moved, to a larger flat closer to all four of Roma's grandparents.  The move and settle down was exceptionally smooth with the help of my siblings, among many others.  Jacob's first birthday party was celebrated before we moved out from our previous estate, where there's a well-equipped function room at the clubhouse.  As with the move, the party couldn't be a success without my siblings, and many others' help.

Oh, another important update, I'm pregnant (!), with monster #2, in case you're not following my Instagram (@jacqlibra).  That will be another long chatty post though.

Also, please follow me on Snapchat (also @jacqlibra) where I often snap about Roma and I's where-about and daily life.  Now let's talk about Roma turning One.

All photos used here are taken by Jo (link) - she's also Jacob's current favourite nanny/auntie. ^3^


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