Thursday, 17 December 2015

Check This Out | B.WING Skin Care!

I do not intend to post more than one haul within one week, but these came in yesterday and I wanted to post it ASAP.  In case you're looking for Christmas gift ideas, look no further, you're still in time to get these!

First up we have We Are No Expert natural skin care.  Mr. A is a huge fan #盲粉 of Boy A (A仔), a character created by local designer-illustrator-artist b.wing and he's been a collector for years.  I'm relatively new to Boy A but I also find him adorable.  b.wing has recently branched out and produced more 'consumer' merchandise, facilitating fans (and their significant others, aka me) to fill their lives up with more loveliness.  For the past couple of years, I've purchased multiples of Tempo tissue, Colgate toothpaste, luggage tags and phone charms for us.  When b.wing shared this new skin care project with We Are No Expert on facebook, I felt compulsory to click on the link and check it out.  

We Are No Expert sells several brands and lines and the collaboration with b.wing is under Flower2Grass2.  They use all natural ingredients and most, if not all, products are handmade.  I find them appealing not only because of that (give me any skin care to try any day I'll probably still find interesting), but mostly because they are a local brand and with some of their products they try to source local farm produce.  This is rare as we all know HK is a cement forest and local farming lacks support in all ways.  For this first time purchase, I got all the products in the b.wing collection, spent certain amount and became a VIP of the store.  Cool.  The order came with free shipping within two days by local courier.

b.wing We Are No Expert Xmas Special Set A $330 Made in Hong Kong
Rose Latte - Rose Sweet Organic Almond Oil Bubble 150 ml
A Touch of Flower - Shea Butter Renewal Hand Cream 50 ml

According to WANE's facebook, Rose Latte is b.wing's favourite.  It smells very pleasant indeed, not very rosy, for I seem to catch more of the geranium and grass/herb notes of palmarosa; which is good, for sometimes, an overdose of rose scent will make me sick.  A Touch of Flower has a subtle floral essential oil blend (I can pick up lavender note) and a lovely quick-absorbing nourishing texture which is slightly on the light side.

b.wing We Are No Expert Xmas Special Set B $330 Made in Hong Kong
Chamomile Tea - Chamomile Ginkgo Biloba Bubble 150 ml
A Touch of Flower - Shea Butter Renewal Hand Cream 50 ml

Chamomile Tea is the other Bubble Smoothie more targeted for sensitive skin.  The scent is light and refreshing and same as Rose Latte, the bubble is beautifully lush and smooth.  

Each set comes in a muslin pouch, looks unbleached, hand-printed, very 'environmental-friendly' and definitely reusable.  Same as Set A, the bubble cleanser and hand cream can be purchased individually.  It is just slightly more affordable to get them in sets.  (I'm always tempted by little bargains!)  

b.wing We Are No Expert Xmas Special Edition Blooming - Organic Rosehip Hand Cream 50 ml $90 Made in Hong Kong
b.wing We Are No Expert Xmas Special Edition Joyful - Organic Pomegranate Hand Cream 50 ml $90 Made in Hong Kong

My first impression of these two hand creams are they are lighter in texture than the Shea Butter one.  Blooming smells beautifully of a complex rose-leading fragrance, while Joyful didn't smell particularly sharp, great for those who do not like heavily scented creams.

Flower2Grass2 Rose Otto Hydrosol 60 ml 
VIP welcoming gift.  The bottle is very travel-friendly, and I love the design.  The spritz is on the generous side so it does dispense quite a bit of product.  

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Needless to say, all these will be consumed by me, while the husband can admire the packaging.  XD

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. Oh this character got skincare? Quite cute.

    1. yes - i learn it from facebook (successful marketing)



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