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Two FOTD, One Fail, Both KIKO

Sneakpeek of haul #2

The moment I'm typing this, I've already made my second Kiko Haul, and am planning the third (which might already have happened when this is published).  Expect (yet) another haul post coming in near future.  What can I say?  I'm officially obsessed.  In order to try out the new products I recently acquired, and to show some love to my old friends, I decided to shoot some pictures doing my make up last week.  Been testing out with my new-ish camera (Samsung NX Mini) with a flip monitor, and the natural lighting at my new place.  Hopefully things turn out alright.

I'll talk about the black-shirt day first, and then my less favourite look on the orange-shirt day.  It's been a long while since I last do FOTD post so any comments or suggestions are welcome!

The Kiko stash used
Kiko City Filter Sunscreen Primer
Kiko 3D Lifting Foundation #01 Peach Rose
Kiko Soft Light Powder #02 Light Beige
Kiko Colour Sphere Eyeshadow #03 Gold Beige Special FX #04 Golden Bronze Special FX
Kiko Glow Touch Lips & Cheeks #103 Heavy Honeysuckle
Kiko Intensely Lavish Lipstick #04 Mild Sangria

Primed with the SPF face primer, I used a oval top buffing brush to apply the 3D lifting foudation for the first time.  It blends beautifully and gives my skin a good glow without being shiny.  It also stays and covers pretty well.  I didn't use a concealer although I can benefit from some, especially under the eyes.  I then use a big fluffy brush to dust the soft light powder all over my face.  Brows are filled in and set into place, followed by eyeshadow.  Using my fingers I dabbed #04 on the upper lids and #03 on the lower - blended out roughly with a small eyeshadow brush.  Lashes are curled, followed by mascara base and mascara, waterproof, of course.

Left: Primer + Foundation
Right: + Brows + Eyeshadow + Powder + Lip Balm
Don't you think the foundation gives a beautiful finish, even after being covered by the powder?  I think wearing a black shirt contrasted my face to look ghostly white on camera but in reality I checked in several mirrors it isn't that pale.  Most Kiko foundations I swatched are quite 'off' and do not match me at all.

non Kiko stuff for the black-look

Cyber Colors Powder Eyebrow Pencil #04 Light Brown
Bourjois Eyebrow Fixing Mascara #24 Transparent 
Kate Lash Maximizer White
Make Up Forever Aqua Smoky Lash 

For my cheeks I used a stippling brush to stipple on the lip&cheek cream.  Heavy Honeysuckle is the darkest of the four they released (and I own).  A lovely dark pink but slightly on the sticky side if goes on the cheeks.

Lips are first prepped with lip balm (I think I put on Ettusais stick - recent haul) then finished off with two coats of the out-of-this-world pretty lip colour: Intensely Lavish #04.  I rubbed the first coat in with my finger, and then applied the second layer.  It is the most moisturising and sultry but daytime appropriate colour.  I love this formula so much I recently purchased this #04 and the other #06 Melodious Wine.  Still debating on whether I should get the remaining two shades (#03 & #05) which aren't colours unique to my collection but the formula!!

No other pictures are use-able so please refer to the cover photo for the finished look! ;)


Orange-shirt look, aka the Fail look...

Kiko City Filter Sunscreen Primer
Kiko Soft Focus Concealer #02 Natural
Kiko Natural Concealer #02 Natural
Kiko Soft Light Powder #02 Light Beige
Kiko Radiant Touch Creamy Stick Highlighter #100 Gold
Kiko Velvet Touch Creamy Stick Blush #03 Coral Rose 
Kiko Eye Base Primer 
Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow #07 Golden Beige

primer + soft focus concealer

This look is done prior to my second haul (i.e. the haul with the foundation) so I experimented with the concealers; and it didn't work well.  After primer, I generously painted my face in soft focus concealer #02 which is borderline too dark for me currently, and it oxidises!  The finish is okay, but it didn't hold up too well in the heat - I sweated at our 27-29 Celsius Winter, I hope you understand.  I also applied some Natural Concealer around my nose - bad decision - which smelt unfriendly to me and didn't help much with covering up.  Set everything with powder and did my brows.

Eyeshadow was a mess too.  I intended to go 'light', and do a gold overall.  First I applied the eye primer (not necessary as the stick eyeshadow is as long lasting as it can legally be), then I draw on the stick eyeshdaow and blended out with a finger.  I did it too sheerly though so really the colour didn't show up on camera.  I roughly put on some liner and also smudged it out; you can barely see anything.  FAIL.  Curled lashes and put on my current favourite mascara combo.

Left: brow hair too long + highlight + blush + kiss balm
Right: blended (highlight + blush)
For cheeks I put on both the highlight stick and blush stick.  Both are silky and easy to blend, and wear fine.  The pigmentation isn't easy to build up though, as the formula is quite 'silicone-y' and slips as you blend.  The blush colour clashed my shirt - FAIL - as well as the Kiss Balm #Raspberry.  Therefore at the end I rubbed it off and changed to Velvet Mat #605 Orange Red (as seen in cover photo - So Much Better - see it on my Instagram pic too).  Velvet Mat is my favourite formula from their regular line and if you fancy trying a satin matte lipstick, give it a try, it definitely won't break the bank. :D

non Kiko stuff used in orange-look
Burberry Effortless Eyebrow Definer #02 Sepia
Nars Brow Gel #Kinshasa
Kate Lash Maximizer White
Make Up Forever Aqua Smoky Lash 

That's it!  Thanks for reading~

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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