Thursday, 10 December 2015

The UK Haul of Makeup Magic | and Makeup Revolution

If you follow me on snapchat (you should if you're not, my name: jacqlibra), you know my sister Jo has recently returned from an European trip and hauled back a good quantity of beauty products for me from London.  Will start using them as soon and as much as possible and try to give reviews.  Now that I'm expecting monster baby number 2 I seriously have to hurry up playing, make up, otherwise I may never be able to!

Pictured above include:

- the Glamour magazine December issue with Tanya Burr on the cover, and came with Clinique samples.  I wanted the red Pop Lip Colour + Primer #Cherry Pop but my sister also got me the moisturiser and #01 Nude Pop (which I already own, see haul & swatch)

- Cadbury chocolate with Freddo Faces!  Roma has a nickname of Froggy (because of his Chinese name) and Cadbury during the holiday season is always a sweet treat :D

- Maltesers drink, because I'm a Maltesers addict since secondary school

- treats for Roma and a funny groan tube toy that makes noise

- Charlotte Tilbury the Book of Makeup Magic (been talking about it all month on this blog I better not speak much here).

Now onto the MAC and Makeup Revolution damage~

MAC Pigment #Deep Brown
MAC Pigment #Pretty It Up 
MAC Eye Brows #Fling 0.09 g Made in USA
MAC Lip Pencil #Talking Points 1.45 g Made in Germany
MAC Lip Pencil #Chic Trick 1.45 g Made in Germany
MAC Lip Pencil #Spice 1.45 g Made in Germany
MAC Lip Pencil #Soar 1.45 g Made in Germany
MAC Matte Lipstick #Velvet Teddy 3 g Made in Belgium
MAC Matte Lipstick #Mehr 3 g Made in Belgium
MAC Matte Lipstick #Naturally Transformed 3 g Made in Canada 
MAC Cremesheen Lipstick #Pretty Boy 3 g Made in Canada

Pretty It Up pigment is from the Cinderella collection.  Temptalia's post:

Some of the 90s trend lip colours I can't find in HK so I ask Jo to bring back.  Surprisingly, to me, that the 2 more popular matte lipsticks (Velvet Teddy and Mehr) are now made in Belgium.  Perhaps the Canadian factory cannot meet the demand?  Is it just new to me, or new?  Will try to do swatches of the lip products in another post.  We'll see.

I wanted to try some Makeup Revolution face products so I asked for two Ultra Blush Palettes.  They were on buy 2 get 1 free so Jo 'recklessly' picked up a Salvation Palette in Run Boy Run for me, which, disappointedly, is one that I already own (a gift from +Cynthy).  Although I genuinely enjoy that, I don't see myself finishing one in coming years and so I have to give this new one away.  Leave me a comment below or anywhere you can find me if you want it.  :)

Close up of my 'old' Run Boy Run and the 7-colour palette from the Be Revolutionary Bag Set - Heroine.
Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette #Run Boy Run 13 g Made in PRC (aka China)

Run Boy Run has 12 shimmer and 6 matte colours.  The shimmer ones have better pay off and the range is pretty wide and complementary.  My current favourite shade is 'Hide Behind Me' which is a beautiful soft rose-taupe that looks pretty alone or mixed-and-matched with other colours.  The mattes aren't as pigmented as e.g. Sleek, but are great ones to have in the palette as blending to lighten, darken or contour.

I have reviewed the lipgloss in the Heroine Set together with the red lippies in another post.  However, this palette doesn't have the same quality as the Run Boy Run; even the shimmer shades in this 7-colour are harder to work with, plus the shades aren't special enough.

I have also reviewed the Makeup Revolution Colour Blocks - Red Set which has a 3 red products in it:

Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette #Golden Sugar 13 g Made in PRC
Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette #Hot Spice 13 g Made in PRC

These are the original two I asked for.  Golden Sugar is a highlight-heavy palette.  The top left, bottom middle two shades are in high shine veluxe pearl type finish.  (I hope my referral to MAC eyeshadow finish didn't bother you.)  The bottom right is quite warm and matte bronzer/contour, while the rest four are satin blush/blending shades.

Hot Spice is a warm peachy tone palette, the 2 shades in the right hand side have the same satin texture as the majority 4 in Golden Sugar.  Whereas the remaining 6 are satin-matte shades.  I have wore two shades out today and I find them very pigmented, blendable and long-lasting.  No wrong found yet.

Here comes the unexpected gift sets.

When Jo was at Superdrug, she photographed me some of the holiday sets and some caught my eye.  Regrettably she didn't encounter Tanya Burr Cosmetics otherwise I'd probably get some.  She got me 4 Makeup Revolution sets in total, and I've already reviewed two in another post.  The boxes of all these are tossed so I do not know how much product is in there, or the description, but all is Made in PRC for sure.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush & Highlight Expert

We paid £14 for this, and it includes two 8-pan cheek palettes and 2 brushes.  Both palettes come in clear lids, unlike the Ultra Blush Palette which has a great functional giant mirror built-in.  Judging from the online photos I saw the blush palette is significantly cooler and pinker than the Ultra ones I got, so I go for it.  BUT MAN, the pinks are bright!  There are two cool shocking pinks I don't see myself using, while the other 6 are still wear-able.  The highlight palette features also mainly cool-tone shades, and they are all on the shimmery side.

The two brushes included are in a special rose gold ferrule desing.  F105 Contour Brush is a good one if you want a quick and general application of blusher.  It doesn't work with much precision or blend with much strength as the bristles are very soft, and the amount isn't dense enough to transfer much.  I haven't tried out F104 Powder Brush but judging from the softness of the bristles and the wide 'shapeless' shape, it will give a sheer overall dusting of powder.

Makeup Revolution Professional Duo Face Sculpt & Illuminate (still available!)
superdrug link:

For £10, the price we paid, we get a large Duo Face Sculpt, Pro Illuminate radiant illuminator baked powder and three brushes.  The Duo Face Sculpt is pretty, but pretty useless to me, as the dark side is very reddish brown and the fair side is too similar to my skin tone.  The texture is smooth though.  The shimmery Pro Illuminate, on the other hand, is a great one if you like your highlight shiny and glowy -which I sometimes do.  It is also buttery smooth and of a yellow-beige tone, suits me.

The three brushes, two are same as above, are of good quality as well.  The F103 Stippling Brush is good enough for a dusting of highlight or cheek product, but don't expect it to be very good at blending, for the bristles amount is on the little side and they are quite soft (weak).

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I hope you find this post a good read.  
Remember to leave me a comment if you want to get your hands on a Makeup Revolution Run Boy Run palette!

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")


  1. Hi, great blog! I love MUR! I have a blush palette, 2 lipsticks and both of the strobe balms. I hope to try more of their products, especially eyeshadow! I would LOVE to have the Run Boy Run palette please. Thanks, Shannon. my email address is



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