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Japan Beauty Haul 2015 | Staycation Version

While I'm typing this haul, I'm 24 weeks pregnant with baby number two.  Before I continue my 'essay' with how much I appreciate my cousin hauling this much loot back for her pregnant relative, may I bow (virtually) deep for those who blog or keep good record of how their second (or third or further) pregnancy journey went?  I seriously am 'neglecting' myself in terms of tracking my pregnancy/body changes as long as they are not 'new'.  Anything that I have experienced last time I merely see it as 'normal' and let it go - that includes cramping in legs, change in appetite, more frequent need to pee, monster kicking inside me, slightly troubled sleep, etc.  As a 'change', I try to focus more on running after Roma, enjoying his nap time (to blog or to nap or to feed myself), and playing with beauty products.  God knows if there will be ANY time for myself at all when Baby #2 arrives...

Onto the Japanese Haul.  As the title suggested, I didn't travel to JP this time.  My cousin did.  She rented a portable wifi device for the entire trip, and live-broadcast every visit she's made to beauty department or shops or drugstores.  Therefore, on top of what I jotted down in to-buy list pre-trip, she managed to lure me into getting a lot more.  My pre-trip list was very short, honestly, but I guess the weak Yen exchange rate, and the live-broadcast made me spent way more.  A very dangerous enabler, Honor is.

RMK Foundation Brush ¥2800 + Tax‎
RMK Powder Cheek Brush ‎¥4000 + Tax
RMK Treatment Oil 50 ml ‎¥4000 + Tax

The Foundation Brush is for applying liquid or cream products.  As the price is quite attractive I added it to my list together with the Powder Cheek Brush (both pre-trip, and Cheek Brush mentioned by Lily Pebbles as a favourite).  The treatment oil was added half-way through my staycation when I was industriously studying my JP magazines, at home, of course.  It has a pleasant not too strong citrus scent, unlike some other RMK skin care which can smell quite strongly of artificial floral (?), and is supposed to be used like a pre-essence, as a first step after wash and tone.  I've been kind of interested in trying out more facial oils so I thought, why not, as this is recommended in many JP magazines.

Suqqu Creamy Glow Lipstick Moist #05 Usunadeshiko 淡撫子 3.8 g ¥5000 + Tax‎
Suqqu Creamy Glow Lipstick Moist #06 Harunadeshiko 春撫子 3.8 g ¥5000 + Tax‎
Chicca Mesmeric Lipstick #07 ¥3800 + Tax
Chicca Mesmeric Lipstick #21 ¥3800 + Tax

I did put Chicca Lipstick in my list as tentative, for I really enjoy my current two shades, and I really wanted more.  However, it was the live swatch photos that made me really go for them.

On the other hand, I have no plan to try the Creamy Glow "Moist" formula from Suqqu, mainly because I haven't heard much from it and the colours seem as boring as they can be.  HOWEVER, Honor went happily trying them on (multiple of shades, on her own mouth) and tricked me into picking up two.  The formula, I find, with just one or two applications on my lips, is more cushion-like and has some thickness, very comfortable, balmy and moisturising but not as divine as the original Creamy Glow.  The intensity of colour is medium to full, and look natural and flattering (unlike Bright Up which I find can look harsh).

#05 Usunadeshiko 淡撫子
A brown nude, sophisticated and rather neutral.  On the lips it is lighter than the bullet.

#06 Harunadeshiko 春撫子
A rosy pink.  

Then I asked Honor to pick me a good brown, she short-listed #07;

and a light, young-ish orange - i.e. #21.

Mesmeric Lipstick has the perfect balance of shine and colour, and is very forgiving on dry lips.  I find all the four shades I now own very appropriate for ladies who want their lips to look kiss-able, grown up but not too mummy-like (one of my big concern...).

From @COSME store

Hollywood Orchid Beauty Moisture 45 ml ¥2800 + Tax
Kose Sekkisei Supreme Whitening Herbal Oil 40 ml ¥5000 + Tax
Shiseido Benefique Lip Essence 4.5 g ¥2000 + Tax (Japan homepage)

Everything I'm going to mention after this line, are things added to my shopping cart 'impromptu'... with the exception of a little bottle of nail polish I asked Honor to look for...

@COSME Shop is a random (?) find by Honor.  The store has an exceptionally cute frog mascot, and it stocks all the top rated beauty products on  I believe the Orchid is top 1 in serum, Sekkisei Oil is top 5 (or so?) in beauty oil, therefore I 'have' to give them a try..

Benefique is not on lip care chart.  The brand is merely just hard to find elsewhere, so I figure I'll give the lip treatment a go as the first step.

From Plaza

Opera Sheer Lip Color #105 ¥1200 + Tax (Japan homepage)
Opera Sheer Lip Color #03 ¥1200 + Tax
Rohto Sugao Smooth Air Fit CC Cream #Pure Ochre 25 g ¥1380 + Tax (Japan homepage)
Ettusais Lip Essence 10 g ¥1200 + Tax
Ettusais Lip Essence (Stick) 3 g ¥1000 + Tax

The Opera mini little sticks are actually stick-lipgloss (solidified glossy finish sheer lip colour), much like the opposite of very pigmented liquid-lipstick (liquified pigmented matte or satin finish lip colour).  It received the Best Lipgloss @COSME 2014 Award, so we can't pass on.  The product is really tiny though, I am guessing less than 2 grams per tube, hopefully I can finish up them pretty soon?

Sugao is a brand by Rohto (famous for their eye drops?) which makes make up including face and cheeks.  Besides CC creams they also do a souffle cheek cream blush thing - not interested.  This CC cream is very affordable so I asked for one.  There is also another lighter shade called #Pure Natural.

Ettusais' lip balm - Lip Essence - is another cult favourite I've wanted to try for a while.  Originally we were to get the DHC-Marie lip balm, but they were sold out everywhere.  Therefore, when Honor sent over the Ettusais special crossover-edition with My Little Box, I ordered both the tube and stick versions...

Opera #105, #03, Ettusais (Stick)

I have an impression the sheer pink tube is the Original, less pigment, more translucent, and have brighter hues.  The fuchsia tube is the 'newer' Coloring line, more pigment but the hues are more nude; I could be totally wrong though.  #03 is one of the top 3 selling shades - Honor picked up another top-selling colour, maybe a fuchsia tube?

On my rather pigmented lips, both #03 and #105 don't give much colour, #03 is a warm beige coral, and #105 is a brown mauve pink.  Very sheer, very glossy, and very flattering on my skin tone.

The formula is beautiful though, extra forgiving towards dry lips or lip lines.  I find them moisturising, easy to apply and glossy - giving a very healthy, juicy and plump look to the pout.

Shiseido Moilip Medicated Lip Cream 8 g ¥925
YuskinA Family Medical Cream 30 g ¥298
Ducato Natural Nail Color #04 11 ml ¥600
Ginza Ark D Splash La Bella Carbonated Oil Essence 120 g ¥2820 (Japan homepage)
Tansan Kakumei Carbonated Revolution / Bubble Revolution 1 use ¥380 (Japan homepage)

More from the drugstore, including the Moilip which we heard is good for severe chapped lips or conditions with the mouth - a similar product would be Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment I guess (iherb link) - not sure on the drug facts though as I do not read Japanese.  My lips are always dry and prone to peeling so I decided to get one just in case.

YuskinA has been a very effective thick moisturiser for my snake-skin legs when they are intensely dry.  It has a distinct scent which some may find repelling (I don't).  There are also larger tubs and family sizes.  However, I have many different body butters, oils and moisturisers standing-by so I opt for a little one for emergency.

Asked Honor to get me some nude polishes from brands exclusive to Japan or popular right now; and she got me this Ducato one which is very office-lady-like.

"Carbonated" is a new beauty trend in Japan and Korea.  I have yet to learn more about that but decided I would just jump on the "bandwagon" and get two items.  The Carbonated Essence is like a serum you apply and massage to the skin - this green "OIL" version is the heavier brother of the more popular blue bottle.  The carbonated bubble mechanism is supposed to wake up the skin and also help ingredients penetrate better and deeper.

Another carbonated item is the Bubble Revolution which is basically a face wash or splash.  Got it on a whim and haven't studied much about it.  Need to give it a try before I can say anything.  :P

Sofina Primavista Multi Cover Base UV 25 g ¥1800 (drugstore special price)
Ettusais Premium Amino Essence Foundation #10 30 ml ¥2300 + Tax

These can be purchased in HK but way cheaper over there due to the exchange rate.  Sofina Primavista Multi Cover is $280 here (I paid $117!) and Ettusais Foundation is roughly $250 (I paid $161 including tax!).  For budget base products I have read uncountable rave reviews on these two in magazines so why not get them both for a try?

Gifts and Samples~
LuLuLun Premium 7 days #Kyoto Special (Green Tea?) (Japan homepage)
Chicca Ravishing Glow Powder Foundation Y-02
Chicca Ravishing Glow Make Up Base Light Up
Suqqu Moisture Repair Essence N
RMK Skintuner Smoother #Moist
RMK Liquid Foundation #103
RMK UV Face Protector

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  1. that primavista base is definitely unbeatable!

    1. I just cracked open the SUGAO cc cream... Primavista will be next... (the price is unbeatable for sure!)



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