Thursday, 24 December 2015

Burgundy Wing Eyes with Zoeva, Bite Beauty, Illamasqua, Anastasia...

My little sister Jen +Jennifer, whom I've done make up on before, is on her school Winter break.  Tomorrow she'll be leaving for an American holiday (yes I have made yet another decently long shopping list).  She came over to visit her nephew and invited me to play some crazy holiday look on her.  We spent nearly 2 hours painting face, while the monster (her nephew) kept interrupting with attacks, attempts to destroy furniture, and finally, poo.  Nonetheless, it was a very pleasant session.

The look we're going for was a tutorial by Karima (Shameless Fripperies).  Products I used are whatever I managed to grab though, as I do not have most of the things she demonstrated with.

Oh, and good news, my mum did finally manage to track down the Shiseido Elixir device I mourned about.  So thankful!!

1. Zoeva - Rodeo Belle

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

The Opposite of Serendipity

Sometimes as life goes on, we encounter gems while we're not searching.  Other times though, fate dictates we miss precious longing and regret will encapsulate us.

No.  There is no human life loss in this story, it is just as deep as beauty products go...

My mum is travelling in Tokyo now, and she offered buying me anything I want.  Of course, I did my homework and write her a list, which I shamelessly lengthen every day.  However, there are things we fail to get hold of, due to their "limited quantity".  Oh how evil cosmetics company are...

Monday, 21 December 2015

Oil Up for the Dry Weather | Inventory #27

I was going through my skin care storage, trying to discover one or two category where I am slightly low in, so that I can justify ordering some purchases from Tokyo (my mum and brother are travelling there).  Result?  I am not low in anything, so my 2016 no-buy shall probably still stand.  This inventory check serves as a reminder to not accumulate too many.  Hmm... Are there any other skin care categories you'd like me to do an inventory post, or overview of any brands.  I may be able to do that.  ;)

Here I show what I'm the 'lowest' in, that is, facial oil, oil-based serum and some serum capsules.

Saturday, 19 December 2015

It Smells Like Grandma, Magially

From the title of this post, you may have guessed it correctly, I'm not impressed by this product I'm going to talk about.  In one of the 12 little boxes of Charlotte Tilbury's Book of Makeup Magic lies a pretty little jar of Lip Magic.  I've been using it consistently, trying to learn to like it (but fail), for over a week now.

Bullet Points:
- Rejuvenating, Smoothing Propolis Balm
- 5 ml, Mad in Italy *This is a full size!*

- Texture is a creamy balm.  Not waxy, not glossy.  Thick with quite a bit of grease; vegetable oil is the first ingredient.  It won't make lips look shiny or matte, but somewhere in between.

- Lip colour will go on very smoothly and not slide away.  I really appreciate that.

- The fragrance is horrible.  Not repulsive or pungent, but ultra-mega-grandma old powder-like.  Strong medicine scents like Carmex, some Blistex or Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream are okay to me.  Floral or funky extremes such as Burberry, Guerlain, Giorgio Armani, Givenchy, Bite Beauty lipsticks, I am perfectly fine with (not all is weird, but I know there are people out there who do not like those fragrances/tastes).  This Lip Magic's scent, I am really disappointed by.

- If you fancy an overly powdery old lady scented lip balm which works decently well under lip colour at a price tag of 25 pounds.  Get this.

- Otherwise, try something else.

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What is the worst smelling lip balm you've ever tried?

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Check This Out | B.WING Skin Care!

I do not intend to post more than one haul within one week, but these came in yesterday and I wanted to post it ASAP.  In case you're looking for Christmas gift ideas, look no further, you're still in time to get these!

First up we have We Are No Expert natural skin care.  Mr. A is a huge fan #盲粉 of Boy A (A仔), a character created by local designer-illustrator-artist b.wing and he's been a collector for years.  I'm relatively new to Boy A but I also find him adorable.  b.wing has recently branched out and produced more 'consumer' merchandise, facilitating fans (and their significant others, aka me) to fill their lives up with more loveliness.  For the past couple of years, I've purchased multiples of Tempo tissue, Colgate toothpaste, luggage tags and phone charms for us.  When b.wing shared this new skin care project with We Are No Expert on facebook, I felt compulsory to click on the link and check it out.  

We Are No Expert sells several brands and lines and the collaboration with b.wing is under Flower2Grass2.  They use all natural ingredients and most, if not all, products are handmade.  I find them appealing not only because of that (give me any skin care to try any day I'll probably still find interesting), but mostly because they are a local brand and with some of their products they try to source local farm produce.  This is rare as we all know HK is a cement forest and local farming lacks support in all ways.  For this first time purchase, I got all the products in the b.wing collection, spent certain amount and became a VIP of the store.  Cool.  The order came with free shipping within two days by local courier.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Maternity Update | 29 Weeks with Baby #2

How far along?  29 weeks.

Total weight gain/measurements:  I'm 68 kg.  When we brought Roma to clinic (he had a flu for two weeks and we paid 3 visits to doctors.  Thank God the symptoms seem to be gone.)  Most of my current shoes no longer fit me - I think I'm size 41 now and probably growing.  In the photos above my toes were aching in a pair of size 40 sneakers.  You can refer to the picture below for my bump size.  Huge, but still bearable.

Maternity clothes:  I think I'm done with all the maternity clothes shopping now.  Recently I bought some maternity/nursing bras from Aeon and, thank God, I'm still a little under-size for the LL (Japanese size). Weather has been cooling down a bit, so I opt for oversize hoodie over whatever I'm wearing.  I also try to squeeze in my pre-pregnant sweater and knits.

Stretch marks:  No new ones.

Sleep:  Not that well.  Although I can still fall asleep and basically sleep through the night without pillow or cushion support, I can't turn or lie down/get up easily.  Also, when I'm wake up in the middle of the night by Roma, it gets very very difficult for me to fall back to sleep.

Best moment:  Monster Roma getting well.

Miss anything?  Good sleep and a moderately tidy home.  Roma has been throwing everything everywhere and I am always too tired (or clumsy) to pick up things.

mischievous monster tried so hard to chew up George's tip. (click to enlarge and see better)

Movement:  Intensive.  Extensive.  Monkey is as restless in my belly as his elder brother. (same as last update)

Food cravings:  Chocolate.  After finishing a box of Cadbury frogs (looks like this), I went straight down to the supermarket and bought some Maltesers reindeers and more Cadbury chocolate bars.

Anything making you queasy or sick?  Roma's poo.  Sadly I can't avoid cleaning up after him, nor changing him.

Gender:  Boy.

Labour signs:  Nil.

Symptoms:  Not much.  But one early morning I had one of the worst leg-cramps in my life, and the worst during this pregnancy.

Belly button in or out?  Out.

Wedding rings on or off?  Off.

Happy or moody most of the time:  Half-n-half.

Looking forward to:  Christmas!  Only one more week to go~  Oh.  And.  The next trip to Kiko.  So.  Shallow.

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Hit Pan #12 | Addiction Perfect Concealer Compact

Every since A got me this from Japan, it has not left my daily make up bag.  It didn't take long for me to hit pan on this as really the layer isn't that thick.  It's been a good many months since I first hit pan on this gem in my rather big concealer collection, and I realise I owe this a proper ode/review.

Monday, 14 December 2015

Cult Beauty Best of 2015 Goody Bag | How I Got Mine?

Every season or so, Cult Beauty does a generous offer of a giant Goody Bag which comes free with purchase over a certain spending.  I got one in Spring 2015, and not too long ago, was tempted to jump on the Winter one also.  The Bag features sample, travel and full sizes of products from the brands Cult Beauty carries and they are good stuff.  The content differs every time, but I believe they will always be swoon-worthy.

Cult Beauty
Best of 2015 Goody Bag
Spring Goody Bag (my haul picture):

This time, for a minimum spending of £125, the Goody Bag was automatically added to the shopping cart.  As Cult Beauty is UK based, for it to ship to me (at Hong Kong), the sales tax of each product will be deducted.  My purchase was £134.74.

If you want to know what I purchased, and what is in the goody bag, then read on~

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Light Glow FOTD | Charlotte Tilbury Try-Out

While I was playing with a good amount of Charlotte Tilbury products this month, I remember the gems sitting unloved in my stash.  This FOTD was intended to try out the Light Wonder foundation which Sam kindly included in her last package (link), and the rest were basically 'slapped on'.  Hope you enjoy~

((side note, I find the packaging of CT products really photogenic, the rose gold is not only pretty in the hands and to the eyes, but the camera also loves it.))

Thursday, 10 December 2015

The UK Haul of Makeup Magic | and Makeup Revolution

If you follow me on snapchat (you should if you're not, my name: jacqlibra), you know my sister Jo has recently returned from an European trip and hauled back a good quantity of beauty products for me from London.  Will start using them as soon and as much as possible and try to give reviews.  Now that I'm expecting monster baby number 2 I seriously have to hurry up playing, make up, otherwise I may never be able to!

Pictured above include:

- the Glamour magazine December issue with Tanya Burr on the cover, and came with Clinique samples.  I wanted the red Pop Lip Colour + Primer #Cherry Pop but my sister also got me the moisturiser and #01 Nude Pop (which I already own, see haul & swatch)

- Cadbury chocolate with Freddo Faces!  Roma has a nickname of Froggy (because of his Chinese name) and Cadbury during the holiday season is always a sweet treat :D

- Maltesers drink, because I'm a Maltesers addict since secondary school

- treats for Roma and a funny groan tube toy that makes noise

- Charlotte Tilbury the Book of Makeup Magic (been talking about it all month on this blog I better not speak much here).

Now onto the MAC and Makeup Revolution damage~

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

An Antique Aubergine | Charlotte Tilbury On the Prowl

In box number 4 of Charlotte's Book of Makeup Magic hides a little single eyeshadow.  I was expecting it as I said I glanced through what's in it roughly before deciding to purchase.  This could be a full size, although I can't find out about that - it is sold as a set with an eye pencil on the website.  Considering the skin care coming in 15 ml or so, this is a pretty generous size with 2.5 grams.  The colour though, as with the rest in this 'Nocturnal Cat Eyes to Hypnotise', is just a small twist from bedroom smokey eyes, from black to a hint of something else.

CT Website:


- 2.5 g
- Made in Italy
- Ingredients: see CT website.
- "an antique, pearl-flecked aubergine that compliments green eyes"

- I say it's a deep pewter with hue of purple and a pink-violet sheen.  But mostly, deep pewter (or charcoal grey).  Note: not only does camera typically not pick up purple that well, but my eyes also don't see much purple (aubergine/eggplant) hue on my skin or my eyes

- The texture is dry to the touch but super pigmented.  One dab onto the product and the fingertip or brush is loaded with enough pigment to do one swipe of application.  Layering and repeated blending won't lose much colour but changes the texture slightly - the sheen will sheer down with more blending leaving a heavier metal base.

- Long-wearing.  Without any primer or base, I threw it onto my lids after make up was applied 5-6 hours beforehand.  The eyeshadow creased on me but didn't lose the colour intensity nor the subtle shimmer finish.

- First impression, the texture is great but the colour isn't one I'll always go for.  Perhaps I need to do a
dramatic smokey eye or something in order to see its brilliance.

- I don't feel bad getting this in my Advent calendar I just wish I have more time to play with eyeshadow (virtually no such leisure at the moment).

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My only other eyeshadow from CT is the Dolce Vita palette.  
I have also heard great things about the Colour Cameleon (eyeshadow sticks).
Do you own any, and do you like them?

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

(Very) Affordable Holiday Red Lips

My sister has recently visited Europe and brought (and bought) me back a santa load of beauty products.  Many I asked for pre-trip, some are ad-hoc.  This set is one of them.  When she was looking for other Makeup Revolution products for me in Superdrug, she saw the Christmas sets and asked if I wanted them.  I chose several.

Photos taken under natural light.  Forgot to do swatches on the back of my hand.  Make up wore in this post is the one posted yesterday (link) with the Wonder Glow on - no wonder at all.

Makeup Revolution Colour Blocks - Red includes a lipstick, a lipgloss and a nail polish.  There's also a Pink variation of this set available.  I believe it is now 4 quids, whereas it may be 7 at original price.  Either way, it is very affordable.

Monday, 7 December 2015

What's the Wonder with this Glow?

left: a drop.  right: blended.
Ever since reading about this magical (using this world loosely due to the nature of Charlotte's Makeup Book) multi-purpose highlight potion, I've wanted to get my hands on some.  I remembered I asked for it, together with too many other things, from Sam, and later changed my mind to the Rimmel instead (link to blog post).  Now that I've discovered this little tube from the Advent Calendar it's a really good opportunity to finally try this liquid out.

The instructions say the Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow can be used in three ways.  Prime: Under foundation to add luminosity.  Finish: Over foundation for a radiant instant beauty-flash.  Alone: Over Magic Cream, not followed by anything.  Yuan, a Taiwanese blogger now in Ireland, wrote about a forth way, Mix: with any (even budget brand) foundation and upgrade the result.

Yuan's blog post on CT WG (Chinese) :

I have only tried the Finish method, i.e. to apply over foundation.  Am I impressed?

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Sexy Sienna Lip Swatches | and Matte Revolution Dupe?

From the finish on the lips, can you tell which is Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution?

In my recent Kiko hauls (plural, see here and here), I've mentioned that the lipstick in the Twin Stars set resembles greatly of the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution.  I know there's another MR Lipstick in my CT Book of Makeup Magic but today as Monster Roma was taking his long morning nap (under the effect of 4 drug syrups) I decided to swatch my CT Sexy Sienna along with all the four Kiko Twin Stars with a full face of makeup - planning to do a FOTD on that, looking forward to it!

Apologies, but this month's daily blog posts could be quite CT-heavy, mainly due to the unboxing of Magic Book.  Anyway, if you'd like to see more of any other brands or blog posts, just comment below. ;)

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution - Sexy Sienna

Friday, 4 December 2015

A Magic Cream in the Magic Book

On yesterday, the 3rd, I cracked open the second box in the Charlotte Tilbury The Book of Makeup Magic and found a little jar of the Magic Cream.  To be honest it isn't the most exciting thing to find; I was hoping after the Goddess Skin Mask I'm going to get a make up next?  Also because there are mixed reviews on this cream.  It is very intriguing but so expensive that I have hesitated the longest to get myself a jar.  The skin care goddess Carloline has given a very brutal (to me, at least) analysis on it, and after reading it, I'm really curious how it performs actually on me.

Caroline Hirons in-depth review:

Thursday, 3 December 2015

My 1st ever Beauty Advent Calendar | Charlotte Tilbury

If you've been following me on Snapchat : jacqlibra you know that my sister brought me back a Charlotte Tilbury Book of Makeup Magic from her European trip.  Yes I made her go to London for that, and not allowed her to remove the packaging.  This is my first ever beauty Advent calendar (it is not that big in our market yet) and I kind of 'bite the bullet' for it isn't cheap.  Gladly, the box arrived safely and intact.  I did glance through the description on (where I got mine) about what's inside, and it contains both skin care and make up products.  *Hint: I'm so looking forward to the full size lipstick*

Originally I planned to open a box every other day, probably on the odd days, until the 23rd; but we'll see how it goes.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Pregnant with Monster #2 | 27 Weeks Already!

Mentioned here (this blog!) and there on Instagram/Snapchat (both: jacqlibra), I've been pregnant for quite some time.  In fact, I am closer to delivery than baby's conception now - kind of amazed by how swift it progressed!

Baby #2 is expected in 2nd March, which will be in the year of the Monkey, hence for convenience sake, let's call him that for the time now.  We (I) have basically decided on his first name, but not his middle name and Chinese name.  #feelingchallenged

This pregnancy was similar to my previous in terms of no major illness (thank God no morning sickness) with the exception of one quite bad flu which I've opted for doctor and drugs he prescribed (I stopped once the symptoms are bearable).  However, looking after one strong monster (now 14 month old) while growing one inside me is kind of a mission.  Kudos to all the mums out there who have the bravery to make more than one baby.  It is intense.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Another Haul | Kiko Hong Kong 一連第三次(再)買

20% off

30% off
因為Kiko 派刮刮卡的關係,年底前再回去消費是免不了的。
我上次刮到 8 折,然後朋友 +Cynthy Chui 刮到 7 折;
所以我分別跟 +Honor L. & Cynthy 各去了一趟。

其實一連去三次真的有少許買到「買無可買」(quote from Cynthy),
再認真盤算要怎樣利用最後一張 15% off 八五折~

From my last haul, I mentioned there's a coupon with purchase.  The discount I got was 20% off, and I went ahead and used it with my cousin Honor (blog).  My friend Cynthy (blog) got an even better 30% off so I made another trip to Kiko with her, along with our two little ones (hers a decent young chap, mine a complete monster who poured a jar of syrup onto himself at the cafe, after our shopping spree).

So this is a compilation of two hauls, and now the floor is open, what do you think I can 'still' buy with my 15% off coupon which is valid until the end of this year?


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