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Another Haul | Kiko Hong Kong 一連第三次(再)買

20% off

30% off
因為Kiko 派刮刮卡的關係,年底前再回去消費是免不了的。
我上次刮到 8 折,然後朋友 +Cynthy Chui 刮到 7 折;
所以我分別跟 +Honor L. & Cynthy 各去了一趟。

其實一連去三次真的有少許買到「買無可買」(quote from Cynthy),
再認真盤算要怎樣利用最後一張 15% off 八五折~

From my last haul, I mentioned there's a coupon with purchase.  The discount I got was 20% off, and I went ahead and used it with my cousin Honor (blog).  My friend Cynthy (blog) got an even better 30% off so I made another trip to Kiko with her, along with our two little ones (hers a decent young chap, mine a complete monster who poured a jar of syrup onto himself at the cafe, after our shopping spree).

So this is a compilation of two hauls, and now the floor is open, what do you think I can 'still' buy with my 15% off coupon which is valid until the end of this year?

Intensely Lavish Lipstick (3.5 g, Italy) $79
#04 Mild Sangria
#06 Melodious Wine

One of my current favourite lipstick formula.  Moisturising, creamy, comfortable and pigmented.  The colour range is limited, and it is (I believe) limited in supply.  If 03 is not a red (I have way too many reds in my collection and I tend to like my reds sheer or matte, not in between), and 05 is not so similar to 06 (05 is like a lighter version but same tone), then I'd have gotten all 6 of them.

04 擦一層是很顯氣色 漂亮的玫瑰粉紅(全臉照>>文章)
06 是界乎深梅子跟酒紅的亮麗色 跟05 的色調很像(所以還忍住未買05)
(真的不缺紅色,不然會把03 都敗回家…)

Twin Stars Nail Lacquer & Lipstick (lipstick 3.5 g Italy, nail lacquer 10 ml France) $125
#02 Divine Peach
#03 Radiant Mauve
#04 Uniquely Red

Temptress Lip Set #01 Misty Rose (lipstick 3.5 g Italy, lip pencil 0.2 g USA) $125

上次說過,跟 Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution 真的很相似,


Twin Stars lipsticks are close dupes of Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution, very close formula, wear, and exact bullet cut.  I may find time to do a proper swatching or comparison between them, one day, well, after I crack open my second CT Matte Revolution in the Christmas Box Set (on its way! December is literally HERE!).

3D Lifting Foundation #01 Peach Rose (30 ml, Italy) $163
BB Lip Glaze #02 Beige Rose (1.3 ml, Italy) $79

知道朋友買了一枝 抗老粉底所以心動想試,
於是買了這個 提拉 (櫃姐說比抗老那款清爽一點)。
(全臉照 文章連結

BB 唇彩 是驚喜,不單非常滋潤沒有黏沒有不舒服,
我挑的顏色是帶一點鮭魚的蜜桃裸(BE >> OR 吧),

After knowing that Cynthy got herself an Anti-aging foundation and liked it, I was on the hunt of one myself.  However, the shades of many formulae of Kiko foundations are a bit off and I didn't find mine in several.  I settled for this mid-range priced Lifting one, which is pretty surprisingly amazing.  It looks glowy, but is not greasy or wet, set and lasts for hours, and overall gives good-looking skin.  

BB lip glaze is another pleasant encounter.  I was hoping to get a lipgloss to try out and to mix with the various lipsticks I purchased.  Saw this claiming it's 'moisturising' and got myself a pretty salmon-beige colour.  It is indeed moisturising and very kind to my rough lips.  Plumping and smoothing aside, it also comes with a nice-weighed tube and silicone-plastic applicator - neat!

Moon Dust Face Powder #02 Fairy Mauve (8 g, Italy) $155
Shining Star Lip Lacquer #01 Cool Mauve (5.8 ml, Italy) $79

親切的櫃姐臉上用著這塊類似 MAC MSF 的烘焙胭脂 01 色,好看。
我挑了暗一點暖一點的 02 (另一塊比較粉嫩)。


When I went on my 3rd trip to Kiko with Cynthy, I (sadly?) have not much to buy - already purchased what I fancied in the first two trips!  I wished I had time to better try out the powder but with a monster around, getting the right shade is near impossible.  So instead, I picked up some other items, including - a holiday baked blush that reminds me a big lot of MAC Mineralize Skin Finish - if only more pigmented, smoother and about half the price?  The other shade 01 is lighter and cooler, which didn't appeal to me as currently I'm more into mauve, beige, nude shades especially on my cheeks.

There are two types of lip lacquers (or liquid lipstick, or lip creams) from their recent releases.  This shinier type has fewer colours but look more forgiving on my dry lips.  The other velvet-matte type offers in more various shades but I am slightly worried it will not look good on me.

pH Lip Enhancer (2.5 g, Italy) $79

妹妹 +Jennifer Ho (blog) 要求我給她買條「年輕」一點的玩具,

My sister, who went to Kiko with me during my first haul, asked for a 'younger' looking product for her to play with.  This lip crayon changes hue according to the lips' pH - which is an interesting concept - so I got her one.

Shade Fusion Trio Blush #01 Natural Rose (6 g, Italy) $99
Velvet Mat Lipstick #609 Cherry Red (3.5 g, Italy) $79
Scrub & Peel New Skin Effect Wipes (20 pcs, Italy) $69

不過包裝是會變黏的那種黑色膠(NARS 的朋友,不是我的菜)。

K 家 霧面唇膏是我的弱點(最愛),而且今趟有七折…

有淡香,成分有 A 酸跟維他命 E ,促進細胞更新(亂翻譯),
Cynthy 還買了一包 身體去角質的,要問問她好用否~

After letting go of my Blush Stick, I do not own any cheek colour from the regular line.  Saw this pretty trio blush (two shades were sold out!) with a sleek silver case equipped with magnetic closure and craved.  I have worn this several times and I must say, it looks natural, texture is fine and lasts pretty long on me.  

I cannot resist getting one more shade of my favourite lipstick formula - Velvet Mat - and I opted for a deep wine red.

The scrub and peel wipes are a wonderful new discovery by Cynthy - she also got the Body version - which has AHA and Vitamin E infused to turnover skin faster.  One side is significantly rough, and one side is just normal-soft.  I have used one sheet, and despite rubbing with some force it didn't irritate me - good sign.  



Tell me.  What else am I missing out from KIKO?  What should I buy with my 15% off coupon later this month?

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. I find the scrub wipes very good- but the body one and the face one seem practically the same things...

    1. That means I can just use my face ones on the body (when I'm bored with it on the face) :D



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