Wednesday, 9 December 2015

An Antique Aubergine | Charlotte Tilbury On the Prowl

In box number 4 of Charlotte's Book of Makeup Magic hides a little single eyeshadow.  I was expecting it as I said I glanced through what's in it roughly before deciding to purchase.  This could be a full size, although I can't find out about that - it is sold as a set with an eye pencil on the website.  Considering the skin care coming in 15 ml or so, this is a pretty generous size with 2.5 grams.  The colour though, as with the rest in this 'Nocturnal Cat Eyes to Hypnotise', is just a small twist from bedroom smokey eyes, from black to a hint of something else.

CT Website:


- 2.5 g
- Made in Italy
- Ingredients: see CT website.
- "an antique, pearl-flecked aubergine that compliments green eyes"

- I say it's a deep pewter with hue of purple and a pink-violet sheen.  But mostly, deep pewter (or charcoal grey).  Note: not only does camera typically not pick up purple that well, but my eyes also don't see much purple (aubergine/eggplant) hue on my skin or my eyes

- The texture is dry to the touch but super pigmented.  One dab onto the product and the fingertip or brush is loaded with enough pigment to do one swipe of application.  Layering and repeated blending won't lose much colour but changes the texture slightly - the sheen will sheer down with more blending leaving a heavier metal base.

- Long-wearing.  Without any primer or base, I threw it onto my lids after make up was applied 5-6 hours beforehand.  The eyeshadow creased on me but didn't lose the colour intensity nor the subtle shimmer finish.

- First impression, the texture is great but the colour isn't one I'll always go for.  Perhaps I need to do a
dramatic smokey eye or something in order to see its brilliance.

- I don't feel bad getting this in my Advent calendar I just wish I have more time to play with eyeshadow (virtually no such leisure at the moment).

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My only other eyeshadow from CT is the Dolce Vita palette.  
I have also heard great things about the Colour Cameleon (eyeshadow sticks).
Do you own any, and do you like them?

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")

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