Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Two FOTD, One Fail, Both KIKO

Sneakpeek of haul #2

The moment I'm typing this, I've already made my second Kiko Haul, and am planning the third (which might already have happened when this is published).  Expect (yet) another haul post coming in near future.  What can I say?  I'm officially obsessed.  In order to try out the new products I recently acquired, and to show some love to my old friends, I decided to shoot some pictures doing my make up last week.  Been testing out with my new-ish camera (Samsung NX Mini) with a flip monitor, and the natural lighting at my new place.  Hopefully things turn out alright.

I'll talk about the black-shirt day first, and then my less favourite look on the orange-shirt day.  It's been a long while since I last do FOTD post so any comments or suggestions are welcome!

Monday, 23 November 2015

Inventory & Decluttering | KIKO 常態系列 清點

去年拜讀過 近藤麻里惠 的<整理魔法>,


After under-going a series of serious de-cluttering before we moved flat couple months ago, I have cut down my excessive make up collection to about two-third of the original.  Still massively redundant in many senses, but make up makes me superficially joyful and it's my 'drug'.  I am planning to do another round of proper de-cluttering and re-organisation as we're expecting monster #2 early next year.  Before that, let's take a look at my Kiko collection and what I'm planning to part with for the time being.

I've forgotten to photograph my nail products, and one (limited edition) brush from Kiko for this post.  Also, today we're only focusing the regular items that are still available now, from what I learnt from their website (this moment I'm typing).  For the limited or special edition products, leave me a comment if you really are interested in any specific.  Feel free to refer to my previous Italian Haul for swatches and first impression (link).

Hope that's okay with you~

有些 Kiko 買回來沒有特別寫過心得的,

然後我忘記了拍 指甲油(和一支限量的眼部刷子),

The limited edition or discontinued products.  (That I'm still keeping)

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Brace Yourself | KIKO Hong Kong Haul 香港價錢 & 試色

Last weekend, Jennifer (link) and I decided to visit the new Givenchy counter at Lane Crawford, Canton Road, and we met up for afternoon tea.  Right outside the Moomin Cafe, LCX, was a brand new Kiko store.  I abandoned my son, my husband, and went swatching frenzy with my sister; although she didn't particularly persuade me to buy any, she wasn't helpful in eliminating my choices.  I came out with 12 products, all about the lips, and roughly HKD $1k debited.  The pricing of Kiko here is very reasonable, I looked up the European price and it is around 1:11 (okay, the exchange rate is about 1:8 this moment, but hey).

After I checked out at the cashier, there's a lucky draw of discount coupon, and I managed to get my hands on a 20% off one.  Now I need to plan for my next visit which may induce an even bigger haul.  Please, enable me, enlighten me, what should I buy/try next?

Spent too much time typing the Chinese part of this post, I hope you'll accept my apology of keeping the English words concise.

Kiko Milano HK website (link)

上周末我跟妹妹相約到廣東道連卡佛拜訪新開的 Givenchy 專櫃。
在 LCX 找 Moomin Cafe 吃之際,竟然被我發現,
我其中一個愛牌 Kiko Milano 竟然神秘地登陸香港。
可以遇到 Kiko,

而且身為一位師奶,選色的口味可能比較 __(成熟?),
希望這幾天還有餘力把手上的其他 Kiko 玩具拍一拍照,多寫一篇文?
(去年在義大利買的 文章
如果大家有推薦不妨留言燒燒我(我的 Kiko 燃點頗低的)。

Friday, 13 November 2015

Japan Beauty Haul 2015 | Staycation Version

While I'm typing this haul, I'm 24 weeks pregnant with baby number two.  Before I continue my 'essay' with how much I appreciate my cousin hauling this much loot back for her pregnant relative, may I bow (virtually) deep for those who blog or keep good record of how their second (or third or further) pregnancy journey went?  I seriously am 'neglecting' myself in terms of tracking my pregnancy/body changes as long as they are not 'new'.  Anything that I have experienced last time I merely see it as 'normal' and let it go - that includes cramping in legs, change in appetite, more frequent need to pee, monster kicking inside me, slightly troubled sleep, etc.  As a 'change', I try to focus more on running after Roma, enjoying his nap time (to blog or to nap or to feed myself), and playing with beauty products.  God knows if there will be ANY time for myself at all when Baby #2 arrives...

Onto the Japanese Haul.  As the title suggested, I didn't travel to JP this time.  My cousin did.  She rented a portable wifi device for the entire trip, and live-broadcast every visit she's made to beauty department or shops or drugstores.  Therefore, on top of what I jotted down in to-buy list pre-trip, she managed to lure me into getting a lot more.  My pre-trip list was very short, honestly, but I guess the weak Yen exchange rate, and the live-broadcast made me spent way more.  A very dangerous enabler, Honor is.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Family Trip to Taiwan | Highlights and Haul

Monster's tummy was being tickled by mummy~

The widest rainbow I've seen in real life.

We brought Roma on his first flight when he's (exactly) 13 month old.  Our destination was Taichung, and for many days we spent our time climbing mountains (in a van), hiking (Mr. A carrying his dear son), breathing in fresh clean air, and eating.

The trip was a pleasant and successful one - no one got hurt and most of the time we're well rested and fed.  On the return flight we had a 2+ hours delay (the flight time was only 1 hour, mind you), due to a loosen screw (or something similar?) hence that was a bit let down, but only every so slightly.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Autumn 2015 Empties (Very Long)

July, 1 of 4
This is a compilation of everything emptied from July to September 2015.  We also moved at the end of Sep so I threw away a lot of stuff (not all pictured).  There are loads of products, and I do not have plenty of time to type.  

Let's dash!


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