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Inventory & Decluttering | KIKO 常態系列 清點

去年拜讀過 近藤麻里惠 的<整理魔法>,


After under-going a series of serious de-cluttering before we moved flat couple months ago, I have cut down my excessive make up collection to about two-third of the original.  Still massively redundant in many senses, but make up makes me superficially joyful and it's my 'drug'.  I am planning to do another round of proper de-cluttering and re-organisation as we're expecting monster #2 early next year.  Before that, let's take a look at my Kiko collection and what I'm planning to part with for the time being.

I've forgotten to photograph my nail products, and one (limited edition) brush from Kiko for this post.  Also, today we're only focusing the regular items that are still available now, from what I learnt from their website (this moment I'm typing).  For the limited or special edition products, leave me a comment if you really are interested in any specific.  Feel free to refer to my previous Italian Haul for swatches and first impression (link).

Hope that's okay with you~

有些 Kiko 買回來沒有特別寫過心得的,

然後我忘記了拍 指甲油(和一支限量的眼部刷子),

The limited edition or discontinued products.  (That I'm still keeping)


Radiant Touch Creamy Stick Highlighter #100 Gold (10 g, ITALY)
Velvet Touch Creamy Stick Blush #03 Coral Rose (10 g, ITALY)
Soft Light Powder #02 Light Beige #03 Medium Beige (7 g, ITALY)

烘焙餅我覺得跟MAC 家的 MSF Natural 有像到,
兩塊分別不大,我的選擇是,如果當日粉底偏白就用 03 調,
其他時候,或者粉底深色了就用 02。


The cream blush is on the slippery side, not sticky at all.  It almost has a slight mousse texture, very easy to apply and blend; however, when it sets, it doesn't move.  A great formula to try if you like cream blush in stick forms.  Personally I don't use it often, mainly due to habitual reasons, but I do like the formula.  Coral Rose, though, is not a colour I fancy very much on myself.  It is a light youthful warm pink, with some neon peach tones.  My taste has changed, now I prefer more mauve beige blush on myself.

The highlight and soft light powder, I really like and will definitely keep using.  The highlight has the same smooth, non-sticky and lasting effect on the skin , and the gold is a subtle and flattering shade on me.  There's also another pink one.  Soft light powder reminds me a great lot of MAC mineralize skin finish natural.  When used dry, this adds just enough medium coverage on top of my base or concealer.

City Filter Sunscreen Primer (30 ml, ITALY)
Soft Focus Concealer #01 Light #02 Natural (2 ml, ITALY)
Natural Concealer #02 Natural (3.8 ml, ITALY)

多款隔離中,朋友(都有寫 blog 哦)誠意推薦我試防曬這款。
質地是舒服的,有一點 tic tac 糖的香味(加分?)。


明彩筆 有可以的遮瑕力但沒有多打亮,唔湯唔水。


I remember +Cynthy Chui (her blog) recommending the City Filter to me last time I was in Italy.  It took me a while to find it in store but I'm glad I did.  It is quite fragranced, but nonetheless a decent face primer, especially with good sun protection and a very reasonable price tag.

Picked up the two types of concealer because I am a concealer junkie, but honestly, neither of them impressed me.  The soft focus has a bit of coverage, I'd say higher than something very sheer like Touche Eclat, but isn't very flattering.  It doesn't have a blurring effect or highlighting or correcting effect - very much like a watered down sheer foundation.  Natural Concealer has some good coverage.  However, the colour range is a bit off, 02 is too dark and after going back to swatch 01, it didn't suit me either.  Not to mention it has quite a strong artificial fragrance (does not linger but isn't pleasant).

Kiss Balm #05 Raspberry (3 g, ITALY)
Ultra Glossy Stylo #820 Heavenly (2 g, ITALY)
Smart Lipstick #903 Candy Rose #910 Baby Pink (3.5 g, ITALY)
Velvet Mat Satin Lipstick #605 Orange Red #602 Natural Rose (3.5 g, ITALY)

身為一位唇膏控(兩個 9 層 Ikea Alex 儲物櫃有三層塞滿唇妝)
我對 Kiko 數以十計的各種唇膏是有巨大的興趣和不少的喜愛。
這幾款常態系列我覺得都 不錯,看到喜歡的顏色絕對可以收來玩玩!



「 903 糖果玫瑰」算不挑膚色,帶一點珊瑚但不會橙,仍然是粉紅,好看。
「 910 嬰兒粉」太白,黃皮膚很難單用,感覺買錯了…

最後是我最愛的 玫瑰銅色管{絲絹霧面啞色?},
605 橙紅色 很提氣色,不太挑膚色,推薦。
602 自然玫瑰 帶一點藕粉,非常實用溫柔~

在管裡面鬆了,要分裝在 muji 藥丸盒子。

Kiss Balm is a tinted lip conditioner that Kiko categorises as skin care not make up.  The pigmentation is great and really gives good hydration and slip.  Comfortable.  Raspberry is a cool pink, which regrettably can look a little sick on my bare face.

Ultra Glossy is, according to the website, a best seller.  This fun blue-green shade is perfect to mix with any other lip colour.  On its own it can look a bit funky.  Formula is very easy to handle too.

Smart Lipstick is the most 'basic' offering, with a wide range of colours and common creamy finish.  Great affordable and wearable number, but it is not moisturising enough for my daily use.

Velvet Mat is currently my favourite lipstick formula from their regular lines (Intensely Lavish is my favourite special edition).  They pack a whole punch of pigment, are easy to apply and not drying.  It looks more velvety than perfectly matte on the lips, but you can always blot or powder to matte it down further.  A pity my 602 bullet fell off the tube I had to depot it to Muji travel case~

top: kiss balm #raspberry, ultra glossy #heavenly, smart #903 #910, velvet mat #605 #602
bottom: eye base primer (it is tinted)
產品照參考本文第一張 或者 最后一張圖吧~

Color Fever Eyeshadow Palette #101 Coral Burgundy (4 x 0.7 g, ITALY)
Pigment Loose Eyeshadow #10 Light Taupe (4 g, ITALY)
Eyeshadow #118 Pearly Beige Silk #139 Pearly Salmon (3 g, ITALY)

通常都是睫毛膏 only,


話說,我有一櫃桶的碎粉眼影包括 MAC 的不知何年何月才能再掏出來玩…


Haven't been wearing eye make up properly for a very long time so I do not have too much to say about the Eye department.  :P

The Color Fever Palette contains four baked eyeshadow that is very smooth and pigmented.  I only kept this colour because the other one (and the ones I didnt buy) leans on the cooler spectrum. The four shades in this are beautiful, a semi translucent buttery champagne, a shiny medium rosy pink, a dark satin plum, and a deep brown with hints of purple.

I have kept only one little jar of pigment because I almost never use them - (peeking at my drawer of loose eyeshadows and MAC pigments).  This taupe shade is universally matching, not difficult to wear~

The basic eyeshadow line is great value for money, and does offer a selection of shades.  Kiko now makes a custom system with changeable refill and various sizes of palettes - great if you're building up your kit (I'm like tearing down my kit... the opposite).

Water Eyeshadow (3 g, ITALY)
#200 Champagne
#202 Golden Mauve
#208 Light Gold
#219 Flamingo Pink

直頭是 MAC Extra Dimension Eyeshadow 的倒模,

My all time favourite eyeshadow from Kiko.  Water Eyeshadow is a dupe for MAC Extra Dimension, only with more colours and always available.  Some are more shiny, like #200, and some are more satin #202; either finish looks fabulous on the eyes.  Looking at them makes me want to throw some on now!

Colour Sphere Eyeshadow (1.8 g, ITALY)
#03 Gold Beige Special FX
#04 Golden Bronze Special FX
#18 Tan Special FX


These mineralize eyeshadows are my second favourite probably.  They are good enough used dry - pigmented, blendable, long-lasting - but even better when used wet - ultra shiny, dramatic, gorgeous.  Many colours to choose from, too.

Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow (1.64 g, ITALY)
#05 Rosy Brown
#06 Golden Brown
#07 Golden Beige
#38 Golden Taupe
Smart Eye Pencil #801 Gray Taupe (1.47 g, ITALY)

膏妝眼影棒非常接近 By Terry Ombre Black Star ,


Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow is a-third of the price of a By Terry Ombre Black Star but makes me just as happy.  The more glittery shades give a more similar effect as the By Terry, but rest assured you'll be impressed with just any colour from this stick eyeshadow. ;)

I've only kept one regular eye pencil from Kiko, and it is a kohl type, blendable, buildable soft pencil that doesn't set super non-smudgeable.  It is soft and pigmented enough to line the inner rim or waterline.  This colour is a nice cool smokey gray.  Blended out, it leaves a nice metallic pewter grey sheen with medium depth.  It gives definition but does not look very harsh.

Face-of-the-day (next post maybe)

Eye Base Primer (10 ml, ITALY)


Not much to say about the eye primer except it has a tint and it does the job alright.

So after this inventory check, of the Kiko regular line, I'm gonna part with some, and then try to use/use up the ones I'm keeping as much as possible.  Then I can justify going on another spree soon~ :D

Velvet Touch Creamy Stich Blush #03, Smart Eye Pencil #801, Natural Concealer #02, Smart Lipstick #910, Eye Base Primer, Soft Focus Concealer #02.

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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