Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Hit Pan #12 | Addiction Perfect Concealer Compact

Every since A got me this from Japan, it has not left my daily make up bag.  It didn't take long for me to hit pan on this as really the layer isn't that thick.  It's been a good many months since I first hit pan on this gem in my rather big concealer collection, and I realise I owe this a proper ode/review.

Addiction is a department store brand, around middle price range I'd say.  This retails for 4500 yen.  The amount of product you get is 5 g, which is the same as a Cle de Peau stick which is priced at $550 (HKD).

I have several concealer palettes in my collection - Temptu, Ben Nye, Kryolan, Cinema Secrets - but none of them has a good mirror which I can actually use when I'm on the go (aka every time I apply make up on public transport).  The Addiction system also allows eyeshadow (single or quad), cheek colour, pressed powder or small applicator to be swapped in and out of their Compact Cases.  This concealer already comes in one of their free-style palette (Compact Case I, which is 1000 yen by itself), meaning when the concealer pans are done, I can swap in other products.  Sadly, they don't seem to sell the concealer refills.

3 shades of Addiction palette

There is 5 gram of product in it and I'd say roughly 1.25 g + 1.25 g + 2.5 g just by the pan size.  :D

CPB Almond is in between Addiction medium and dark.
CPB Beige is pretty close to Addiction medium, but more pink.

Creamy and soft, slightly on the moist side so under-eye is possible.  However, once blended in - I usually use my finger(s) with this - and waited a while for it to set, it almost feels slightly powdery.

All in all, this is an absolutely amazing product.  I highly recommend it and I will for sure buy another one once any of the three pans run out, immediately.

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Let me know if I miss out any detail about this gem!

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")



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