Friday, 4 December 2015

A Magic Cream in the Magic Book

On yesterday, the 3rd, I cracked open the second box in the Charlotte Tilbury The Book of Makeup Magic and found a little jar of the Magic Cream.  To be honest it isn't the most exciting thing to find; I was hoping after the Goddess Skin Mask I'm going to get a make up next?  Also because there are mixed reviews on this cream.  It is very intriguing but so expensive that I have hesitated the longest to get myself a jar.  The skin care goddess Carloline has given a very brutal (to me, at least) analysis on it, and after reading it, I'm really curious how it performs actually on me.

Caroline Hirons in-depth review:

Bullet Points:

- 15 ml.   Made in Switzerland.
- Instant Turnaround Moisturiser.
- It has SPF so I'd use it as a day cream / primer before make up.
- Used it once today.  Luxe.  Positive.
- Scent is just okay, definitely nicely-fragranced but not entirely high-end or my cup of tea.
- Texture is thick but not butter-like.  It is well-blended and easy to spread.
- On my dry skin suffering from a lot of nose-blowing and bad quality of sleep, it works wonders to wake it up, make it look good and prep it for make up.
- I like how it spreads and wears on the skin, especially under make up.
- I am slightly worried I will finish this jar too soon and want to get a full size.  Damn.

printed on the box. may or may not be the same as the website/CH blog.  didn't double check.

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