Wednesday, 23 December 2015

The Opposite of Serendipity

Sometimes as life goes on, we encounter gems while we're not searching.  Other times though, fate dictates we miss precious longing and regret will encapsulate us.

No.  There is no human life loss in this story, it is just as deep as beauty products go...

My mum is travelling in Tokyo now, and she offered buying me anything I want.  Of course, I did my homework and write her a list, which I shamelessly lengthen every day.  However, there are things we fail to get hold of, due to their "limited quantity".  Oh how evil cosmetics company are...

1.  Addiction Holiday 2015 Tough Love 
(official site:

Every year, Addiction comes out with a holiday collection with several sets or items.  This year I had my eyes on this kit which inclues a palette, a nail polish and tinted lip essence.  It went public on 4th Dec, but the pre-order began in November.  When my mum reached the counter on the 19th Dec, the BA disappointedly said it is sold out everywhere.

2.  Shiseido Elixir Beauty Device Kit with Lifting Moisture Lotion W II

I only read about this Elixir set from a blog after my mum set off.  For 13,000 yen, you get a lotion (moisturising toner) and a device which looks like it will boost absorption.  It is sold online as well as in different retailers, with different travel size products included.  The price is so appealing we had no chance getting it.  My mum is returning tomorrow so, hopefully, she may bump into one or two sets in any pharmacy or beauty stores she set her foot into.

3.  Dior Amber Diamonds
(photo source)

While we're on the topic of missed opportunity.  May we spare a moment for this beautiful highlighter - which to be frank, I'm guessing is too shimmery for my use, ...

4.  Tom Ford Burnished Amber
(photo from Pinterest)

... and this eyeshadow palette.  Throughout the years, I have acquired and accumulated 7 quads and 2 trios now, but the empty space of not owning this wine-red-sparkly annoyingly-discontinued devil is still not filled.  Oh, but looking at it, I know it is probably too red to carry; any reckless application can lead to domestic violence suspicion. LOL

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Are there beauty products you wish you had before they were sold out or discontinued?

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")

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