Thursday, 29 October 2015

Happy 1st Birthday Monster Roma!

Monster is well over 13 month old while I'm typing this.  Sorry-not-sorry, for I enjoy very much the restless hours as well as the rare peaceful moments.  While applying make up or up-keeping a relatively proper skincare routine is manageable when I put my mind to it; blogging is indeed a luxury.  In the past month, we've moved, to a larger flat closer to all four of Roma's grandparents.  The move and settle down was exceptionally smooth with the help of my siblings, among many others.  Jacob's first birthday party was celebrated before we moved out from our previous estate, where there's a well-equipped function room at the clubhouse.  As with the move, the party couldn't be a success without my siblings, and many others' help.

Oh, another important update, I'm pregnant (!), with monster #2, in case you're not following my Instagram (@jacqlibra).  That will be another long chatty post though.

Also, please follow me on Snapchat (also @jacqlibra) where I often snap about Roma and I's where-about and daily life.  Now let's talk about Roma turning One.

All photos used here are taken by Jo (link) - she's also Jacob's current favourite nanny/auntie. ^3^

Balloons and banner from Shum Shui Po.

Mike & James figures from Shum Shui Po.
Cupcakes and stand by +Jennifer Ho  (link, Instagram @jenho_sk).  I asked for monstrous icings - the little girls (and boys, and adults) LOVE them.
Sprinkles from Taste Supermarket.

Mr. A's in the background! :D
Roma knew the day was special so he couldn't take the afternoon nap.  Hence he looked slightly dreamy throughout the whole party.  Not grumpy though, surprise!

Outfit, shirt + vest + pants from Mothercare.
Shoes from Fiona's Prince.
Badge from Shum Shui Po.

Mike/Monster utensils by Munchkin from Mothercare.
He's picking up berry fruit snacks by Plum Organics (iHerb link).

At the toddler playroom in the clubhouse.

Pretending he's not sleepy.

Holding Grandma, feature Daddy in the background, again.  :D

Right before his birthday, Roma's been ill for three consecutive weeks.  First it's Roseola, then it's diarrhea (had to take antibiotics), followed by a strong flu.  Thank God he almost fully recovered after the 20 days turmoil, and could enjoy his party as much as possible.  A few days after his birthday he took his 1 year old shots, and despite a few sharp screams he didn't show any adverse reactions, #blessed.

He's been active and chatty and after we moved flat, this monster walks.  Now Roma can dash freely where-ever and when-ever he favours.  During our family trip last week at Taichung/Nantou, he was running around like a genuine beast.

As he weaned off breast-milk around 10 month old - naturally, about the same time I'm pregnant again - we turned him onto fresh cow's milk.  It's been fine until his diarrhea, when we switched over to soy formula which is supposed to be better for his diarrhea-ing guts.  After two cans of soy formula he's on cow's formula until now (it is so practical for our travel, and I finally enjoyed the convenience of making milk from powder!).  We're planning to change back to fresh milk once the current can is done.  Roma loves his milk, and we give him 8 oz with breakfast (usually oatmeal or biscuits or half a bun), and 6 oz before bed.

Routine-wise, Jacob is pretty kind to his mummy (and daddy).  In the morning he wakes up roughly at 7 am, and begins talking to himself (or to his soft toys, or the fan) in increasing volume until we carry him out from his crib.  We then cuddle a while on our big bed, change his nappy, before giving him breakfast.  After he's done we'll usually send daddy off to work, and spend some time walking around our estate.  When we come back home, Roma is usually ready for a nap which can be around 9:30 to 12:00.  This is the time when I can make lunch.  As he wakes up, we have lunch, then the 'most hectic' part of the day comes.  In short, it is Jacob's play time.  If I survive this session (I usually do, no worries), then he can take another nap, shorter and more irregular anytime in the afternoon.  Sometimes he asks for a snack before or after the afternoon nap and if I can supply, it's usually fruits.  Dinner is usually served at 6:00 to 7:30 pm.  Same as lunch, it can be congee/porridge with beans, veggie, minced meat or shredded fish.  I'm deeply grateful Monster is not a picky eater, because I'm not patient at feeding nor expert at cooking.  We also let him taste anything not too heavily seasoned (especially salty) food when we dine out.  The travelling to Taiwan definitely boosted his eating and feeding skills.  Now he can use any straws to drink, and is almost ready to sip without one.  Not to mention he's been holding and chewing on large pieces of cabbage and more textured food on his own.

Roma is currently in size M pull-up pants by Pampers.  For clothing he can wear 70 - 74 - 80 cm depending on the brand and cutting, i.e. equivalent to roughly 9-12 month and 12-18 month.

Sorry to end it abruptly here, but if you've got any questions for me, comment below or chat with me on Instagram/Snapchat (both @jacqlibra).  I am on my phone way more than I'm by my laptop!

Cheers :D

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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